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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. Demut
    Sooo true. They really shouldn’t go back to the initial state of non-alertness after being attacked. Even the “I guess he must have run off” excuse seems lazy (and doesn’t even apply in the depicted case).
  2. hexperiment
    to be fair, he got brain injury
  3. Demut
    That’s another thing, are there even hit zones in TES V? It feels like there aren’t any.
  4. Panthera Tigris
  5. Imperio
    Ha ha, no there aren't any hit zones, which is disappointing
  6. Panthera Tigris
    Panthera Tigris
    To bad... it would be nice to head shot enemy.
  7. Imperio
  8. Panthera Tigris
    Panthera Tigris
    ...except undead... I don't mind skeleton without head.... I mean he doesn't need it anyway :D
  9. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    Hit zones would be good but could be a problem for us. I don't wanna reload after taking an arrow to the knee!

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