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Album created by Black Orchid, Jun 20, 2014.

0 Main.png
Arawyn in "Black Magic"
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  1. Sah
    that is a very nice candle ...........giggles hello Black Orchid this one misses you so much, is this Legendary or SSE? loves you my friend Yours Sah
  2. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Greetings, my friend; this is from Skyrim standard version. It's the main image from a Nexus set I posted in the Supporter section a few weeks ago, titled "Black Magic." I think it would be a fairly boring pic without that cute little candle hanging around. Miss you, too, Sah ;-)
  3. Sah
    yes your so right .......the candle is the winner in this picture ......it lights the room up perfectly right up to every curve and uhhmmmm.........and ....and lets you see things that would be best left to the imagination , you are are artist
  4. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Thank you, Sah; I'm glad someone thinks so. ;-)
  5. Sah
    thats how stunning she is !!!!!!.........5 posts later and only now did this one see that she forgot to hit the LIKE button ........and no this one wont tell you of what she was dreaming of ..........just blame the damn candel ..........giggles
  6. Sah
    ohh my friend, you know how to look after your women, never forget that how this one looks is because of your preset that you made, this one just applied it to the Nord race instead of the original Redguard Race, your preset is the most guarded secret .......without it there can be no Sah ......witch make this one one of your women!!!!!!!!!! ....you did not see that coming ?.........thank you
  7. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Thank you for the kind words, Sah! If you can figure out what preset Arawyn uses, you win a prize (hint, it's not Redguard or Nord, although story-wise she's a Nord).
  8. Sah
    ohhh this one is good at this ........Imperial .....never forgets a Imperial b b bbb bu bbbu .... .....uhmm you where saying?
  9. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Not an Imperial, either. Keep guessing... ;-)

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