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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. PurpleShew
    lol I have done that lots of times
  2. Sierra Nightingale
    Sierra Nightingale
    Haha, Beds? Never heard of beds. I am quite happy standing here for free.
  3. Brumon The Third
    Brumon The Third
    I still donĀ“t understand why there are beds in this game.
  4. Gorzash
    Sleeping in a bed that you own gives you a Well Rested effect, and that increases the rate at which your Skills improve by 10% (I'm pretty sure). Regular beds that you don't own (excluding the ones you purchase at inns) give you a 5% bonus. And I love this comic. :p
  5. KonaKoffee
    Also, sleeping when married puts a smile on your spouses face from the marriage perk, which lasts roughly 8 hours, then to bed again....heh heh.
  6. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    sleeping wit ur spouse grants 15% rate of skill improve
  7. Deimos
    I dont get it,is he going to kill the shop keep or did he wait hours just to sell a few things?
  8. PurpleShew
    The Latter.

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