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Stuff and Things

Album created by Cordelia, Nov 20, 2013.



  1. shadowkitty
    "Let me love you, Dammit!"
  2. Dabiene Caristiana
    Dabiene Caristiana
    Adorable :P A friend of mine also has a beardie, named Mushu.
  3. dunklunk
    Listen. And listen good. The answer is C-A-T.
  4. Cordelia
    No ... I'm pretty sure that's a dragon, Dunk. You might want to get your eyes checked.
  5. Monsters the Jester
    Monsters the Jester
    So lonely ;( Poor beardie
  6. dunklunk
    No, Cordy, no. Dragon's helping him with the crossword puzzle. Hence, the answer to Five Down, C-A-T. ;) :D
  7. Cordelia
    Oooooh. That makes much more sense.
  8. dunklunk
    Me bad. Shoulda been more clear. Awesome shot, btw, as I don't believe I've mentioned that part yet. :) Such love. <3

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