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Skyrim Oddities I

Album created by Janus3003, Jul 6, 2012.



  1. Lady Imp
    Lady Imp
    Ugh, get me a barf bucket...;)
  2. Janus3003
    And there goes the fluffy, potentially romantic mood. Nice going, Imp.
  3. Lady Imp
    Lady Imp
    Romance doesn't exist, it's a fictional creation by men to get into a woman's pants.
  4. Neriad13
    I don't know about that. Women definitely had something to do with it too. A ton of chivalric romances glorifying a knightly type of bearing that never really quite existed? Written by and for women. 50% of the Walmart book aisle? Most of the same content, audience and type of creator. Also, about the actual comic: oooh, that gave me violent flashbacks of my time as a cashier. o.0 Perhaps I might be in need of a barf bucket myself.
  5. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    LOL! I see the Civilization IV reference there! AWESOME WORK. I also am wondering about the mods you're using
  6. Janus3003
    The "plastics" comment? The whole conversation is actually from the movie The Graduate, which is where Civ got it. As for the mods, I mostly used the Puppeteer mod for this, and a lot of console commands to move people around.
  7. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    Oh, I thought it was from Civ :P . Thanks for telling me and great work

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