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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. Stone
  2. A5ko
  3. Nightshade
  4. AstroSteve
    Frost trololololololool
  5. Deadhand
  6. Demut
    Well, alternatively he could just combine it with another ingredient to learn its properties :p
  7. PurpleShew
    no that would get him the second effect but not the first.... oh I see ALOT of mouthwash in his future
  8. Panthera Tigris
    Panthera Tigris
    Honestly... I would wait until I would be able to discover all the effects... so I would eat that sh... only once! When you do the quest for danica to revive the tree, you need to bring that special knife. And even danica don't want to touch it. When you kill hagraven, it has a lot of drops you need to taste to discover effects... talking about giant toe!!! Disgusting!!!
  9. Demut
    @PurpleShew: That depends. If the other ingredient had the same effect as the first effect then he would still get it.
  10. PurpleShew
    still we get the joke right?
  11. Demut
    Certainly, certainly. I’m just being pedantic :p
  12. KonaKoffee
    Don't care how good the properties are.....wouldn't eat it if I were you.....
  13. Epic Nord
    Epic Nord
    if he has the appropriate perks of alchemy, he can learn almost all the props!
  14. Anouck van Aalst
    Anouck van Aalst
    same dilemma with the giants toe xD

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