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Album created by Sah, Mar 4, 2015.

teddlles 2.jpg
its a fight to the death over that pillow...
Black Orchid and Mithro'I like this.


  1. JoeReese
    Doez not distuwb sweep, hooman, or you wiw see da wise of da daggew kittehs.
  2. Sah
    Google's free online language translation service.....ummmm.....its english?....did you found Nyoxios...RUM
  3. JoeReese
    In this household, we speak for the cats. It's hard to speak with fangs, so sometimes words sound different.
  4. Sah
    he is 15 years old had him before he opened his eyes...found him in a bag...he had enuf strength for one mi-ow and this one heard it.....he send this one on quests to catch butterfly's....he says hes making potions.....this one has her own theory...
  5. JoeReese
    He's building a butterfly-wing doom robot. O.o
  6. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Black Orchid loves the kittehs (this will be our little secret, along with Arawyn's little secret; shhh!) Would hate to have to send the Dark Brotherhood after you... ;-)

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