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Stuff and Things

Album created by Cordelia, Nov 20, 2013.



  1. dunklunk
    C'mon, man. Seriously? Another picture? :P
  2. Cordelia
    You're just jealous because no one is taking pictures of YOU looking adorable with your tongue sticking out.
  3. dunklunk
    Fair enough. Been a while since I've looked adorable anyway. lol But still, he/she just has that look of get that flash outta my face. Trying to sleep here. :D
  4. Cordelia
    I like to think he says "Moooooooooom . . . staaaaaaahp."
  5. dunklunk
    But clearly, Mom does not stop. :O
  6. Cordelia
    Of course not. It is a double edged sword to be one of my pets; I shower them with cuddles, affection, and kisses, but I also poke them and get REALLY freaking obnoxious. But they forgive me, because cuddles.
  7. dunklunk
    Ours are like that, too. I seem to be their play toy, while they go to my wife for the love.
  8. Cordelia
    B'aw, that's the reverse here, now. Red is the love box for the fur babies. I pick on them.
  9. dunklunk
    lmfao >fistbumps Cordelia< Love being their antagonists. BANZAI! :D And total OMG. You actually used the avatar like you said you would. :O :O :O

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