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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. winterhold knight
    winterhold knight
    Stop posting these your killing me I can't stop laughing :)
  2. Titanburner
  3. Ebony Knight
    Ebony Knight
    Lol i love penny-arcade so much! This one had me rolling and I hadn't even played the game yet!
  4. Umbranar
    True story, damn giants are more of a threat then the World Eater....my Death Knight will rid the skyrim of this plague when is powerful, ill raise their mammoths as zombies and turn the beasts against their masters! Mark my words...
  5. Deadhand
    Oooooh plops that was good... XD
  6. Cycoon
    So true. XD
  7. Panthera Tigris
  8. Brumon The Third
    Brumon The Third
    Giants are the real enemies, not these little dragons.
  9. Buffington Battle-Born
    Buffington Battle-Born
    The Elder Scrolls VI should have the GIANTBORN!

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