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Skyrim Oddities I

Album created by Janus3003, Jul 6, 2012.

Thanks for Sjadbek, bulbaquil!
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  1. Dabiene Caristiana
    Dabiene Caristiana
    Rofl, nice! :P Love the fact about Serana, what with everyone wanting to marry her :P That and the 'rewards paths'. Can't wait for the next! :D
  2. meben15
    I like how she has just her hood on in the Brynjolf scene, like thats protecting her form the sun lol :D
  3. KattSand
    I'm lovin' your sense of humor, I showed these to my fellow skyrim fanatics and they loved it. Keep em' coming!
  4. Janus3003
    Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!
  5. KaitoGhost
    I love running jokes.
  6. NemesisWonderland
    Not sure I get the whole "chicken" thing
  7. Janus3003
    I should have made it more obvious. Serana brought the chicken back as her undead thrall. I've seen her do it with rabbits in-game.

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