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Album created by Uther Pundragon, Dec 22, 2012.

Crap webcam pic.
Rayven likes this.


  1. Rayven
    You should try photographing uncooperative black cats some time. It's like trying to take a picture of a black hole. ;)
  2. Jarl Uthy
    Jarl Uthy
    Hahaha. Yeah, Sierra hates getting her pic taken.
  3. Rayven
    Well I have two camps. One that hates being photographed. And the other that tends to want me to take photos of their nasal passages. At least, that's my judgement based on that turbo head-butt into the camera sort of thing they do any time they sense photography equipment anywhere in the same zip code.
  4. Jarl Uthy
    Jarl Uthy
    Haha. Nice. XD
  5. Monolith
    At first glance I thought you had grown an epic biker beard! :D But it was just a cat :0

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