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The Adventures of Gidian (taken with my phone!)

Album created by The Honorable Gidian Diva of Sass, Feb 26, 2013.



  1. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Use to love playing this game, even got up to Tier 10 with Germany, but moved on to playing other (offline) games because my freakin' internet was too slow to keep up... :-)
  2. Gidian the Minion
    Gidian the Minion
    Nice! Btw, I've seen most of your pictures for Skyrim, and I appreciate the balance of sexy without being too skimpy or erotic that you maintain :) As far as WoT goes, yeah, if I try to do anything else at the same time I play WoT, it is frustrating to the point of being unplayable. I'm surprised you toughed it out all the way to tier 10 with slow internet! And uh... I'm also super proud of this one because I did it without having my E-75 fully upgraded xD
  3. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Thanks for the compliment on the art. I try and keep it tasteful to some degree. I always wanted an E75, but just never got around to grinding for one. Had a lot of fun playing the lower tiers, especially the German destroyers in levels 1-3. The main reason why I stopped playing is I'm currently sharing internet with 1, sometime 2 other people right now (and back then). That and the fact that the people in the higher tiers tend to be complete douche-bags, and higher tier games = total camp-fests = boring, at least imo. ;-)
  4. Nurobius
    Hehehehe... penetrations.
  5. Gidian the Minion
    Gidian the Minion
    On Console I find camp fests very seldom actually happen. On the flip side of that, one side usually just completely collapses xD But yeah WoT is the worst game to have slow Internet for! Maybe one day when your Internet improves we can do some platooning... if you're ever on console :p
  6. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Thanks for the invite, although I'm stuck on a PC currently. ;-)

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