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TES Comics

Album created by hexperiment, Dec 12, 2011.



  1. Reiji
    Somehow I saw that coming. Haha
  2. Verac
    I like dar'mah thats alot to say, considering id never even give an argonian female any chance due to the fact that well, they're lizards. but dar'mah was....different such an innocent personality and the voice actor in the last game wasnt as horrid as it is in this one, argonian females sound like 70 year old smokers now. no, attraction, WHATSOEVER, though as a race i like argonians and help the poor bastards whenever i can((i being a dark elf)) same with kha'jit, racism isnt cool yo.
  3. Umbranar
    I did not expect that ending....lol
  4. Verac
    I honestly didn't either caught me by surprise....
  5. AstroSteve
    where is darma?
  6. hexperiment
    She's a character from Oblivion. She's not hard to find since she will find you and greet you warmly when you arrive to Chorrol :]
  7. KonaKoffee
    naughty naughty....but fun.
  8. MadHatter
    LMAO! Get some, Dar'-Ma!!!

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