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Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by shadowkitty, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    aww.. thankyou so much <3
  2. Lucid

    Lucid Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    My jaw. On the floor.
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    shadowkitty: 17 Points (:)) Mar 25, 2014
  3. Irishman

    Irishman Well-Endowed Member

    Aug 30, 2013
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    "Comment on my Fanfic" she says...

    Ok Kitty, I shall do just that :)

    First and foremost, I do not really get into FanFics and the only reason I started reading it was... well, coz its you!

    I must say though, it has been a pleasure being with Wyldfyre from that 1st day on the wagon on her way to Helgen, to joining the Companions, her 1st dragon soul, becoming a war hero as well as her 'encounters' with the many men that fall victim to her alluring presence and good nature.

    I think my favorite part of the story was when she organized the defense and defeat of the dragon in Ivastead. It showed that she was beginning to accept her destiny and she was indeed a fighting spirit when faced with overwhelming odds. Oh and I liked how the brothers built her house!

    The only thing I can think of that I'd like to see more is, more using of her Dwarvan Crossbow.

    Keep up the good work Kitty. Its a great story, but you already knew that <3:D
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  4. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    now THAT's a comment..! <3
    thanks so much Iman. For reading and liking my story and loving Wyldfyre as much as I do.

    Oh and about the crossbow, you are right, that thought has crossed my mind as well.
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  5. The Phoenician

    The Phoenician Shiney, let's be bad guys.

    Mar 18, 2012
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    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story over the past few months. Keep up the good work.
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    shadowkitty: 17 Points (Rep for your support. It means A lot.) Mar 26, 2014
  6. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Thank you so much! <3
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  7. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Well here is the Farkas chapter for you. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. It is brutal, and savage and contains a lot of adult content but that is how I wanted to convey what Farkas was going through and the savagery of the Wild Were. If you don't like that sort of thing then it's best you skip this chapter. For the rest, enjoy <3



    The Beast inside consumed Farkas as he savaged at the human male. Long dead, he now tore the body apart, lost in his lust for blood. He ate the still warm heart and the blood ran from his jaws, dripping on the ground. The Werewolf threw his head back and howled triumphantly at the moon. He was the victor and his prey lay dead in pieces at his feet. Something clicked over in his mind and body and he no longer felt the remorse a human would over such a horrific kill. The Wolf was now all that was left inside, so it felt to him. He charged off through the woods, the exhilaration making him run faster than he had run before. He ran for a time before sensing a smell on the wind.

    Slowing, he sniffed the air, his eyes searching the landscape for the object that had now caught his attention. A deer. It stood ahead of him, grazing on a tuft of grass unbeknownst to the terrible danger it was in. The male wolf crouched and growled quietly as it watched its new prey. But then a movement on the other side of the glade caught his eye and a she-wolf ran across and lunged at the deer. She made her kill savagely and quickly and began to feed on the animal. The male wolf watched the female for a time, a new hunger burning inside him. He wanted her. He wanted to mate with her. To take her for his own.

    The female must have sensed his presence and she raised her muzzle and growled in his direction. He ran out and did his best to look bigger than he was. She stepped back a little, but still bared her teeth at him. She was a very pretty Were, with blonde specks through her coat. The male did not care; he only wanted to mate and she was the prize. He edged forward growling at her to submit and she fought his will for a moment before she hung her head and submitted to him. The male moved forward and sniffed her. She smelt different, wild and dangerous and he was excited. His arousal grew and the female sniffed him back, shaking her head a little at his unusual smells before she turned and offered herself to him, changing into her human form. She stood there, blonde hair framing a round face with yellow eyes. Her breasts were small and jutted out, the nipples at their peak.

    The male wolf changed back into his human form and the blonde observed his arousal, smiling with delight. Farkas wasted no time in pushing her to the ground beside the deer carcass. She spread her legs for him and wrapped them around him, drawing him in and as he entered her roughly, she cried out. Farkas moved over her body quickening his pace, slamming into her as she groaned and arched her back under him. Her nails dug into his back and he grabbed her hips and lifted her until he could fill her no more.

    Farkas grunted as he came and the woman screamed in ecstasy, her nails drawing blood from his back. They continued to move with each other after they were both spent, lost in the intensely erotic moment they had shared. Farkas moved off her and they both lay there on the grass, panting, trying to catch their breath.

    “You are not from here” the woman said to him, raising up and swirling the hairs on his chest.

    “No” Farkas answered simply. He was not from there, he was not from anywhere. The woman slid over and straddled his body, pressing her breasts into this chest.

    “I like you” she said. “I am Ilidra. You should come back to my camp” Farkas nodded and she stood, holding out her hand to him. She led him to a nearby encampment next to a river and stoked up a fire. Farkas sat and stared into the flames. What have I done? He thought, but he was then distracted by Ilidra as she slid onto his lap. She licked up his neck and nibbled at his ear. A wild Were lived only on pure animalistic instincts, which was to feed and mate and this female Were-beast was as wild as they get. Farkas slid his hands over her breasts and she shivered under his touch. They did not speak much, as there was nothing to say and Farkas liked it that way.

    Ilidra was very proficient at hunting and she brought back a large buck that night and presented it to Farkas, kneeling before him with the blood of the deer splattered on her naked body. Farkas hacked the deer apart and they ate it raw and dripping, pushing the rest into the river to be swept away. Ilidra watched Farkas intently at first, waiting for him to turn on her, as some wild male Weres where known to do once they had mated and wanted to move on. She had narrowly avoided being killed by the dark haired one after he had mated with her a few nights before, only escaping when a nearby wagon rolled past, distracting the male.

    This one was different though and soon she was relaxed enough around him to be very forward in wanting more sex from him, which he gave her gladly and roughly, as she liked it. Farkas seemed to be all that she wanted in a Wild were, with none of the cruel tendencies, or wanting her dead once he was finished with her. They mated again that night before collapsing onto the bedrolls and falling asleep.

    They slept for most of the day and rose in the afternoon. Ilidra enjoyed a swim in the river while Farkas stoked up the fire again. He had put on a pair of thread bare linen pants and was busy snapping large branches for the fire when Ilidra approached him.

    “Do we hunt tonight my Wolf?” she asked him. Farkas thought for a moment then nodded.

    “We do. Tonight we hunt a new prey. One who is a danger to us”. Ilidra smiled widely and slid her arms around Farkas’s shoulders, pressing herself against him.

    “What do we hunt my mate?” she begged him, her voice low and sultry, stirring Farkas’s loins again. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. They kissed deeply until Farkas broke away.

    “Tonight we hunt man” he said as he carried her to the bedrolls. He laid her down but she scooted over and when he lay on his back she peeled off his pants and mounted him, taking his manhood into her hands.


    The two Weres crouched in the trees watching the cave entrance. They had seen little activity there for hours now and their excitement grew as they now edged forward. When the male wolf was a man, he had remembered that this was a place where the men that called themselves The Silverhand holed up. He and the She-wolf quietly entered the cave and sniffed the air. They detected only three prey inside and they moved through the darkened tunnel and watched as two men and one woman moved around in the main chamber. The woman was putting the finishing touches to a spike where she had mounted a Wolf’s head.

    “The female is mine” The she-wolf said. The male Were growled quietly and they edged forward so they were just beyond the glow of the fire light. On an unknown signal they both tensed and charged into the chamber. The she-wolf headed directly for the woman, who had barely enough time to draw her silver sword before her throat was torn out. The she-wolf savaged the woman who screamed until she lay lifeless on the cave floor. Meanwhile, the male wolf had bowled over one of the men and had slashed his chest open. Luckily for Farkas, the other man was somewhat of a coward and ran off down the tunnel heading deeper into the cave.

    The male Were savaged at the man and ripped open his chest, taking his still beating heart in his teeth and letting the hot blood spurt over his jaws. The she-wolf came up to him and licked the blood off his face.

    “There is still one” she indicated and they both stalked the man who had run off. Their acute hearing picked up the man, frightened and sobbing, hidden in an alcove and he made one last reckless attempt for his life and jumped at the male wolf. He managed to slice the Were with his silver sword and it yelped in pain before the she-wolf lunged for him, closing her teeth over his head and snapping his neck. She came over to the Were and licked his wound.

    “You are hurt” she said.

    “No” he answered. He looked down at the body and then to her, his mate “Feed” he said to her. She bent down and slashed open the chest cavity, taking out the heart. The two Weres both shivered with the thrill of their hunt, and the smell of the blood caused them to grow wild with the blood lust. Farkas changed back into human form as Ilidra, now in human form as well took him into her hands. They were both covered in the blood of their prey and Farkas needed more from his mate than just her hands. He was consumed with the animal inside him and turned her around and bent her over and took her from behind, entering her roughly. His mate. Somewhere, in the deepest recess of his mind, he knew this was wrong, but he didn’t understand why. He was not a man any more. He was the Beast, the Wolf. There was only him and his mate and everything else was prey to be killed.
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  8. Lucid

    Lucid Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    Oh gods. I predict an epic lycan-dragon souled temper tantrum from Wyldfyre that none will recover from fully.
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  9. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    The She-wolf watched in growing rage as the blonde female ran her hands all over her mate, getting familiar with his arousal. The Beast inside her, combined with the Dragon souls, boiled over to a new height of anger that she had never felt before. She almost felt like she was on fire as her vision tinted red. The She-wolf could not stand watching it any longer and so burst from her cover of trees and charged down the embankment with a terrifying howl of fury. The two humans were caught off guard by the enraged she-wolf as Wyldfyre hit the female with full force and they went flying sideways, landing with a splash in the river. Wyldfyre changed back into her human form and grabbed the female by the hair and dragged her under the water as the other kicked out at her. She was ready to murder the female then and there until she felt strong hands from behind grab her about the waist and she was hauled out of the river, kicking and screaming, and thrown roughly to the ground.

    “Farkas!” she cried out, shocked that he could treat her in such a way. His eyes were glowing oddly, filled with that same half crazed lust-filled look that the male who had mated with her the night before had. “Farkas!” she cried out to him again as he menaced her with his hands that were now clawed. “It’s me! Your mate!” She had to scramble back as the female lunged for her, screeching with rage.

    “Back off She-bitch!” she hissed at Wyldfyre “He is mine!” Farkas stood back and watched as the female attacked Wyldfyre and she had to defend herself once again. She looked to him hopelessly as he did nothing to help her. He is lost to me! Wyldfyre realised. She had to turn her attention back to the female as she stepped back and changed and so Wyldfyre did the same. The two She-wolves lunged at each other, slashing and biting, trying to tear each other’s throat out. Wyldfyre was clearly the stronger of the two but the other female was wild and fought like she didn’t care if she lived or died, which made her considerably more dangerous. But Wyldfyre’s rage fuelled her own strength and she threw the female off her.

    Wyldfyre’s mind clicked over and she was soon losing herself to the mind of the predator. Wolf and Dragon alike. They both lusted for blood. They raced over the camp site, battling for the prize of the male. Farkas had changed into his Were form as well and circled the two, enjoying the fight. He felt torn though. He wanted to stop the fight and end the life of the red Were, defending the one he had lain with the past week. But the red Were, she smelt familiar, looked familiar. He had only just half taken in what she had cried out to him before the pale one had lunged at her. His mate? He had a mate? But he had the pale one, she was his mate. Wasn’t she? He was confused and watched on as the two females fought to the death.

