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It Took 23 Years For This Game To Be Sold In English

by on September 22, 2016

You are familiar with anime studio Gainax, creators of FLCL and the Evangelion series, correct? Well, back in 1993 they partnered with Korean games publisher CFK to create a video game, released first on PC and then on Sega Saturn. Neither version saw a Western release, even though one was announced at first.

Now, over 20 years later, Princess Maker 2 will finally, finally receive its official English translation and go for sale on Steam. The trailer consists of raw gameplay footage and appears to be the cancelled translation from ’93 (“There was a kingdom, of the king flaunts his dominance.”) They had plenty of time to correct errors like, this, but….why alter history, right?

As for what the goal of Princess Maker 2 is, it’s what it says on the logo….you make a princess in it. You are sent from the heavens to be the royal guide and tutor of a young princess, making sure she learns all the right lessons about society, life and love (or the wrong ones, depending on how you want to play). The game has 74 endings, a ridiculous amount for its time period and even today.

It’s from the early 90’s, so don’t go in expecting mindblowing graphics. Do expect a lot of strategy and paintings of chibi people. Princess Maker 2 will be released October 3 on Steam.

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