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My assorted artwork.

Album created by Melee, May 12, 2012.

The first of my constructed pattern assignment. The theme for my set was "Auroras".
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  1. The_Deadliest_Troll
    I'm diggin these colors Melee :D
  2. Melee
    Thanks, Troll! ^-^ This was my favorite one to do!
  3. Rayven
    Did you do the color on the small squares? What media is used?
  4. Melee
    The smaller squares are all cut from one sheet. I used acrylics and just used really long brush strokes to get them to all blend together. Then I cut them out from that one sheet of paper.
  5. Rayven
    That's very impressive with acrylics. Do you use a gel medium of some kind to get that wash effect?
  6. Melee
    Nope, I just used a lot of water!
  7. Saozig
    I know these were posted a while ago, but I just found them and I think they're great! Great use of watercolor-like washes with acrylics.
  8. Melee
    Thank yah! My favorite part of painting is blending colors together. =D

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