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Vengeance Reborn

Album created by Black Orchid, Aug 15, 2015.

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Vengeance Personified

Of all the Dragon Priests that served Alduin, Nahkriin was reputed to have been one of his most loyal and fanatical followers. She was also said to have wielded great and terrible powers, rivaling that of even the World-Eater himself. Some say it was because Alduin favored Nahkriin above all others, and hence bestowed upon her these catastrophic powers.

Once thought to be an Atmoran like the rest of the Dragon Priests, Nahkriin later revealed her true form to the astonished members of the Dragon Cult; for in reality, she was the immortal offspring of both Alduin and the Mazken Autkendo, Exava Vuliev.

Upon Alduin's banishment during the height of the great Dragon War in the Merethic Era, Nahkriin collapsed into a sudden state of catatonia. The true cause behind this event remained unclear, but the other Dragon Priests theorized it was because Nahkriin's life force was intrinsically bound to that of her Father's, which immediately blinked out of existance when Alduin was forced through a Time-Wound by the power of an Elder Scroll.

With the World-Eater's return several millennia later, Nahkriin finally awakened, ready to join in her Father's tyrannical quest to conquer all of Nirn and enslave the mortal races of man and mer once again...

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