    “My mate!” the red wolf again cried out to him, struggling with human names “Remember me! Wyldfyre! Remember Vilkas, Lydia, Kodlak..” she was cut off as the pale wolf slashed at her throat, barely missing. Wyldfyre growled in rage and pounced on the wolf, biting into her neck and tearing out a great chunk of bloody flesh. She staggered back as she felt a claw ripping into her side and then she fell to the ground as the male wolf was there, but he did not attack her, he stood over her protectively as the pale wolf dragged her body towards the river, whimpering. She finally collapsed and lay lifeless, her blood staining the water. Wyldfyre lay there, panting as the wound in her side bled. She looked up to the male wolf.

    “My mate” she breathed heavily. She changed painfully back into her human form, taking a risk but not caring any more, if she was to die, she would at least die by the hand of her love. “Farkas” she said out loud. The male Were turned and studied her and for a moment she thought she was about to die.

    “My mate?” he said to her. Suddenly the wolf’s body shimmered and then Farkas was standing there with a look of pure horror on his face. “Wyldfyre!” he cried bending down, gathering her in his arms. “My love, I am so sorry” he said over and over again.

    “Farkas” Wyldfyre winced as he squeezed her tightly. “I’m hurt” he let her go and lifted her up, carrying her over to the bedroll. He rummaged around in a satchel muttering under his breath.

    “What have I done, my sweet girl...” Wyldfyre was more concerned for his state of mind than her newest wound. It wasn’t as bad as she thought it to be. A small healing vial would fix it. Farkas came over to her and gave her the potion and she drank it down, the fiery liquid spreading through her body quickly. Wyldfyre watched as Farkas sat there, a mixture of emotions flashing across his face. She was happy to have found him alive but she was beyond hurt at having found him in the arms of another. Her heart felt like it was shattering to pieces and the rage was still boiling inside her. She didn’t know if she wanted to embrace him or kill him.

    “Farkas” she began “What were you doing here, with her?” she looked at the dead body of the she-wolf. When she looked back to Farkas she could not fathom the amount of sorrow and remorse that showed in his face. Still, she was so angry at him she almost saw red again. Yes she had strayed on him but that was when they had barely known each other, and now they were betrothed, mated for life. She began to cry even though she didn’t want to.

    “How could you do this?” she was relentless in her questioning and he sat there silent, his head hanging. “Do you have no words for me at all?” he looked up and his eyes were red raw. She still could not see the real Farkas in his eyes and her own spilled over with tears. A look of distress came over his face when he saw the tears in her eyes and he leaned forward as if to touch her, but he sat back again, frightened by the way she was looking at him.

    “I’m...” he struggled “I’m sorry!” and with that he stood up and ran off into the woods. Wyldfyre sat there stunned. What had just happened? Why couldn’t he talk to her? Wyldfyre was numb as the tears rolled down her face. She glared at the body of the wolf and strode over to it and dragged it further into the water, not caring who discovered it further down river as the current took it away. When the body was out of site she sat down in the water, washing all the blood off her. Her wound had healed and now all that was left was a scar to add to the ones from last night. She was still fuming. After all she had been through to find him and he was with another. She had been attacked, brutally raped and attacked again and now he had run off to leave her alone.

    Wyldfyre stomped out of the river and rummaged through the woman’s belongings. She found a tunic top and soft suede pants and slipped them on. The pants were small and tight but she needed to be clothed. She didn’t want Farkas seeing her naked right now. She stoked up the fire and sat there staring into it until she felt a presence behind her.

    “I have no excuse for what I have done and I don’t blame you if you never what to see me again” he said as he sat across the fire from her. Wyldfyre remained silent and Farkas sighed. “I only want to explain what happened”

    “Please get dressed first” she said then, and Farkas did so, returning to his spot across the fire. Wyldfyre again remained silent as he struggled with what he wanted to say.

    “Well, when I made it to Riften it all went smoothly. Until...........”

    Wyldfyre and Farkas had travelled silently back to the clearing where she had left their armour and after they were dressed they returned to Riften. She had decided, after Farkas’s confession that night beside the river, that she needed time away from him to deal with the hurt and rage she felt. He also needed his fellow Circle members to help him quell the Beast-lust still inside him. She told him that she would continue on to Winterhold with Annekke and he could go back to Whiterun as the others were still out looking for him. He looked so distressed that she softened slightly, letting him embrace and kiss her before he left Riften. The exchange was strained though and she sobbed when he disappeared through the gate. She trudged up the stairs to the room Annekke had rented for her and fell into the bed and cried herself to sleep.

    The next morning they had saddled their horses and left Riften behind them. Annekke sat up proudly in her saddle, showing off the new set of armour she had purchased while Wyldfyre was away. It fit her well and almost matched the set Wyldfyre wore, with some slight differences. They travelled back the way Wyldfyre had come originally, passing through Dark Water Crossing. Sondas had arrived back with the medicine and everyone was feeling much better. They stopped only long enough for Annekke to inform her husband that she was leaving him, the guards having to restrain him as he had tried to beat her.

    “Goodbye forever you letch!” Annekke had hollered at him as they both rode off, causing Wyldfyre to smile slightly before sinking back into her gloom. Annekke remained quiet, respecting her friends need for privacy.

    “I don’t know what happened but you can talk to me if you want” was all she said. Wyldfyre nodded and they made their way to Windhelm. She needed to stop and report to Ulfric on what happened at the fort, and check on Ralof. She was only doing that for Annekke though. The blonde woman was most anxious to find out if he had made it back to a Stormcloak camp in one piece.

    They made good time and soon Wyldfyre found herself standing in front of Ulfric’s throne, reporting on their victory at Fort Neugrad. Her report was factual and stilted as she did her best not to collapse in a bawling heap in front of the Jarl. He noticed her sombre mood but did not say anything.

    “You’ve done well” Ulfric smiled, stepping down from the throne. He led them into the war room. “As for Ralof, he is again proving himself to be a valuable addition to the rebellion.” Wyldfyre studied the map. She itched to be on her way and heading towards Winterhold in the morning.

    “Where is Ralof?” she asked Ulfric. He studied her for a moment and then pointed at the western side of the map.

    “Somewhere in this area” he said vaguely. “Are you all right?” he asked her then. Wyldfyre shook her head, but said nothing more. She was not going to get into yet another shouting match with the Jarl. He thankfully let her go without any further side missions and she went back to Candlehearth Hall where she and Annekke were staying for the night.

    “Do you think I’ll ever see Ralof again?” Annekke asked as they sat by the fire that evening. Wyldfyre looked at her friend, the concern she felt evident on her face.

    “I have no doubt you will. Ralof is very capable”

    “He is indeed” Annekke smiled archly which made Wyldfyre laugh for just a second. “I haven’t heard that for a while” the blond woman said. Wyldfyre nodded.

    “I haven’t really felt like laughing lately” she said. Annekke leaned forward; putting her hand on Wyldfyre’s scarred leg.

    “It will be fine” she soothed “You and Farkas will work it out. I know you will.”

    “I hope so”.

    They left the next morning just as the sun raised its head over the mountains; casting a golden glow over the fresh snow. They had to head north west before cutting their way back through the mountains north east. It was a long way to go about it, but the only way through the otherwise impassable mountain ranges. It took them all day to traverse the mountain passes and they had to concede to the dwindling light and make camp under a large rocky outcrop that evening.

    “It’s too dangerous to go any further in this light” Wyldfyre said. Even though she could see well into the night, the horses and Annekke could not and so she made the decision to stop and make camp. Annekke huddled under her furs and Wyldfyre gave her an extra one from her roll as she did not feel the cold as much as her friend.

    “Don’t you need it?” Annekke asked, trying to prompt Wyldfyre into confessing her inner most secret. But the red-haired beauty merely shook her head.

    “Sleep” Wyldfyre said simply. She herself, did not sleep.

    They entered Winterhold the next day around midday and they tied the horses up outside the Inn. The town was smaller than Wyldfyre expected and the Collage loomed over the village like a great hulking dragon. There was a perilless looking bridge in a state of disrepair that spanned a vast nothingness, leading to the Collage and a High Elf barred the way. She introduced herself as Faralda and demanded that Wyldfyre demonstrate a spell before she would let her in. Even though Wyldfyre had no intentions of joining the College, she chose not to argue with the Elf and fired a jet of intense flame at the carved Sigel on the ground before them. It steamed in the frozen air, making an impressive crackling sound. The Elf let them pass and they continued up and over the bridge.

    Wyldfyre looked out over the expanse. The rocky, frozen coast line was an impressive sight. As the Elf led them to the main building they were passed by curious students and lecturers, all wearing robes of different colours. Faralda directed them to the Arcanaeum up the stairs; before she left them she had a warning.

    “Don’t get on Urag Gro-Shub’s bad side. Or he will throw you out of there quick smart.”

    “How do we get on his bad side?” Annekke asked. Faralda rolled her eyes.

    “By touching pretty much anything” she said then strode off. Wyldfyre and Annekke ascended the stairs and came out into a large circular library filled from floor to ceiling with rows and rows of books. At the back of the library was a small desk and seated behind it was an Orc.

    “Who are you?” he grunted at them, even though he eyed them both. He appreciated a fine looking woman and now here were two standing before him wearing the tightest armour he had seen in a long while. The red-headed one spoke.

    “I am looking for an Elder Scroll and have been told you might know where to find one” This one gets straight to the point. He raised his heavy brow.

    “Are you kidding me? You are joking right?” the two women looked at one another. I guess not. “Well I can see you are serious, but I can’t help you. I have no idea where to find one, and if I did, it would now be here in this library”.

    “Do you have any information about them at all?” the red-head asked. Urag scratched his chin thinking, going through the catalogue of books that were in his mind, he pulled out a few that could be worth taking a look at. He stood and walked over to the shelves and began pulling out books.

    “Here” he said, piling the books before them “If you can read then go through these. Just be careful with them or I will toss you out on those pretty little behinds.” the two women looked at one another and gathered up the books and took them over to a table and settled down to read. Urag watched them for a while, in particular the Blonde one, then shrugged and went back to cataloging new books.

    Wyldfyre and Annekke poured over the books for hours, having to take a short break in the middle for food and drinks. Towards the end of the evening Annekke sat upright.

    “Wyldfyre” she said, holding a battered book in front of her. “This looks promising, well when I say promising, it’s actually written by apparently a mad man but what he says here is interesting” She handed Wyldfyre the book and she read the part that Annekke indicated to her. Frowning she stood and looked for Urag. He was still behind his desk, no doubt not trusting them to his precious books.

    “Excuse me” she said to him as she approached, he grunted and looked up “But do you know who this Septimus person is?”

    “Ah yes” Urag said as she showed him the book she held. “Septimus Signus an expert on the Elder Scrolls. He was a member of the Collage before he read one of the Scrolls and went mad. He is now holed up in an outpost off the coast North west of here.”

    “Do you think he knows where the one I seek is?” she asked him hopefully. Urag nodded.

    “Of that I have no doubt, as to whether he WILL tell you is another story.” The women left the College after Urag gave them directions to the outpost, and went back to the Inn, renting a double room for the night. They would make their way out across the ice planes tomorrow in good light.

