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The Adventures of Gidian (taken with my phone!)

Album created by The Honorable Gidian Diva of Sass, Feb 26, 2013.



  1. Ten Feathers
    Ten Feathers
    Gid, you have such feminine fingers. This explains so much
  2. Gidian the Diva
    Gidian the Diva
    I'm still not as beautiful as you though, Nuro
  3. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Avacyn is totally bad-ass, although for a Mythic rare I think the artwork could have been better. Once this hits the board, it's pretty much game over.. ;-)
  4. Gidian the Diva
    Gidian the Diva
    Inderd, I love her. Playing her on turn 5 with defy death is amazing
  5. Ten Feathers
    Ten Feathers
    Your beauty far exceeds my own, you gloriously intelligent saint.

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