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E3 2016: World Of Final Fantasy Trailer

by on June 7, 2016

Some video game companies are starting to release their E3 trailers ahead of schedule, like so. Today Square released their new trailer for World of Final Fantasy. The two, normal-proportioned characters are twins Reynn and Lann, who traverse the world of Grymoire while meeting many big-headed representations of classic Final Fantasy characters. They can even turn into chibi people themselves, as the trailer shows, though for what purpose no one knows yet. You’ll also be able to capture any of the iconic FF monsters you encounter and train them on your own. Finally, a Malboro on YOUR side!

Hopefully they’ll work a bit more on the lip-synch because these are some of the worst examples I’ve seen in a while. You’d think they would notice Quistis flapping her lips for two entire seconds after she’d finished her line, and accordingly given her a longer line to say, but no.

World of Final Fantasy comes out October 25, 2016 for Playstation 4 and PS Vita. If you preorder the game, you’ll be granted the ability to summon Sephiroth to attack anybody you want.

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