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Spoiler Your Bible to the Dark Brotherhood

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by NeoRoman, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. NeoRoman

    NeoRoman This is for custom titles?

    Dec 20, 2011
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    Before I begin, this is a HUGE spoiler to the entire Dark Brotherhood storyline so if you don't want to be informed of this the easy way, I suggest you turn back. This guide requires that you have the knowledge of how to successfully access the Dark Brotherhood and accept missions. Also I would highly advise you to check out Byronb's Guide to Sneak Archery which can be located here: http://skyrimforums.org/threads/sneak-archer-guide.3492/

    Now, if you fit the criteria from above, feel free to begin reading through this guide!

    Your Bible to the Dark Brotherhood!

    For starters, when you join the Dark Brotherhood, you will be briefed by Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. She will fill you in on what the organization is about and what you'll be doing for them. You will then be given the quest "Sanctuary", in which you will talk to Nazir and carry out 3 assassinations. They are as follows:

    • Kill Beitild
    • Kill Narfi
    • Kill Ennodius Papius
    Each one of these have a reason to be called assassinations. Here is where you refer to Byronb's archery guide. Avoid guards and other citizens as much as possible so that you can have a clean shot without interruption from the entire town. The best way to escape in the event you do happen to be discovered, keep your weapon out and, if you have it, use silent roll as it moves much quicker than a regular sprint.

    Once you complete these tasks, you will follow along with the Dark Brotherhood's bidding until you are introduced to Cicero, a jester whom you may find familiar if you completed the "Delayed Burial" quest. He moves in with the Brotherhood along with the Night Mother whom Astrid finds suspicious. Her instincts later turn out to be right on, as she overhears talking in Cicero's room. She suspects him of treason and tells you to hide and eavesdrop on Cicero. Turns out, it's only the Night Mother he is talking to. Technically.

    When you are in your hiding spot, (I won't tell you where) the Night Mother will begin talking to you. She will tell you to travel to Volunruud to talk to a man named Amaund Motierre. He will assign you and the Dark Brotherhood the enormous task of assassinating the emperor.
    Now hold up a second. Remember how I told you to refer to Byronb's guide? This is the only exception. Read on to find out why.
    Motierre will tell you that the emperor is not currently in Skyrim but there is a way to lure him in. His daughter, Vitorria Vici will be getting married soon in Solitude. Motierre will assign you to kill her at her wedding. Here is another time when Byronb's guide kicks in. Avoid guards and people, line up the shot and escape quickly. He will also tell you to kill the Imperial commander's son to attract military attention as well as dynastic.

    During this time, you will be assigned to kill Cicero who has betrayed the Brotherhood and fled to the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Go there and kill him. A roadbump technically.
    After you kill Vici, Motierre will confirm that the Emperor is now in Skyrim and is staying in the Castle Dour in Solitude. Before telling you to go in guns blazing, he says a poison will do magnificently. He says you need to kill the "Gourmet", the Emperor's personal cook, and gain access to the kitchen to apply the poison.

    Once you do that, put on the Gourmet's costume and enter the kitchen to be greeted by your assistant, who is as much as a fangirl as any girl to Justin Beiber. :D
    Anyway, when asked which ingredients to put in the meal, choose the options that seem the most "royal", things that aren't Falmer's Ear or Daedra Heart. Think culinary. Toward the end, add on the poison and say it's your secret recipe. Finish the meal and enter the dining hall. There sits the Emperor, so close! But you need to wait. He will taste the dish and - of course - heel over a die. Apparently, the assistant is the one to blame and is slaughtered on sight. You are also chased but into the nearest tower, where the Imperial commander says you've been deceived by one of your own. He will also say the deal wasn't worth his time and the sanctuary will be destroyed soon. Cruel, right? Just wait.

    Kill the soldiers blocking your path and escape Solitude. Return to the Dark Brotherhood to find the entire place in flames. Seems like the commander kept to his word. Fight off the Imperial soldiers outside and in and rescue the survivors, Nazir and Babette. They will try to find a way out but nothing can be found. The Night Mother however, takes you into her coffin and shields you from the flames. Nazir and Babette will later free you form the coffin. The Night Mother however will point out the Astrid is still in the sanctuary. Find her and she will confess that it was she who betrayed the Brotherhood. She said she couldn't trust you enough and "prayed" to the Night Mother.

    She ultimately tells you to kill her to make up for her sins. Choose to kill her with her weapon or yours, you will end up moving to the Dawnstar Sanctuary, the very place where you slaughtered Cicero. You will have the option to decorate the sanctuary as like a house. Nazir will give you contracts but only for a short time, while the Night Mother will have an endless stream of contracts for you.

    When completing these contracts, refer to Byronb's guide most of the time. Some will tell you that a simple killing won't cut it, but the majority of them will require you to kill a single person.

    Thanks for taking the time to read over this, and check out Byronb's guide in the meantime. He's got some pretty good content! If there's anything in this storyline that needs changing, please tell me and I will fix it ASAP. Thanks!

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