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The Adventures of Gidian (taken with my phone!)

Album created by The Honorable Gidian Diva of Sass, Feb 26, 2013.



  1. Sah
    this one is confused.....never got a medal.....Thane here or there....but never a medal.....what!.... has a Tank.....ohhhh
  2. Gidian
    Sorry for the confusion! XD I was going to upload these into a private album to show a friend, but due to some sort of malfunction I've only been able to do public albums.
  3. Gidian
    I can upload some more on topic pictures later on of you'd like
  4. Sah
    its OK Gidian, this one would like that, she likes to see what other warriors are doing, learns new moves...see's things this one has not thought (there that word that hurts my head)....of before... thanks Sah PS you don't have a spare medal lining around, swap ya...hmm got 25 Amulets of Mara how many for 1 medal *wink*

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