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Amazon Leak Shows “Imperial Edition” of TESO With Playable Imperial Race

by on January 29, 2014

Amazon Image for The Elder Scrolls Online Special Edition

God bless Amazon.com. Its tendency to jump the gun when posting product images is an unending source of interesting leaks. The latest seems to show a The Elder Scrolls Online special edition with some cool swag and some gameplay additions that might be even more sought after.

As you can see for yourself by clicking on the above image, the “Imperial Edition” has a fancy box, a wicked foot-tall statue of Molag Bal, a map of Tamriel, and a 224-page guidebook. Cool stuff, but the digital content includes the chance to “play as an Imperial in any Alliance.” Imperials are not one of the nine announced playable races in The Elder Scrolls Online. It remains to be seen if this will be the only way to play as an Imperial, but if it is, Imperial fans need to get their pre-ordering fingers ready.

The White Imperial Horse, Mudcrab Vanity Pet, and Rings of Mara are also intriguing digital extras. Who hasn’t wanted a cute little mudcrab to call their own? Lots of people? Then just think of it as subjugating one of the filthy little buggers.

More on this edition if and when it is officially announced.

The Elder Scrolls Online releases to the PC and Mac on April 4, 2014 and to the Xbox One and PS4 in June of 2014.

Source: [Game Trailers]

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