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Skyrim Oddities I

Album created by Janus3003, Jul 6, 2012.

Lydia, how do I make sandvich?

That awkward moment when you write a joke and discover that it's originally from My Little Pony...


  1. dunklunk
    Sweet comment on game mechanics. Aela at the end? Head-shakingly funny. :)
  2. Start Dale
    Start Dale
    We will fight by the rules of ancient nords one gentleman warrior to another... Brillaint and possibly what i wil be saying to every single draugr i ever encounter in game from now on.
  3. Rekamennos
    how is it possible to make sandwiches in the stew pot? Oh, you know, just how its as possible to improve a bow by sharpening a sword on a wheel. :PPPPP oh skyrim logic :D

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