    Wyldfyre was alone in a dark wood. The trees were thick and heavy and she had to push her way through them. As she struggled along she was whipped about her face and limbs by spiked branches that tore at her clothes and skin. Ribbons of blood streamed from her but she continued through the woods. She had to get to the other side. She just knew that Farkas was waiting there for her. Behind her she could hear a large animal bearing down on her and she had to quicken her pace. She was frightened, not only by the animal perusing her from behind but also by what she would discover when she finally broke through the trees. As the light grew brighter she came out into a clearing and there was Farkas, standing naked, with his back towards her. She stumbled forward calling out to him but he didn’t turn around until she grabbed him by the arm. The man turned and it wasn’t Farkas at all but the Were who had violated her. She stepped back and the beast that was behind her crashed through the trees. She spun around and Farkas was there; he was the beast. The one who had been after her blood. Wyldfyre screamed as he raised a great clawed hand and slashed her throat open.....

    Wyldfyre sat up in bed gasping for breath, clawing at her throat. Annekke started awake as well and almost leapt out of bed and grabbed her sword, until she saw that the room was empty but for them.

    “What is it?” she asked her friend, concerned. Wyldfyre shook her head and shut her eyes tight, trying not to cry.

    “Farkas...” she panted “He..he.. Oh Gods Annekke!” she cried “How can I ever trust him again?” she flopped back down onto her pillow and sobbed. Annekke smoothed down Wyldfyre’s hair. She couldn’t begin to know what her friend was going through, but if she knew anything about Were’s and animals, she knew that whatever had happened between the two, was serious.

    “Shhh, it was just a dream” she soothed her. She lay back down, shuffling over a little closer to her distressed friend and took her hand. Wyldfyre felt like a small child again, being soothed by her mother after being afraid of the night terrors. She was still shaking from her dream.

    “I don’t want to go back to sleep” she said into the darkness. Annekke squeezed her hand.
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  10. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    “I am so glad we are back on solid ground!” Annekke huffed. Wyldfyre couldn’t have agreed more. The journey over the ice fields out to Septimus’s outpost had been a trying one, to say the least. They had had to traverse across the ocean on floating ice burgs, large and small alike. A couple of times they were able to touch solid ground, by way of a small island or atoll, but they encountered Horkers and Snow bears. They did their best to avoid the animals, preferring to not leave a swath of dead carcasses in their wake. It made the journey longer than it should have been.

    And when they finally did reach the outpost they found Septimus, a madman, rambling and raving beside an enormous Dwarven-made device. He seemed to not even notice them there but somehow they had come away from there with a small round object called an Attunement Sphere, and directions to the Elder Scroll. Their destination was not far; a large underground dwarven city called Blackreach that could only be accessed by descending through certain dwarven ruins. The one they were heading for now was called Alftland and lay in the mountains south-west of Winterhold.

    Wyldfyre and Annekke climbed back up to Winterhold to re-supply and fetch the horses. Then they were on their way across the frozen countryside to the ruins. The ruin was hard to find and during Septimus’s ramblings, Wyldfyre had picked up him mentioning that you had to enter the ruin from above, not below. Whatever that meant. She soon found out when they reached a vast, sprawling ruin that spiralled down into a deep chasm. They left the horses in a shack which would give them a small measure of shelter and then explored the area. There were obvious signs of recent activity around the place. A couple of lean-tos had been set up, with bedrolls still in them. A nearby fire was still fresh. They tried getting into a lift tower but it was locked and nothing they did would open it.

    “I guess we follow this then?” Annekke pointed to the crude wooden walkways that had been erected over the ruins by whoever had been there before them.

    “I guess so” Wyldfyre answered “But be very careful, one slip and it’s a very long way down”. They ascended the walkways until they came to a balcony and a large door. The door needed both of their strength behind it to push it open and soon they were inside Alftland. The outer level of the ruins was more of a glacial maze then anything. Frozen and slippery. They found more signs that someone had recently been there but no actual people yet. The two women had to pick their way gingerly through the tunnels and chambers until the heat from the mechanisms below melted all the snow and ice away and made for a cosier atmosphere. Soon the heat was high enough to have them sweating.

    “To think we were freezing our butts off just a moment before” Annekke said as she wiped at her brow “Well you probably weren’t but I was” she commented. Wyldfyre noticed she again made a vague reference to her unusual body temperature. She began to wonder if Annekke knew more than she let on. They rounded a corner and found a body lying in their path. A young elf, dressed in mismatched armour. It was unclear as to what had killed the Bosmer and Wyldfyre looked over it, worried.

    “This does not bode well” she stated. As they left the glacial ruins behind, they encountered more bodies; each one seemingly hacked at with crude weapons. A chill ran down Wyldfyre’s spine as her deepest fears were confirmed when she saw one of the weapons lying on the stone floor. Falmar. As they descended deeper in they encountered the Dwarven Automatons; the small spiders still diligently working away at the stone structures. A few Spheres held them up along the way, and they dealt with them with Annekke’s longbow and Wyldfyre’s crossbow. Wyldfyre was able to loot more of the bolts from the broken Spheres. They passed through another of the large golden doors to find themselves in a part of the ruin that was dotted with traps such as spinning blades and fiery jet streams.

    Wyldfyre could also see more signs that Falmar resided in this ruin. The hairs rose on the back of her neck, much like a wolf getting its hackles up. But in a way she was excited. The rage inside her wanted to encounter the Falmar. She needed something to hurt, to destroy. She stopped Annekke and told her about the foul creatures, briefly explaining why her hatred of them was so deep.

    “I am so sorry” the blonde woman said, placing a hand on her friends arm. Wyldfyre nodded, not wanting to go into it more there in the ruins.

    “It was the worst time of my life, but it is over. Let’s proceed” she said.

    Blackreach was a wondrous sight to behold. Not just because of the pretty glowing things that grew there or the ruins themselves, but for the sheer vastness in its size. It went on for miles and, because of it only being lit by the giant glowing mushrooms and one or two braziers dotted here and there, Wyldfyre could not even tell how far the massive underground city spanned. They stood on the balcony that overlooked the city, having just descended a spiral stair that had to be activated by Septimus’s Attunement Sphere. She peered up at the vast ceiling, dotted with glowing creatures that looked like stars. She did not like the false sky with no moon, it seemed un-natural to her and the air was stale and stuffy. Still, it was pretty.

    “Farkas would have liked this” she said absentmindedly. Annekke looked at her and nodded. No doubt he would have, if he was here. Annekke again wondered what had happened between the two that had made Wyldfyre so distressed and part with her mate. But her attention was soon diverted by another Sphere heading their way.

    “Heads up” she said taking out her bow. They soon dispatched of the Sphere and descended into Blackreach, taking the road to the left that had them circling the main part of the city. There were a lot of Falmar about and they had to fight them off nearly every step of the way. But Wyldfyre’s burning rage inside her made her a formidable enemy and soon a swath of Falmar lay dead. The Falmar also had their chaurus pets with them and Annekke received a nasty burn on her leg from the bugs poison. They holed up in a small chamber in the ruined city where Wyldfyre attended to Annekke’s wound.

    “It’s not that bad” she said through gritted teeth as Wyldfyre rubbed a healing slave onto it.

    “You need to learn to lie better” Wyldfyre grinned at her “I know exactly what a Chaurus sting feels like”. As they exited the building they were confronted by a small group of humans dressed in tattered rags that had not been there, moments before. Behind them, Falmar lurked.

    “By the Maker!” Wyldfyre exclaimed. She remembered Aiden telling her of the prisoners the Falmar had taken and used for their own sickening pleasures. The men and women before them looked at them with dull dead eyes. They brandished crude weapons and surrounded them. Wyldfyre took out her sword and Annekke unsheathed hers. It was going to be a fight. The Falmar thralls rushed at the two women and menaced them with their weapons. They didn’t seem to want to hurt them and Wyldfyre could not tell if it was a small piece of their humanity left over, or if they had orders not to kill them from their Falmar masters. One of the men lunged for her, grabbing her wrist but then slumping forward with her sword through his belly.

    “They mean to take us alive for the Falmar!” she said to Annekke.

    “Over my dead body!” Annekke shouted back, attacking a nearby Orc who put up a brave fight but soon died by Annekke’s hand. An arrow whizzed by Wyldfyre’s ear and she saw a woman aiming a bow right for Annekke, who was preoccupied. She would have been hit if it had not of been for Wyldfyre lunging with all her speed at the woman and knocking her to the floor; the momentum causing her to release the arrow and it shot harmlessly up into the air, hitting the great golden globe that hung from the ceiling. It made an enormous booming sound when it hit but Wyldfyre’s attention was drawn back to the fight. They were being surrounded by humans and Falmar, desperately outnumbered, soon they had been disarmed and many hands grabbed them, forcing them to the floor. The human thralls held them down while the Falmar shambled in to inspect their newest prize.

    Filthy, sharp fingered hands explored their bodies and Wyldfyre and Annekke kicked out at their captors. Suddenly a great roar ripped through the ruin, causing everyone to still.

    “Are you kidding me?” Annekke managed to say through the throng of hands and legs “A Dragon is down here?”

    The dragon lay dead. After hearing that terrible roaring, the human thralls and Falmar had scattered and disappeared quickly and left Wyldfyre and Annekke fight the beast alone. The layout of the city allowed them to gain higher ground and fire off arrows at the dragon whenever it flew past them. It appeared to not be very skilled at flying. Wyldfyre assumed that it had spent so many years down in Blackreach that flight no longer was a real necessity for it. It landed down on the road below them many times, giving them ample opportunity for their arrows to hit true. Wyldfyre almost felt sorry for the beast, had it not just tried burning her to death. Her powerful Dwarven crossbow was able to pierce the dragons hide a lot easier than Annekke’s conventional bow. Wyldfyre’s fondness for her crossbow grew even more.

    From their positions high up on the city rampart, they watched the dragon as it finally succumbed to the many arrows protruding from its body. Wyldfyre felt a moment of pity for the great beast that once flew free in the skies of Tamriel. The women left the city quickly while the Falmar and their prisoners were still hidden. Wyldfyre was grief stricken that she could not save the humans from their captors but she had no idea how to release them from their thrall of the Falmar. She only hoped that she could later organise a party of soldiers to journey back down here to free them.

    “Let’s continue this way, I think I see a lift tower over there” she indicated to Annekke when they left the city. They came to the dead dragon and as she approached the carcass began to disintegrate, its soul spiralling out of its body and into Wyldfyre. She was brought momentarily to her knees as the soul entered her. Having no word to feed on, just like the last soul she had absorbed, the newest one seemed to flutter about inside her causing her to become so dizzy she had to throw up. She lay there for a while and after the waves of nausea left her, she stood shakily.

    “That was not enjoyable” she said wryly to lighten up the mood, even though she felt anything but cheery. After crossing over the bridge to the tower, Annekke threw the switch in the centre of the small room and they felt the floor move underneath them as the tower made its way upwards.

    “I hope this is the right way” Annekke commented.

    “Yes” Wyldfyre agreed “I really have no desire to go back down there” She still felt a little sick in the stomach. Why were the souls affecting her this way? The more she consumed the worse it seemed. She needed to talk to Paarthurnax again. The lift brought them to a room filled with a huge dwarven mechanism. They walked up a sloping path to a platform that had a number of small metal pillars with glowing blue buttons on them. Wyldfyre pressed one of the buttons and the mechanism leapt to life and shifted, spinning around and then stopping at a different point. Great circular sections of the roof also moved.

    “Interesting” Annekke observed. Wyldfyre saw that a shaft of light that beamed down into the room was directed off three times by some arms that protruded from the top of the mechanism. The beams of light in turn shone on the circular sections of the domed ceiling. She looked at the buttons before her again. The one she had pressed did not glow any longer. Her mind ticked over.

