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The 3DS Version Of Dragon Quest 8 Delayed Into 2017

by on September 1, 2016

Fans had been anticipating this announcement, but it stung nonetheless. Today during the Nintendo Direct livestream, the company responsible for creating the English version of Dragon Quest 8 for 3DS admitted the localization is going to take more time to finish. Originally scheduled for the fall of 2016, Dragon Quest 8 now has a vague 2017 release date.

If you’re bummed out, consider this: Dragon Quest 7 is coming out for 3DS in about two weeks. That game takes an average of a hundred hours to complete, and there is additional content included this time. And you want another one so soon? DQ7 is more than enough to keep players busy until DQ8 gets its business settled.

It would also make no business sense to put out DQ7 and DQ8 so close together. It’s possible that DQ8’s translation is complete, but they’re just waiting until DQ7 has been out for a certain amount of time before they introduce DQ8. The clips Nintendo showed today suggested the English version is pretty close to done.

Whatever the reason, if you’re jonesing for Dragon Quest 8, dragging out the PS2 is the only way to experience it this year. (That and the iOS version, but you don’t want the iOS version.)

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