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My assorted artwork.

Album created by Melee, May 12, 2012.

Commissioned piece for Hotty Squirrel. =)


  1. Uthy ♥
  2. dunklunk
    Now why do I get the feeling that the fox's intentions aren't very good? :)
  3. Melee
    Haha I think the fox's glance is more curious/quizzical. And the squirrel is skitish/nervous. =)
  4. dunklunk
    Agree with you on the squirrel's look, Melee. Though I think the fox is wondering what that squirrel would taste like with hot sauce. lol :)
  5. Uthy ♥
    Uthy ♥
    Really? I think the squirrel is singing "Can not touch what you can not see. I'm a squirrel, bitch! I run free!" But I do like this painting. =)
  6. Melee
    Haha well thank you both of you, I'm glad you guys like it. :D
  7. dunklunk
    That, Uthy, or the squirrel's thinking, "Damn! I'm all outta acorns!" Very nice all around, Melee. My favorite part not counting the fox? The little detail of grass around the tree. :)
  8. Hotty Squirrel
    Hotty Squirrel
    Thank you melee for the pic :)
  9. Melee
    Not a problem, Squirrel! I'm glad you like it. :D And dunk, I loved doing that! I like adding little details like that. :)
  10. dunklunk
    And I like catching little details like that. :)
  11. dunklunk
    After all this time, I STILL like this art piece! <3

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