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Stuff and Things

Album created by Cordelia, Nov 20, 2013.



  1. shadowkitty
    The artist in me also notices the lovely paper you are working on :)
  2. Cordelia
    Thank you! It's a "parchment" paper I picked up from the office supply store. I have no idea where the ream has gone now. I think it must have been moved by hands that were not my own, since I usually remember where things end up if I moved them. I'd have a lot more images like this if I knew where that paper got off to. But thank you for noticing, KitKat!
  3. Sah
    your kidding that's done by hand? wow do you sell them?
  4. Cordelia
    Not this series. This was made special for my bestie. I do sell other pieces, though. You can check out my Redbubble.com shop for Master Neloth's Fine Teas. http://www.redbubble.com/people/cordyception/works/12383721-neloths-fine-teas?p=t-shirt
  5. Sah
    thanks this one will, by the way is Master Neloth's Fine Teas in Skyrim? sounds familiar. yours Sah
  6. Cordelia
    Master Neloth is a Dunmer mage in Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC), the last representative of house Diranni. He drinks a lot of canis root tea.
  7. Sah
    this one is looking forward to meeting him, cant wait to start Dragonborn, never played it before, this one has a MOD that stops it from starting till I kill Alduin (5 quests away), same goes for Dawnguard. Thanks Cordelia yours Sah

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