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My assorted artwork.

Album created by Melee, May 12, 2012.

Second piece in my "Aurora" series.
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  1. Rayven
    I like the vividness of this. It speaks to the really nifty green I've seen in actual aurorae. What made you decide to place that darker block in the top right?
  2. Melee
    The layout itself doesn't really have much meaning to it. However, I did choose that block to have a lot of blue in it just because I realized that there weren't many squares that had a lot of blue in them, so I just wanted to even it out by having the large square contain a lot of that dark color.
  3. Rayven
    Ahh I think the color washed out on my screen. I see more a muted grey with a tinge of purple in the highlights. What a pity too. Blue is so fussy digitally reproduced.
  4. Melee
    Yeah, the lighting isn't very good in my room either. That could be part of the problem.

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