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E3 2016: Three More Add-Ons Revealed For Fallout 4

by on June 13, 2016

Fallout 4 isn’t finished yet! Bethesda showed off three additional expansions for the game beyond Far Harbor (previously believed to be the “last” DLC). Here’s what they do….

Expansion #4 is called “Contraptions” and will be released next week. It expands your building abilities with tracks, conveyor belts, and elevators, allowing you to construct absurd Rube Goldberg-style chain-reaction devices. Following this will be “Vault-Tec Workshop,” an expansion that will let players create their own massive vaults, and within those vaults, the sinister ability to experiment on DWELLERS. Mwahahahaha!

The third DLC, “Nuka World,” will come out in August. It could be the most versatile construction tool of them all, by virtue that it allows you to build an entire theme park. We didn’t see much of it, but we’re intrigued by the possibilities.

You can see these expansions in action at the beginning of Bethesda’s reel below.

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