    “Do you think... that these buttons here need to be pressed in some type of order?” she mused out loud.

    “Beats me” Annekke shrugged. “Try one” Wyldfyre did so and the mechanism moved again, but this time only the middle and bottom section of the roof moved. The top section had a beam of light shining directly onto a round green symbol. She looked at the other two sections but they did not line up and the button she had pressed still glowed. She tried the next button and again the ceiling moved, but this time the bottom section stopped as the beam of light hit another symbol. Wyldfyre’s hand hovered over the last glowing button.

    “I guess this is it” she said “Be prepared for anything” Annekke nodded, unsheathing her sword. Wyldfyre pressed the button and the middle section moved until it lined up with a beam of light and then there was a clanking and movement in the middle of the ceiling. The women watched as a section of the ceiling opened up and a device lowered down out of it. When it neared the top of the mechanism it stopped and slowly the canister inside opened, revealing a golden scroll.

    Wyldfyre leaped lightly off the platform and landed on the mechanism. She gingerly took the scroll from its resting place. It was quite heavy and much larger than a normal paper scroll. She reverently carried it back up to the platform to Annekke, who peered at it.

    “Huh” the blonde woman huffed “It’s smaller than I thought it would be” Wyldfyre bent and stowed it in her satchel. “Aren’t you going to read it?” Annekke asked her.

    “By the Maker no!” Wyldfyre exclaimed. “Not unless you want to carry me out of this ruin”. They entered a chamber where they found a few strange looking chests and upon opening them, discovered exquisite looking jewellery in them.

    “I know someone who would appreciate some of these” Wyldfyre said, thinking of her Argonian friend back in Riften. She handed half of them to Annekke. “For you. For putting up with me” Annekke looked astonished at Wyldfyre’s generous gift. The jewellery would have been worth thousands of gold. She took them gladly though. She needed something to start her new life with and appreciated the fabulous start she now had. When the chests were empty they opened a door which revealed another lift behind it.

    “I hope this goes up” Annekke said as she threw the switch. The lift shook violently but then the ancient mechanisms and gears moved them upwards and Wyldfyre sighed. It was done. She had the scroll. But she didn’t feel elated at all. She felt empty and detached from the world around her. She missed Farkas desperately but she was also afraid that she never wanted to see him again. How could she live without him though? He was her mate, her very soul. He had her whole heart. If she didn’t have him, she had nothing. She was nothing.
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    They met in his privet chambers, away from prying eyes. They did not want anyone to know she carried Tamriel’s most precious possession. Ulfric held the scroll reverently in his hands.

    “Never in my life did I think I would ever hold an Elder Scroll” he said, carefully turning it over. Wyldfyre watched him as he in turn studied the scroll. The outside canister was etched with ancient symbols that neither he nor Wyldfyre understood. He placed it onto the table and sat, pouring a goblet of spiced wine for them both.

    “Thank you” she said as he handed her the cup. Ulfric watched her as she drank, his eyes narrowing in thought. Something was not right, he could tell. She was distant, distracted, sad. But mostly, angry.

    “Are you going to tell be now what is wrong?” he asked her gently.

    “It’s nothing” she said shaking her head. She emptied her goblet and Ulfric poured out more.

    “Then why do you seem like your world has fallen apart?”

    “Because it has!” she cried angrily, tears welling in her eyes. Wyldfyre sucked back a sob, shocked that she had shown such emotions in front of the Jarl, in front of Ulfric. She knew him well enough to know that he would pounce on any glimmer that things were not going well between herself and her fiancé. But she couldn’t help it. The wine loosened her tongue and the despair she felt was too great to keep in any longer and she told him everything, even the fact that her and Farkas were of the beast blood. This came as a shock to Ulfric, but not as much as finding out that her fiancé had betrayed her so deeply.

    “Where is he now?” he said in a deadly voice as the woman he desired wiped at her eyes. He felt a burning anger inside him. Wyldfyre looked at him, narrowing her eyes.

    “He is home where he needs to be, getting help. Hopefully” She desperately wanted to believe that Farkas would return to the man he was once before. When they had parted in Riften he was a stranger to her, still consumed with the beast inside him; the connection they had when they had professed their love to one another, all but gone. Wyldfyre was scared. She shivered in her seat.

    Ulfric got up and stoked the massive fire that burned in the hearth. He stood, staring into it for a time. She was a Were-beast? What was he supposed to do with that information? If anything, he really wished she hadn’t of told him. He turned and studied her with piercing blue eyes. She stared at him in turn. He was trying to figure out what to do with her next. Send her away or beg her to stay? But did he even have that right? She was still deeply distressed by her lover’s betrayal, but he could also see something else in her, a kind of detachment from the whole situation. Should he take advantage of it, of her? Was he really that sort of person? Normally he would say no but with Wyldfyre it was different.

    She had intoxicated him from the moment he had laid eyes on her, but she had remained aloof and unobtainable, refusing his advances. She was faithful; that was for sure. Headfast and stubborn. She had an independent streak in her that infuriated him. They often clashed and argued. But that was also what excited him about her. He could only imagine how it would be if they were together.Their relationship would be like fire and ice.

    Wyldfyre watched Ulfric as he seemingly struggled inside himself. She studied the lines and contours of his face as his ice blue eyes bored into her. She felt uncomfortable, yet couldn’t bring herself to leave. She needed his company, to just be able to talk to someone who would give nothing but their support. She knew it was reckless and dangerous, being alone with Ulfric, vulnerable and drinking, but she didn’t care. She craved closeness and human touch and right now Ulfric would gladly give that to her if she asked of it. She knew she was manipulating him and it was wrong and many times she almost stood and walked out of the room, but she stayed.

    Ulfric watched her as she drank again from her goblet that seemed to be refilling itself. She had not noticed him topping it up whenever it was half empty. What were his intentions there, to get her drunk and have his way with her? She would never forgive him when she woke in the morning, and with that, he would never forgive himself. He would lose her forever and that was something he could not face. He would not.

    “Wyldfyre” he said quietly. She looked up, her eyes glistening.
    “You should go” he sighed. It took all his resolve but he had said it. Her lip quivered and she set the goblet down and gathered up the Elder Scroll; a look of hurt on her face that finally undid him. He took a step forward and then another.

    “Of course my Jarl” she said as she shoved the scroll into her satchel, securing the buckles. She stood, preparing to bid Ulfric farewell but he was suddenly standing there, right in front of her. So close she could feel his breath on her face, and smell his man scent mixed with spiced wine which stilled her instantly. His eyes bored into her with a heat that frightened and excited her. He slowly reached out and took the satchel off her shoulder and dropped it to the ground, drawing in even closer to her so that she backed into the table. He gently placed his hand on her face, tenderly drawing his thumb over her full lips. The tension between the two strung so tight that it threatened to snap.

    “For the love of all I hold dear, I beg of you” he said in a husky, desperate voice “Ask me”. He was the Jarl of Windhelm, True High King, he never begged, never had to plead for anything. If he wanted it he could take it. But she had him almost on his knees.

    Wyldfyre placed her own hand on his face, her breath almost down to nothing as she was held there by his pleading eyes. Something in her broke. The past few days had seen her feeling some of the most intense and devastating feelings she thought she would ever experience. It was a moment she would come to regret for a long time later but at that moment, she could not think straight. She needed it, wanted it and it was there, hers for the taking. She slowly blinked her eyes and shut everything else out but for the man who stood before her. Almost inaudible she whispered.

    “Please”..It was all he needed.

    Please she had said. Ulfric curled his hand around the back of her neck and soon his mouth was consuming hers in a passion so unbridled it almost left them both breathless. She slid her arms around his neck and fell so deeply into his kiss that she pushed him back, slamming him into the wall. Her rage was quickly turning into an insatiable lust and she devoured his lips, his tongue. Ulfric was surprised at her strength as she guided him towards the bed and pushed him down onto it. He had waited for this moment for so long, had dreamed how it would happen, but it was never like this. For her to be the one to take him. He had never had a lover like her before and it excited him. She crawled up his body and continued the kiss, only breaking off as she sat up and peeled off her tunic top. Ulfric was almost breathless with his desire for her as his hands found her perfect breasts. He also sat up and kissed down her neck as she let out little gasps of pleasure, the sound exciting him even more. He was finding it harder to control his urge to just take her quickly, to make her his. Her legs drew tighter around him as his teeth found a nipple.

    An urgent knocking at the door startled both of them.

    “Jarl Ulfric!” one of his personal guards called from the other side of the door.

    “What!” he almost roared.

    “Galmar Stone-fist has returned with urgent news”

    “Tell him to wait” Ulfric growled.

    “I’m sorry My Lord” the guard hesitated “But he insisted” Ulfric bent his head, resting it on Wyldfyre’s breast, sighing in frustration. He looked up into her eyes.

    “I have to do this” he said to her. Wyldfyre nodded and he kissed her. “Wait here” he then said to her. He left the bed and adjusted his clothes and strode out of the room. Wyldfyre sat up and looked around the opulent room, the roaring fireplace, the canopy bed. What was she doing? How could she have let this happen? She leaped off the bed, catching up her discarded top, slipping it on. She grabbed her satchel. This was madness, she had to quell the lustful beasts inside her. She shook her head. No, it isn’t the beasts. It is me being selfish and foolish! She scrubbed at her mouth, trying to wipe away her shame, and then dashed out the door and through the palace, not stopping until she reached the room in Candlehearth Hall that she and Annekke had rented. She peeled off her clothes and started putting on her armour.
    Annekke, astonished at Wyldfyre’s mad entrance looked at her confused.

    “We are leaving” Wyldfyre said, hastily tying up her travellers cloak. “Now”.

    As Wyldfyre and Annekke sped away on their horses with all haste, Ulfric returned to his room to find his bed empty. The fire in the room did nothing to warm the coldness he felt then in his heart. She was gone. Perhaps forever. He had lost her. Ulfric grabbed the half empty bottle of spiced wine and hurled it into the fire, crying out in frustration.

    They approached the Lake House in the dead of night, or True Black as Wyldfyre’s fellow villagers would have called it. She was astonished, when she threw out her mind to find that the whole Circle was inside her home, including Farkas. Was it a good sign that she could now detect his presence over everyone else’s? Wyldfyre dismounted her horse and put it into the stable beside Frost. The white horse whickered at her softly when she rubbed her hand over his glossy neck.

    “I am sorry I have been away for so long, my friend” she said and then kissed him on the nose. He returned her affection with a gentle nose bump. Annekke dismounted and then Wyldfyre turned to her. This was awkward. The entire Circle was in her house, and she had Annekke with her, who supposedly did not know anything about Were-beasts. Even if she did, which is what Wyldfyre suspected, she could not let her in. But how was she to explain to Annekke why she couldn’t invite her into her house? Anything she came up with just sounded rude. She sent out an urgent request and thankfully, Vilkas came out, saving her the trouble.

    “Shield Sister” he nodded rather formally. He smiled politely at Annekke, who smiled back. He turned back to Wyldfyre “We are having an important meeting. Seeing Farkas refuses to leave this house we all came here. Hope you don’t mind”

    “Not at all” she said. She looked at Annekke, who thankfully was quick to catch on and she turned back to her horse.

    “If you don’t mind Wyldfyre” she said “I think I will press on to Riverwood and see if Ralof is home” Wyldfyre mouthed a thank you to her and she rode off. She fell in beside Vilkas and was about to ask him how Farkas was but Vilkas spoke, taking her arm and stopping them both.

