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Odds and Ends, that sort of thing... (aka Various & Sundry Miscellany Part V)

Album created by Docta Corvina, Jul 11, 2012.

What absolutely makes this picture for me is Ondolemar standing with his hands at his hips in the marsh water. I freaking love it! xD


  1. bulbaquil
    And then Sjadbek is all "Meh, I've been through worse."
  2. Start Dale
    Start Dale
    Are you not going to be satisfied till you have the whole of Skyrim following you :P
  3. Uther Pundragon
    Uther Pundragon
    Docta... you REALLY need to add at least one woman follower! :)
  4. Docta Corvina
    Docta Corvina
    LOL Dale, not ALL of Skyrim - just those people most dearest to me. :P And LOL Pun, why? Women aren't any fun! xD
  5. Uther Pundragon
    Uther Pundragon
    Women are plenty fun! Just adds mud and wrestling to the mixture! :D
  6. Docta Corvina
    Docta Corvina
    Hell nah, I'll stick with associating with the men, thank you. As I do in real life. :D
  7. Uther Pundragon
    Uther Pundragon
    But that isn't any fun for meeeeeeeeee! Unless it's your and pen with me. THen hm... maybe! :D
  8. Docta Corvina
    Docta Corvina
    LOL well, sadly, it's not about "fun" for you. :P
  9. Uther Pundragon
    Uther Pundragon
    Oh boo! No fun at all DOCTA! I'm telling! Someone! YESH!

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