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My assorted artwork.

Album created by Melee, May 12, 2012.

for rob.JPG
A farewell card I made for a friend! These are his tattoos.
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  1. Uther Pundragon
    Uther Pundragon
    I really like this! Not sure why but I do! :)
  2. Melee
    Thanks! I liked that they were simple, but very meaningful.
  3. Skyrimosity
    thanks for the new avatar
  4. OmNomNombies
    There's some delicious irony here. I've been contemplating a tat of a tree that looks eerily similar to this one, which is what drew me to click on it to begin with. I like this one a lot. Great job, Melee.
  5. Melee
    Thank you very much! I hope your tattoo turns out well. =D
  6. dunklunk
    So that's where Skyrimosity got his cool avatar. :)
  7. Melee
    Yup! It was a lot of fun to make this, and he really loved it. =)
  8. Skyrimosity
    Told ya it was a cool avatar Melee : )
  9. dunklunk
    Which one? Your friend or Skyrimosity? :) [my money's on both, btw ;)]
  10. Melee
    Haha my friend. This piece was actually incredibly personal for me to make, and it was a goodbye present for him. He really liked it. =)
  11. Uthy ♥
    Uthy ♥
  12. Melee
    Uther my pink unicorn friend, how can I help you?
  13. Uthy ♥
    Uthy ♥
    Just showing some <3 :P
  14. Melee
    It's always appreciated. :D
  15. Sah
    tree of life & the universe.....so cool

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