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Stuff and Things

Album created by Cordelia, Nov 20, 2013.

Meet my dragon. His name is Wendell. He once belonged to Sinickal, but now he is mine. And Red's. (Red really likes him.)
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  1. shadowkitty
    Quick! Give him Red Bull. I wanna see him with wings!
  2. Cordelia
    He has invisible wings! He flies with the power of his mind meats! So far, he has chosen the "fat, lazy dragon" way of life, though, so no flight, yet.
  3. Monsters the Jester
  4. shadowkitty
    I want a fat, lazy dragon Wendell too :(
  5. Cordelia
    I think everyone should have fat, lazy Wendell dragons.
  6. lizardisok
    Beautiful animal
  7. Cordelia
    Thank you, Isok. I think so, too.

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