    “Wyldfyre” he said gently “I don’t know if you want to be here yourself”

    “What? Why?” she asked, worry on her face. “What’s happened, is he all right?”. Vilkas sighed.

    “It’s hard to say.” He ran his hands over his face “I love my brother and we are as close as you can get, but he is..different. Changed.” Wyldfyre nodded, understanding exactly what he meant.

    “Did he tell you what happened?”

    “Yes” he said darkly “I know everything” Of course he did, they were brothers, twins, and they shared everything and it was clear that he was almost as angry with his brother as she was. “Kodlak has been spending a lot of time with him, trying to quell the beast inside but it’s been a long process. He still isn’t right. He is there, but he isn’t...” he struggled to explain it.

    “I know what you mean” she said. “When we parted in Riften, he was a stranger to me. It frightened me”

    “He has a long way to go before he is back to normal, if that is even possible”

    “Can I see him?” she asked, her voice quavering.

    “Well he knows you’re here and he asked to see you, which is a good sign, I think. Just don’t expect him to be back to the normal Farkas you once knew”

    “I know” Wyldfyre nodded and she steeled herself and followed Vilkas inside. The main hearth fire roared and a deer leg roasted over the fire. Aela and Aiden both sat at the table, Aela leaning back into his arms. He smiled when he saw her, standing and enveloping her in a massive embrace. He kissed the top of her head and her eyes welled.

    “Sister” he said gently. Wyldfyre placed all her weapons on the table; she did not want to be tempted when she faced Farkas. Aela squeezed her hand when she walked past and Vilkas led her to the basement hatch door. He hesitated before he opened it.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked. Wyldfyre nodded decisively and Vilkas opened the door. When Wyldfyre planted her feet on the basement floor she turned and saw Kodlak sitting in a chair in front of Farkas, who was sitting on the stone floor, his head bent forward. Kodlak stood and moved to stand in front of Wyldfyre.

    “Daughter” he greeted her. “I am not sure how good of an idea this is, but he says that he wants to see you, so Vilkas and I shall give you some privacy. I will know if you need me and will be here in an instant” Wyldfyre nodded and he squeezed her shoulder before ascending the ladder with Vilkas, the trap door closing behind them. Wyldfyre stood at the foot of the ladder, afraid to venture further into the room. She ached to just rush over to the man who sat, dejected and ashamed on the floor. She could feel his shame emanating off his body. But her heart made her hold back.

    “Farkas” she said then, taking a tentative step forward, then another. He stirred and looked up and then swung his head towards her. The pain in his eyes was almost unbearable. She sat on the floor in front of him. They just sat there and looked at each other for a long time.

    “Farkas” she sent out to him and he returned her word with a small smile.

    “Sweet girl” he said. It was faint, but she heard it. Wyldfyre smiled. She reached out a hand to him but he shied away.

    “I’m not going to hurt you” she soothed him. He shook his head.

    “It’s not me I’m worried about. I don’t want to hurt you”. Wyldfyre sat back. This was heartbreaking. She was still angry at him and hurt beyond measure, but she didn’t want to see him like this. He was broken. A shell of what he once was.

    “You are better off without me. You deserve someone better, someone who won’t do to you what I did” She grew even more angry. Now he was trying to push her away? She would not have it.

    “Farkas” she said then a little more harshly “You need to snap yourself out of this. You are a Companion. A member of The Circle. A proud Wolf. This is not you, cowering on the floor like a skeever. People need you to be strong. To get up of this floor and become the man you once were”

    “That man is gone” he said.

    “I don’t believe you” she retorted “If he was then you would not be here, in this house. Our home Farkas. The home you built for us with your two bare hands” she grabbed his hands. It was the first contact they had had since their parting and Wyldfyre felt a small jolt shivering through her body. Farkas must have felt it to because he stared at their interlocked fingers.

    “You see, this is where you are meant to be, with me in our home, being a family, sharing the dream, loving each other” she shuffled closer to him and he blinked at her, taking in all she was saying. She spoke to him for what seemed like hours; all the while he took it all in. With each word Wyldfyre started to feel her own heart repairing. She was not only trying to convince Farkas but also herself. Vilkas was right though. It would take a long time before either of them were back to the way they were before this whole thing happened.

    Wyldfyre began to get drowsy, having not slept right for a good week. Her eyes drooped and she swayed to and fro. Farkas tentatively reached out and drew her to him. She allowed him to tuck her into his side and she leaned against his chest; the rhythmic rise and fall of his breathing lulling her to sleep. A sleep that lasted, undisturbed, the entire night.
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    Amazing chapter; shadowkitty, you have true talent.
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    Have tissues on standby...


    Wyldfyre burst through the surface of the lake with a feeling of exhilaration. It was a few days since she had arrived back at the Lake House and she had slipped out for a morning swim. Farkas was slowly on the mend, although it was difficult and sometimes it seemed that he was losing the battle again, until either Wyldfyre or Vilkas pulled him out. Only Aiden and Vilkas had remained at the house, the others heading back to Jorrvaskr. Aiden, while he thought that Farkas would not harm his sister, stayed to protect her none the less.

    Wyldfyre loved having her brother around. They had a lot of sibling time to catch up on, even hunting together one night as beasts. Farkas had not shifted since that time beside the river in the Rift. Kodlak had forbid it. Farkas himself admitted that he was too scared to until the beast inside him was quelled. According to Kodlak, it was near impossible for one to regain their humanity once the beast inside had taken over. He had known a few who had, but they were never the same after. The rest were eventually driven mad, hardly ever reverting back into their human forms, and exiling themselves to a life of forever solitude. She had to believe that Farkas would be one of the lucky ones, that he was strong enough to fight it. It was a long way before their relationship was mended; Farkas’s state of mind the priority.

    Wyldfyre now tread water in the lake and looked back to the shore. A figure was sitting there, watching her. She swam in closer to see it was Farkas. It was the first time he had ventured out of the house and Wyldfyre took that as a good sign.

    “Morning” he said shyly to her. It was like they were getting to know each other all over again. Like they had only just met.

    “It is indeed” Wyldfyre smiled at him. He sat there, thoughts running through his mind. He recognised the beautiful woman before him as his once mate, or was that still mate? She smiled at him and he felt a stirring in his heart that seemed familiar. This woman was the one he had given his heart to, pledged his life to. She was his reason for living. He knew this, and now he was beginning to feel it again. It made him happy, but it also made him miserable. He had hurt her, so much. And yet here she was, helping him, loving him? It was more than he deserved, but she had been so adamant that he not push her away. He vowed that he was going to get better and be the man she deserved.

    “How is it?” he asked as she lolled about in the shallows, a flash of smooth flesh teasing him.

    “Cold but glorious” she answered him. She got up then, letting streams of water flow off her body, showing it to Farkas for the first time in a while. She was comfortable enough in doing that now. His intake of breath made her smile and she bent down to kiss him lightly on the lips. A small gesture, but one to let him know she was not going anywhere. She had decided that the moment she had seen him again, sitting there on the floor of their basement. Something in her shifted and she could not bear the thought of walking away from him, from everything they had built together. She was still angry at him and hurt, but her heart would mend and she did not want to lose him. She knew most other women would have left, but she was not a normal woman. They were not a normal couple. She owed it to the love that they once shared to keep trying. He held up her tunic top and she slipped it on then held out her hand and he stood, taking it. They walked hand in hand back to the house, oblivious of the danger about to befall them.

    “Well what do we have here?” someone sneered. Wyldfyre turned to see three men and a woman stepping out of the trees. They were dressed in mismatched armour and wielded swords, maces and one long bow. Wyldfyre felt Farkas tense beside her and dread filled her heart. No, not now, not when he was so close . She held on to his hand tightly.

    “Walk away, now” she threatened the bandits “While you still can” They looked at each other and laughed, stepping closer to them. Wyldfyre and Farkas were not armed at all, and Wyldfyre dressed only in a tunic top. Farkas moved in front of her, his hackles rising and a low growling reverberating in his throat. Farkas, my love, control it! she sent out desperately. Vilkas! Aiden! I need you! As the bandits attacked the others were suddenly there, swinging their own weapons. Wyldfyre stepped back out of the fray, trying to drag Farkas with her, but he pulled away from her and raced into the thick of the fight, trying to tear at the bandits with his bare hands.

    “Farkas!” Vilkas shouted “Get out of here!” but it was no use. One on the bandits was down but the other three put up a fierce fight and Farkas suddenly changed into the Wolf and was upon them before they could turn and run. The female bandit, now terrified, turned and ran back towards the river. Aiden was occupied with one of the males so Farkas raced off after her, delighting in the chase.

    “Farkas! No!” Wyldfyre shouted, running after him. He did not take any notice of her though and quickly caught up with the screaming bandit, felling her with one swipe of his claws, and savaging her with his teeth. Wyldfyre watched on in horror as another Were bowled him over. Vilkas had turned and was trying to calm his brother down but it was too late. Farkas, in a rage, threw Vilkas through the air. He landed heavily, the wind knocked out of him. Farkas spun around, searching for another victim and spied Wyldfyre, half dressed and defenceless. Another desire consumed him and he now menaced the re-headed woman with the beast blood. She backed away, a look of fright on her face, which made him even more excited. Farkas! It’s me! The female cried, but all that clicked over in his mind was that she was a female to be taken for his own.

    Wyldfyre kept backing away until she was against the rocky outcrop the house stood on and she could not go any further. She tried to reason with the man inside the beast but it fell upon deaf ears.

    “Submit to me” he growled at her. Wyldfyre’s eyes widened as she realised that he no longer recognised her as his mate. She held up her hands and gathered her energy, ready to defend herself the only way she had available. She was loathe to hurt him but it was all she could do.

    “Farkas stop!” she cried “I don’t want to hurt you” she let out a small jet of flame that singed his whiskers, just enough to try to frighten him off, but it only added fuel to the fire raging inside him.

    “Submit to me She-wolf” he said again. He lunged for her, knocking her to the ground, gouging her arm badly with his claws. Then he was gone and in his place, Aiden in his Were form was before her, protecting her. He growled at Farkas and was then joined by Vilkas, who stood to protect her as well. Farkas growled at the two males. He did not see his brothers, but two rivals in his way of the female he wanted.

    “Sister” Aiden sent to her “Go, NOW!”

    “But Aiden!” she said, scrambling to her feet, the large gash on her arm bleeding profusely.

    “We are fine, but you are not, go now, while you can” Wyldfyre took one last desperate look into Farkas’s eyes and sprinted for the house. She threw on her armour and weapons and sped out to the stables, not even bothering to saddle Frost but mounting him and then she was away. Before she was gone she cast one last look over her shoulder to see Vilkas and Aiden advancing on Farkas, who howled in frustration into the sky.

    Wyldfyre rode the entire day and into the night until she was almost falling off Frost she was so exhausted. She steered him off the path and almost fell to the ground, taking her satchel and bedroll with her. She had ridden towards High Hrothgar, not even stopping in Ivarstead for the night. She wanted to be alone; she needed the solitude to process what had just happened. Her heart, no longer able to take the ups and downs of emotions she had gone through, had finally shattered and she felt numb. No longer the woman she was but just an empty shell. She had ridden Frost half way up the mountain until the horse refused to go another step in the dwindling light. So now they were camped on the side of The Throat of the World. She rubbed snow on the wound on her arm and tended it with a potion and healing salve. A nasty, red jagged scar was left behind.

