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Goddess of the Dead

Album created by Black Orchid, Feb 23, 2014.

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Hildolfr Thanks for the rep. We should come up with a Lady Death Skyrim build. I guess it would fairly simple. No armor (maybe even no clothes!), one-handed sword, destruction magic... Seems about right. lol
A profile message left by Hildolfr the other day inspired me to create a 'Skyrim version' of Lady Death. Meet 'Hella, Goddess of the Dead,' a playable Nord character that uses a mix of both Light and Heavy armor, Two-Handed or One-Handed (Sword), Destruction (Lightening), and Conjuration (Necromancy). She also has a very large summonable Death Hound companion, whom she affectionately calls 'Garmr,' that serves as both a mount and a temporary follower when needed.
This character was created primarily for casual play, hence the reason I left options open for both the armor and weaponry skills. Enjoy ;-)
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