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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. Couthful
  2. Drazker
    Best comic yet!! XD
  3. PurpleShew
    I did it i literally spewed coffee and laughed out loud
  4. PurpleShew
    meow,how meow times can you say meow (supertroooper ref)
  5. Buffington Battle-Born
    Buffington Battle-Born
    LOL This is probably the funniest Skyrim comic I have ever seen!
  6. Shadow Scales
    Shadow Scales
    this is the funniest thing i have seen all week!
  7. EveKhajiit
    XD i swear this is the best "Arrow in the knee" jokes i've seen
  8. Thomas Liu
    Thomas Liu
    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
  9. splashAssassin
    truly the best arrow in the knee joke possibly in everdom
  10. KonaKoffee
    As good, if not better than all the videos of this.
  11. butcherpete2277
    And so the great mystery of Skyrim has finally been solved.
  12. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    the joke started at windhelm, when one of those beggars says "I used to be a stormcloak, until I took a sword to the chest" or something like that
  13. Deimos
    It makes it funnier when they got all serious and say it at the end LOL

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