    Tomorrow they would continue on straight past the monastery and to Paarthurnax at the peak of the mountain. She would read the scroll at the time wound and hopefully she would learn the shout to bring the black dragon, Alduin to its end. She sat on her bedroll brooding as Frost crunched on an apple she had given him, the juices dripping from his muzzle.

    “At least you are happy” she said to him. In answer to her he nodded his head, sending bits of apple everywhere. She sighed “What am I going to do Frost?” The horse pawed at the satchel, no doubt looking for more apples. “Careful” she scolded him, putting the bag out of his reach “There is an Elder Scroll in there”. Frost whickered at her and turned his attention to a tuft of grass that peeked through the snow.

    Before they reached the top of the world, Wyldfyre dismounted and left Frost so he would not be frightened by the old Dragon’s presence. Wyldfyre could not be sure whether seeing the horse would not make the Dragon think he was due for a tasty snack either. She took the Scroll out of the satchel and walked the rest of the way up the mountain. When she crested the peak she saw Paarthurnax sitting on top of the word wall and when he saw her he launched into the air and then came to rest on a large rock before her.

    “Greetings Dovahkiin. Ah, you have the Kel. Well done” He eyed the scroll.

    “Sorry I took so long to get here” she apologised. The old dragon blinked slowly.

    “It is of no matter. Tiid, time is but a fleeting moment to the Dov.”

    “So what do I do now?” she said to him, apprehensive. She had no idea how the reading of the scroll was going to show her the shout and was a little afraid of what was about to happen.

    “Fulfil your destiny” he blinked at her, his voice growing with the excitement “Take the Scroll to the Tiid-Ahraan, the Time-Wound. Do not delay. Alduin will be coming. He cannot miss the signs."

    “Alduin will come here?” Wyldfyre almost shouted. She was not anticipating a fight with the dragon right here, right now.

    “He is most likely already on his way little one” He shifted on the rock, stretching out his neck. “Go now, I will watch over you”. Wyldfyre nodded and hurried over to the swirling void that was the time rend. She stepped inside it and was surprised to feel..nothing. No cold, no warmth, it was like this small part of the world no longer belonged to it. In a way, Wyldfyre identified with it. She felt comfortable inside it. She took the scroll and opened it, finding ancient symbols inside.

    “I don’t understa....” she began to say but then suddenly the scroll began to shine so brightly that it blinded her. For a few moments she thought she was permanently blinded until her vision cleared and before her was a scene being played out. It was the Throat of the World, but at another place in time, many years before. She saw three warriors battling dragons, the sky raining down fire upon them. Many more dragons circled the air and soon the great black shape of Alduin was there. The three warriors then shouted at the dragon and he was brought to the ground, writhing in agony.

    “JOOR ZAH FRUL!” they shouted. Instantly the shout was absorbed by Wyldfyre and she felt it inside her. The dragon souls in her shied away from it. The black dragon writhed and growled at the warriors. Wyldfyre watched on, fascinated. Soon though the affects of the shout wore off and Alduin was once again able to attack them, snapping and biting. The female warrior met her death in his jaws, her body cast aside like a rag doll. Alduin released a great torrent of fire, burning the other male warrior. The last one, dressed in robes backed up and drew out an Elder scroll and chanted, causing the Dragon to suddenly vanish from sight. Wyldfyre’s vision was fading and soon the scene was gone. Her vision cleared again and she stepped back terrified, dropping the scroll as she looked up into the sky. There in front of her was death itself. Alduin had come.

    Alduin hovered there in the air, his great red eyes burning into Wyldfyre’s very soul. She slowly drew her sword.

    "Bahloki nahkip sillesejoor. My belly is full of the souls of your fellow mortals, Dovahkiin. Die now and await your fate in Sovngarde!". Paarthurnax growled at the black dragon.

    "Lost funt. You are too late, Alduin!” he swung his head towards Wyldfyre “Dovahkiin! Use Dragonrend!" Alduin took off into the sky followed closely behind by Paarthurnax. Wyldfyre could only watch helplessly as the two dragons battled mid air out of her reach. They breathed fire at one another, flying back and forth until Alduin swooped down towards her.

    “Use Dragonrend!” Paarthurnax shouted to her again and Wyldfyre drew in her strength and shouted, directing it at Alduin so as not to hit Paarthurnax with it also.

    “JOOR ZAH FRUL!” the shout hit Alduin and he let out a howl and landed with a thud on the mountain. Wyldfyre rushed in to do whatever damage she could to him in the short time she had. She had no illusions on herself; she knew this was going to be a long arduous fight. Paarthurnax circled overhead while Wyldfyre hacked away at the Black dragon, doing all she could to avoid his snapping jaws and thrashing tail. She hardly seemed to be doing any damage on him at all, his hide so thick and covered with spikes as it was. The affects of the shout dissipated and Alduin wasted no time in lifting off from the ground again. He hovered in the air and glared down at her.

    “You will pay for your defiance! You are no match for me joor!” and then he shouted again. The sky turned red, the clouds black and flaming balls of rock rained down on the mountain, much like they had done in Helgen that day. Wyldfyre had to run to and fro, dodging the burning rocks as they exploded on the ground. She looked up to the sky and used the Clear skies shout, in a desperate attempt to quell the fiery meteorites. The sky started to clear and once again Wyldfyre used Dragonrend on Alduin. When he landed he tried to blast her with his fire but she dodged most of it. It singed her legs and she cried out in pain. She pulled out her Crossbow and fired shot after shot at him, aiming for his head, while Dragonrend still had him grounded. Paarthurnax flew past and blasted him with fire. The sound was immense.

    Again, the affects wore off and Alduin launched himself into the sky, bringing back the fiery rain. A rock exploded right next to her, showering her with molten sparks. They burned through her armour and skin. The pain made Wyldfyre start to see red as the rage inside her built up. She threw all the emotional upheaval she had been through the last few weeks into her next shout and brought Alduin down. She cast aside her crossbow and charged in and hacked at his head with her skyforged steel. It sliced open a great gash on his neck and he shied away for the first time. But rather than admit to the pain he cursed her again.

    “I have feasted on many greater than you and I will have your soul in Sovngarde!" He took off again, causing Wyldfyre to growl in frustration.

    “Come back and face me!” she shouted up at him.

    “Arrogant mortal! You are no Dovahkiin!” he taunted as he flew off in chase of Paarthurnax. The older dragon seemed to be tiring and Wyldfyre was worried. How was she to defeat Alduin without him? She took up her crossbow again and fired off more bolts, hitting Alduin’s wings, trying to get him closer so she could use Dragonrend on him again. The bolts tore through the thin, stretched membrane of his wings and he circled back to the mountain. Was it arrogance that brought him back to her? Wyldfyre shouted him down again and after firing a few bolts into his head she took up her sword and rushed in again. She herself was beginning to tire but she dared not show it. Alduin was shrewd and would take advantage of her mortality. She swung her sword at him as he snapped at her, narrowly missing her by inches. Then suddenly Frost was there, bucking wildly at the Dragon.

    “Frost!” Wyldfyre yelled at the horse “No! Back!” she did not know if the horse understood her but she had to try. He pawed at the dragon, allowing Wyldfyre to get in one good thrust while his attention was diverted. Alduin snapped at the horse, tearing off a great chunk of flesh. Frost collapsed to the ground as Wyldfyre watched in horror.

    “Frost!” she turned and thrust her sword through the hide of the dragon again and it staggered sideways before launching itself into the air. Wyldfyre watched it as it hovered there for a second, it’s hot blood raining down onto the snow below.

    "Meyz mul, Dovahkiin. You have become strong. But I am Al-du-in, Firstborn of Akatosh! Mulaagi zok lot! I cannot be slain here, by you or anyone else! You cannot prevail against me. I will outlast you... mortal!" and with that he flew off. Wyldfyre watched him leave then threw her sword aside and ran to Frost. He lay on the snow as white as his coat, a great gash in his neck spilling blood onto it. Wyldfyre dropped to her knees and scrambled over to him.

    “No” she said; her body shaking as she brought his head into her lap. “No, no no..” her arms tightened around him as he kicked feebly, in the throes of death.

    “He is dying little one” Paarthurnax said as he landed lightly on the snow beside her. Wyldfyre looked up at him, tears sliding down her face.

    “Can’t you do something!” she cried.

    “Krosis, I can not” he blinked slowly at her. “You must set his spirit free” he looked to her sword. Wyldfyre knew it was the right thing to do. Frost was dying, in terrible pain, she had to end his life for him and send him on his way. She stood slowly, all the energy drained away out of her, and took up her sword. She positioned it over the horse’s head and his great brown eyes looked into hers. Her faithful friend, protecting her to the end.

    “I’m sorry” she whispered, and then ended his life.

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    Time had no meaning for Wyldfyre as she lay inside the swirling void of the time wound. She felt no cold from the snow beneath her. She felt nothing. The world carried on without her while she remained in that frozen place, a mortal without a heart, or a soul. It almost felt like when she had been turned into a vampire, but a thousand times worse. She had felt some emotion back then, fear, lust, insatiable hunger, but now she was just going through the motions of being a mortal. Blink, breathe, sleep. She closed her eyes and visions of her life fluttered on the backs of her lids. Some that should have elicited an intense emotional response from her, flashed by un-noticed.

    Paarthurnax watched her as she lay still, concerned that she had not moved for what he perceived to be hours, but was a mere flicker in his eye. The dead horse lay beside the Tiid-Ahraan, its life-blood spilling out on the snow; the coppery smell tantalising. He thought it unwise to taste the horse though, as the Dovahkiin seemed to have been fond of it. He recognised that the Dovahkiin was in some sort of pain. He recognised the physical pain she had. The wounds on her body were things he could see with his own old eyes. The burns on her legs and body were evident. But there was something else. He thought about his dealings with mortals and remembered that they felt things they called feelings, or emotions. Paarthurnax, after all his years was still perplexed by this. Dragons felt things, of that there was no doubt. Things like pride, rage, arrogance and even fear. But the raw, untamed all-consuming mortal emotions such as love and sorrow were beyond him.

    “Dovahkiin” he said gently to her “You can not linger here forever”. She answered him by merely turning and scrunching herself into a tight bundle. Paarthurnax hefted his bulk down off his favourite rock and lay beside her, careful not to touch the time wound. He curled his tail around the Ahraan and settled his head down beside her. This one was different to the old men down in the temple. She intrigued him with her vulnerability and humanity.

    “Paarthurnax” she spoke then quietly. “How did you triumph over your inner nature?” This question surprised him and he took some time to think about it before he answered her.

    “When I secluded myself here, atop the Throat of the World, I was able to overcome my Dov instincts by practicing a philosophy, The Way of the Voice”

    “Was it difficult?”

    “It was and still is. I struggle with it every day Dovahkiin, it is the price I gladly pay for the past wrongs I have done”

    “And you are happy to live the rest of your life like that?”

    “I am. For what is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" Wyldfyre turned her head and looked into one great fathomless eye.

    “You mean, in one who has lost their way, there is still hope?” Farkas...

    “There is” he studied her “If they are strong enough”. Wyldfyre then did something she thought she would never do. She reached out her hand through the time wound and touched Paarthurnax. His surprise was evident as his nostrils flared. Long had it been since a human, a mortal had touched him. It was strange, but not overly unpleasant. He settled down as her hand rested on his snout. They both slept while the world below, turned without them.

