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My assorted artwork.

Album created by Melee, May 12, 2012.

Dancing, I guess. =)
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  1. dunklunk
    What's the background, Melee? It has a certain texture to it. I take it the colorful swirls represent the music she's dancing to? :)
  2. Melee
    The background is the sheet on my bed. Unless you're talking about the picture, in that case it's simply the movements of the body and music. =)
  3. dunklunk
    Sorry, I was asking about the texture of the white part. Is that your sheet? Looks softer than canvas. :)
  4. Melee
    Haha it is my sheet! And the paper is watercolor paper, so it's made with that texture on it. It's made to be thicker and textured to deal with the water better than other kinds of paper.
  5. dunklunk
    Very nice. Think I've seen your subject dancing to the music at The Bannered Mare. For surely, it wasn't at The Winking Skeever, cuz everyone knows those Solitude bards SUCK! :) [sorry, imo] ;)
  6. Melee
    Haha! I think she just likes to go wherever the music happens to be good. So if that's at the Bannered Mare, then I'm sure she was there. =)

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