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Aha! Sega Of Europe Registers “Shenmue HD” Domain

by on January 6, 2017

With Shenmue 3 under development by Yu Suzuki and the original team, now would be the perfect time to re-release the first two games under a budget price and attract a new audience. After all, the three Shenmue games are supposed to tell a complete story and as it is, the first two thirds of that story are currently locked away on aging consoles not too many people are willing to plug in again. it would make perfect sense to re-release Shenmue — but as we know by now, bi companies don’t always decide to do sensible things.

We’ve received a good sign today, though. Sega’s European branch just laid their claim on two new domains: ShenmueRemastered.com and ShenmueHD.com. While it’s possible they could just be claiming these so no modder out there can make an enhancement themselves and promote it….I would think the domains would have been claimed a long time ago if that was the motive. Also, mod enhancements are generally promoted through message boards and word of mouth, not through websites.

We can’t tell you for certain that Sega is publishing a hi-def version of Shenmue (or both of them!) for modern hardware, but this is an indication that they’re at least thinking about it. We’ll keep you posted.

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