    It was hunger that eventually woke Wyldfyre from her long sleep inside the time wound. Her stomach grumbled, as did Paarthrunax’s. His made a considerably louder noise however.

    “Bahlok, hunger consumes us both” he said in his slow drawling voice. Wyldfyre sat up and looked around blinking. Nightfall had, it appeared to have come and gone and the sun was now in its morning phase.

    “I can’t believe we slept that long” she commented as she slowly stood then frowned. Frost’s body was still lying next to the time wound but something was wrong. It had decomposed far beyond what it should have in just that one night. At first she thought that Paarthurnax had eaten the horse but no bite marks were evident and the carcass was almost just a pile of bones.

    “What happened here?” she looked at the grey dragon. He blinked his eyes at her, thoughtful.

    “The answer escapes me Dovahkiin. I, like yourself have only just awoken. What I do know is that I hunger” he also stood and stretched himself, his great bulk shuddering, his scales rippling in the morning sunlight. Wyldfyre reluctantly took that as a sign that it was time for her to leave the mountain. But she had two questions for him that couldn’t wait.

    “Where did Alduin go, when he flew off?”

    “Krosis, I do not know. But one of his minions might.” He cocked his head to the side. “Do you know why they gave Dragonsreach its name?”

    “I don’t”

    “ Hmm... Not only is it a place for mortal men to dwell, but it is also a place to ensnare a Dovah.”

    “Really? I didn’t know that”

    “Not many remember” he said slowly “The great balcony that overlooks the plains of Whiterun holds a trap, built for such a purpose. If you are granted permission from the Jarl, you can trap one of Alduin’s lieutenants and force him to tell you where it is that Alduin goes”

    “That’s going to be difficult” Wyldfyre said. She could only imagine the look on Jarl Vignar’s face when she requested that. He would not agree to endangering the lives of the citizens of Whiterun to trap a dragon, not so soon after the Stormcloak attack. “And even if he agrees, who do I call?”

    “I remember one that will no doubt answer the call. I will teach you his name Dovahkiin”

    “But how do you know he will?” she asked. This was not a time for uncertainties. Paarthurnax let out a throaty chuckle.

    “This Dov is arrogant. He will not let a call go unchallenged; especially by the Dovahkiin. He will come”

    “All right” she nodded “I’m ready”

    “Od-Ah-Viing, Snow-Hunter-Wing, feel his name. Call it and he will answer” Wyldfyre felt the name enter her body and one of the dragon souls that had not yet consumed a word snatched at it and devoured it. She swayed on her feet while the dragon souls churned inside her, making her dizzy. Now she had her second question.

    “Paarthurnax, the last few dragon souls I have consumed have left me feeling strange. Like they are almost making me sick. Do you know why?” He studied her, his large head coming so close that she could see the lines of orange and yellow in the irises of his eyes.

    “I suspect the souls are beginning to be more than what you can carry. They will soon try to Rel hin hadrim, dominate your mind. Having the Grohiik blood, the wolf blood in you fuels their Rahgol, their rage. I will attempt to quiet them. Morah, focus.” He breathed on her with his hot breath and she felt it envelope her in a warm comforting embrace. His essence entered her body and soon she could no longer feel that churning urgency that was the souls inside her.

    “I feel..” she listened, hearing nothing inside her mind “I feel better. Thank you” She placed her hand on the Dragons nose again and he blinked at her, nodding his head slightly. His scales felt rough and surprisingly hot to touch. She bid Paarthurnax farewell, and gathered up her things, deciding to leave the Elder Scroll with the dragon, placing it carefully beside the word wall.

    “I will watch over the Kel until you have need of it again” Paarthurnax promised her. She nodded then stood there, worry creasing her brow.

    “I hope this plan of ours works. I am taking a big risk Paarthurnax”

    “Drem ahrk Ahkrin, patience and courage Dovahkiin. Until we meet again” he said before flying off. Wyldfyre frowned at Frost’s decaying body again before making the journey down the mountain. She passed the monastery, not wishing to talk to the Greybeards at that time. Arngeir would only have questions for her and would look at her in his usual disapproving way. She was not in the mood for that.

    Halfway down the mountain she saw two robed men ahead, blocking her path. She narrowed her eyes. They were dressed in red robes and wore strange, spiked masks. These were not typical pilgrims. Wyldfyre flexed her fingers. She was ready for a fight, almost welcomed it.

    “You there!” one called out to her as she approached. “You are the one who calls herself Dragonborn?” Wyldfyre stopped. What is this? Who are they?

    “I am” she said simply. Then the two robed men crouched and brought forth their hands, readying to unleash spells, Wyldfyre did the same and started gathering in her energy for a shout.

    "Your lies fall on deaf ears, Deceiver!” the other sneered “The True Dragonborn comes ...! You are but his shadow. When Lord Miraak appears all shall bear witness. None shall stand to oppose him!" They scattered, one going either side of her and Wyldfyre turned to the one standing perilously close to the edge of the mountain.

    “FUS RO DAH!” she blasted him off the edge and he screamed as he rocketed towards the hard ground hundreds of feet below. She felt a pain in her side as the other threw a bolt of electricity at her; it singed her skin sending jolts of energy through her, making her hair stand on end and she cursed. She did not want to defeat this foe with spells, so she took out her crossbow and fired a shot at him as he danced and dodged around trees, firing shock spells back at her. The bolt missed, lodging itself harmlessly into a tree.
    Wyldfyre had to run back up the path, seeking shelter behind one of the shrines while she caught her breath. Her side hurt terribly but it was of little worry to her. She peered around the shrine, searching for the robed man. His red robes made him easy to see and she fired off a shot, hitting him in the shoulder. He grunted but kept advancing on her. Wyldfyre went to the other side of the shrine, loading another bolt. She squinted into the sun and aimed. The crossbow sprang into life, hurtling the bolt on a straight course towards the man, it hit him in the other shoulder.

    Wyldfyre dropped her crossbow and unsheathed her sword. She boldly stepped out from behind the shrine and ran towards the masked man, a fierce war cry leaving her lips. She raised her sword up over her head, and the man cowered, raising his hands in a feeble attempt to protect himself from the wild red-headed woman. Wyldfyre brought the sword down in a terrible arc and it connected with the man’s neck, and kept going, slicing his head clean off, the mask shattering to pieces. The headless body fell to the ground and Wyldfyre shouted in triumph into the sky, startling a nearby flock of roosting birds into flight. She looked down at the body and sighed with annoyance, putting away her sword and collecting her bow. Turning the body over, she searched the robes until she found a fat coin purse and a letter.

    "Board the vessel Northern Maiden docked at Raven Rock. Take it to Windhelm, then begin your search. Kill the False Dragonborn known as Wyldfyre before she reaches Solstheim.
    Return with word of your success, and Miraak shall be most pleased."

    She read the letter, her anger growing. Miraak? Now she had another enemy, and she had never even heard of a place called Solstheim. She put the note in her satchel for a later time.

    Wyldfyre decided she would go to Riverwood and find Annekke. As much as she was loathe returning to that general area, she thought it best to explain where she had been the last two days. Her empty heart and soul left her almost devoid of emotions and she was just running on instinct now. She also didn’t like the idea of going to Whiterun but she knew it had to be done. Alduin had to be stopped. Even if it meant running into the Circle members she did not wish to see. As she descended the mountains she started to get a feeling that something was different. Her beast blood alerted to something in the wind that was not there when she made the journey up the mountain with Frost. She didn’t know what it was, but it left her uneasy.

    She completely avoided Ivarstead, cutting to the right back along the base of the mountain and then through the mountain pass that lead to the road that headed west towards Helgen or North-west to Riverwood. She turned straight towards Riverwood, keeping as far away from the Lake House as possible. When she entered Riverwood she had that same uneasy feeling again. The mill was quiet and devoid of any activity so she walked through the streets to Gerdur’s house. She knocked on the door two or three times but no-one answered and when she tried the door, it was locked up tight. Where is everyone? Wyldfyre walked back to the general store and asked the owner why the town was so quiet.

    “I almost didn’t recognise you. You haven’t been here for a while” he commented, and then to answer her question “Gerdur, Hod and Frodnar are away for a wedding, Faendal is tending the mill in their absence” Wyldfyre frowned. A wedding for someone important enough for them to leave the mill, their only livelihood? Strange. After she bought some food she left Riverwood and continued on to Whiterun. She was beginning to be more and more concerned that she had gone slightly mad up there on the mountain. Nothing seemed right. But she could not determine what was wrong. The farms outside of Whiterun had all harvested their crops when Wyldfyre could have sworn that she overheard a farmer commenting that the crops wouldn’t be ready for months. Maybe an unusual bout of frost forced their hand and they harvested early? As she approached the main gate to Whiterun, two guards blocked her way.

    “Halt!” one of them said gruffly to her, crossing his sword with the other “What is your business here in Whiterun stranger?” Stranger? He must be new.

    “Companion’s business” she said, annoyed at not being recognised.

    “Very well, but cause any trouble while you are here and I will throw you out personally”

    “You could try...” she muttered under her breath as she entered the city beyond. She stopped in her tracks and stared. The last time she had left Whiterun it was still in a state of disrepair from the Stormcloak attack. The house across from Breezehome had its roof caved in and debris still lined the streets. Now it was as if there never was a war. The streets were tidy and the house wore a new tiled roof. I guess Jarl Vignar didn’t sit idle, Wyldfyre thought. She tried the door of Breezehome but no-one answered. As she made her way to the market she received some odd looks from the locals. People she knew where staring at her strangely. She checked herself, and saw she didn’t look any different to how she looked normally. What is going on? Suddenly she heard a voice behind her.

    “Wyldfyre?.. “ she turned and saw Lydia carrying a chubby baby in her arms.

    “Oh hello Lydia” she greeted her friend.

    “By the Nine!” Lydia stared at her with wide eyes. She handed the baby over to a nearby woman and rushed over to Wyldfyre, taking her in an embrace so tight Wyldfyre found it almost unbearable.

    “Um.. all right” she said “It’s nice to see you too”

    “Nice to see you?” Lydia cried “Nice to... Wyldfyre, do you have any idea how utterly frantic everyone has been? We searched for you everywhere, for the longest time, but you had totally disappeared!”

    “What do you mean? I’ve only been gone two days.” Lydia’s pregnancy seemed to be making her highly incomprehensible.

    “What? Wyldfyre, what are you talking about. Why did you vanish like that? Without even a word to let us know you were all right? Everyone was heartbroken, especially poor Farkas and now you come waltzing in here like you only just left?”

    “But I did” she said as the woman came and handed the baby back to Lydia. It coo’d happily in Lydia’s arms, it’s eyes were a strange yellow colour and it smelt..different. Wyldfyre’s hackles raised.

    “Lydia” she said in a serious voice “whose babe is that?” Lydia shook her head, frustrated but also delighted.

    “This is my baby, Wyldfyre, mine and Vilkas’s. Whose else would it be?” she laughed nervously. Her friend was beginning to worry her. She hefted the chubby baby towards Wyldfyre. “Say hello to Gisli” she held up a small hand and waved it about. Wyldfyre took a step back, shaking her head.

    “No!” she said confused “I....I was at the Lake House yesterday....” everything started swirling about her, and she thought she was going to faint. Lydia held onto her arm but Wyldfyre brushed it away.

    “Wyldfyre!” she looked at her with such shock in her eyes. “You disappeared. You have been missing for almost a whole year!” Wyldfyre stood there dumbfounded until she fully took in what Lydia had just said. Then all turned black.
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    Let this be a lesson to us all not to fall asleep in the time wound ;)
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    lol.. I would advise against it ;)
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    WOOHOO! Over 4000 views. Thanks a bunch guys! To those who make yourselves known, who leave the lovely little likes and what not (thank you so much for your support) and for the sneaky ones who come in and read, and ninja off again.. thank you as well!

    Really it means a lot to me that you have stuck with me through this epicly long fanfic, that has as of yet no ending of sorts in sight.. It will end one day, I promise! Heh.. anyways..

    For those of you who haven't read the latest chapter "Broken" then it's up ^ there ^ Enjoy, and next chapter we will be visiting our friend Lydia again. :)

    LOVE you all so much. Thanks for reading, and being part of mine and Wyldfyre's journey so far.
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    The baby girl slept soundly in her arms and Lydia looked out the window of Breezehome and sighed. A year almost. A year since her dear friend Wyldfyre had vanished off the face of Tamriel.
    Everyone had searched for her back when she had first disappeared. Even she ventured out on horseback until her belly grew too big to ride Shadow any more. It broke her heart to sit at home while her friends and family were out there, searching for their lost loved one. None were more so affected than Farkas.

    After the bandit attack on their Lake House, it was all Vilkas and Aiden could do to keep Farkas at bay while Wyldfyre made her escape. Lydia couldn’t even begin to imagine the terror and hurt Wyldfyre must have felt in those moments. She herself probably would have gone into hiding like Wyldfyre had done. But to then just completely vanish? Farkas nearly tore the entire country apart looking for her. He was completely grief stricken and guilty about what had happened that day.

    When the men were able to get through to him he had transformed back and collapsed in a heap on the ground. They had taken him back inside and down to the cellar. Aiden sent for Kodlak and together they gathered around their wounded brother and started the healing process all over again. When Farkas was lucid enough to remember what had happened, he almost took his own life in remorse. So then he was on 24 hour watch and was never left alone.

    It took Lydia, half-way into her pregnancy to finally snap him out of it. She had insisted on going down to the basement, much to Vilkas’s objections. When she turned around from the ladder she got a shock at the scene before her. Farkas, wearing just a loin cloth was lying in a heap on the floor, and for a moment Lydia thought he looked dead. But Kodlak was there and he stood and walked over to her.

    “This is not a good place for you to be little mother” he said to her, frowning with concern. Lydia looked past him to the man on the floor. Her heart broke for him.

    “I can’t bear to see him like this Kodlak.” She whispered “Does he even know she is missing?”

    “No” he shook his head, sadness clouding his eyes. Wyldfyre’s disappearance had saddened them all “And I do not intend to tell him until he is feeling at least half way better.”

    “He has to know”

    “I don’t think it wise” he said firmly. Lydia looked at him, and a silent battle of wills ensued until Lydia finally bowed her head in defeat.

    “Of course Father. But can I speak to him at least?” Kodlak looked back at Farkas and sighed.

    “You may, but make it quick and keep it simple or you will confuse him”. Lydia nodded and went over to Farkas. She slowly lowered herself to the floor, the stone was uncomfortably cold. She leant forward and brushed the hair out of his face. Farkas stirred and opened his eyes. He smiled.


    “It’s me brother” she smiled back at him. He sat up slowly, peering at her then at her growing belly.

    “You have gotten so big!” he exclaimed, then looked immediately stricken “What I meant was..”

    “It’s all right” she laughed. “I am big. As big as a horker!” she rubbed her belly affectionately. He looked slightly confused.

    “How..how long have I been down here?” Lydia cast a quick glance over to Kodlak and Vilkas who were lurking protectively in the corner.

    “A while” she said vaguely. He nodded his head, processing that information.

    “How is..she?” he asked her then. Lydia swallowed and she felt the others tense up. She knew she had told Kodlak that she wasn’t going to mention Wyldfyre being missing but she also knew in her heart that it was the right thing to do. Farkas had to know. It may even be the jolt that would snap him out of his depression. She leaned forward even more and whispered.

    “Farkas, Wyldfyre is gone”

    “What do you mean?” he said, looking even more anxious.

    “I mean she is missing, and has been for months, since that day..”

    “What?” he exclaimed loudly. He stood and strode over to Kodlak and his brother leaving Lydia on the floor.

    “It’s all right! I’ll get myself up..” She grunted and hefted herself up and joined the others. Kodlak glanced sternly at her and she shrugged innocently. Vilkas was talking quickly, trying to explain to Farkas.

    “...and we didn’t want you to worry while you were still recovering..”

    “By the Nine Brother!” Farkas shouted “You should have told me!” he made for the basement stairs but Kodlak grabbed his arm.

    “Where do you think you are going?” Farkas turned and for a moment Lydia thought that there was going to be a fight but he closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, assumedly calming his beast.

    “Father” he said remarkably calmly “I need to search for her. She may be hurt or, worse”. Kodlak searched his face. “Please” Farkas begged. Kodlak released his arm.

    “All right” he nodded causing them all to be surprised; none more so than Kodlak himself. “On one condition”

    “Anything” Farkas nodded quickly.

    “You are NEVER without a Circle member”. Farkas looked a little annoyed at that but he agreed and soon they were back upstairs and Farkas was changing into armour and strapping on his sword.

    After months and months of searching for Wyldfyre, the Circle began to lose any hope of seeing her again. In their hearts they wished for her to come strolling through the doors of Jorrvaskr, but in reality, they knew that the more time that passed, the more it looked unlikely. The only two who didn’t give up were Lydia and Farkas. Lydia did what she could until her pregnant belly stood in the way of her mounting a horse and when she finally admitted defeat to her growing waistline, she offered her support to Farkas. He alone was left to search the Provence.

    Farkas seemed to recover from his own infliction completely over the months, and soon Kodlak agreed to let him out on his own. He would be gone for a few days or a few weeks but would come back empty handed each time. At first it broke Lydia’s heart to see how destroyed Farkas was whenever he returned home. But as time wore on, he seemed to accept the fact that Wyldfyre was just, gone.

    Six months after Wyldfyre’s disappearance, Lydia gave birth to a baby girl. It was a hard delivery, the baby had not turned and it took Gerdur’s expertise to physically turn the baby ready for birthing. Vilkas almost went mad, hearing Lydia’s screams coming from the other side of the bedroom door of Breezehome. But the little girl eventually made it into the world, healthy with all fingers and toes, and not sporting any fur which would have been difficult to explain to Gerdur. Vilkas was as proud as could be and took Lydia and the babe to Jorrvaskr as soon as both were able.

    Lydia was completely smitten with her baby girl whom she and Vilkas named Gisli. But she couldn’t help but be sad that her best friend was not there to enjoy her happiness. One sunny morning Lydia had woken early and Gisli was already awake, having discovered her toes could fit into her mouth. She hefted the chubby babe onto her hip and strolled up to the market. It was a normal day, the market bustling with merchants and buyers and Lydia was enjoying the sunshine. As she leaned over to inspect some potatoes she caught a glimpse of red and glanced over to the woman approaching from the main gates. Lydia squinted into the sun as the woman walked closer. She had flaming red hair and was wearing ancient Nord armour...

    Wyldfyre! Lydia couldn’t believe her eyes, there in the middle of the street was her friend, gone almost a year, seemingly unharmed and well.

    “Wyldfyre...?” the woman did not hear her, but peered around with a confused look on her face. “Wyldfyre..?” Lydia said more loudly. “By the nine!”She absentmindedly handed Gisli over to a nearby woman and raced to her friend.

    “Oh hello Lydia” Wyldfyre said casually. Lydia enfolded her in a tight embrace, hardly daring that this was true. It had to be a dream, any moment now she would wake to find that it was still night time, and Wyldfyre was still gone. But no, she stood there hugging her friend.

    “Um..all right, it’s nice to see you to” Wyldfyre had said in a strained voice. Lydia parted and then she started shouting at Wyldfyre and someone handed her Gisli and Wyldfyre looked even more confused and kept saying that she had only just left two days ago.. Lydia grew more and more confused and frustrated. But then Wyldfyre’s eyes widened as she studied Gisli and her tell tale yellow eyes. She had backed away, causing Lydia to be alarmed and when Lydia had revealed to her she had been missing for a whole year her friend had fainted. Unfortunately Lydia could not react and so Wyldfyre had fallen to the ground. But then suddenly Aela, and Vilkas were there surrounding their fallen sister. Aela touched Lydia on the arm.

    “It’s all right, we are here” she looked down at Wyldfyre.

    “By the nine” she cursed. Lydia nodded.

    “That’s what I said”. Aela cast a quick glance at the curious onlookers and chose her words carefully.

    “We heard of another of our kind in the city and came to investigate” she studied Wyldfyre unconscious on the ground “We had no idea it would be Wyldfyre. Why is she unconscious? What happened?”

    “Well when I saw her, naturally I was surprised. But then she insisted that she had only been gone for two days..”

    “Two days? It’s been almost a year..”

    “I know” Lydia nodded “But Wyldfyre seems to think otherwise, and then I showed her Gisli and I guess it was all too much for her and she passed out. I’m afraid I couldn’t catch her with Gisli in my arms”

    “That’s all right Sister” Aela soothed her. She looked to Vilkas.
    “Let’s get her back to the Hall”. Vilkas picked up Wyldfyre and they all trooped back to the Mead Hall. They placed her in bed in the recovery room.

    “One of us will have to tell Farkas” Aela said, looking pointedly at Vilkas. He rolled his eyes.

    “Thanks for volunteering” Aela smiled as Vilkas left the room. Aela and Lydia both sat on the bed and Aela sponged Wyldfyre’s forehead. While the woman wasn’t ill and in need of sponging, it was the only thing Aela could think of to do in this unusual situation.

    “Where do you suppose she has been all this time?” Lydia asked.

    “I don’t know” Aela shook her head “But she appears to be in good health, apart from those burns on her legs”. Lydia ran a finger over the jagged scar on Wyldfyre’s forearm.

    “And this is new to. Looks like that was a nasty wound”. Wyldfyre stirred a little and they both waited to see if she would awaken, but she merely mumbled something incomprehensible and fell back into a deep sleep. Suddenly Farkas, fresh from the baths and wearing just a towel, burst into the room. He stared at his sleeping love and fell to his knees beside the bed, reaching out tentatively to touch her flaming hair.

    “By the nine” he whispered astonished.

    “That’s what I... oh never mind” Lydia smiled.
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    "By the nines"!
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    Wyldfyre stirred in her sleep. She could feel soft furs underneath her and her eyes blinked open. She studied the vaulted stone ceiling before realizing that she was in the recovery room of Jorrvaskr. Just where I didn’t want to be, she thought glumly. Then she remembered her encounter with Lydia and she suddenly sat up.

    “Ah, you’re awake” said a deep voice. Wyldfyre swung her eyes around to see Kodlak sitting in the chair next to her bed, an old beaten book in his lap. Despite herself, she was glad to see him.

    “Kodlak” she said “How...how long have I been asleep?” she asked apprehensively. The last time she slept it seemed a whole 12 months passed her by. The old man chuckled and put his hand on hers. It was warm and comforting.

    “Just the night. Don’t worry”. She visibly relaxed and fell back on to the pillow.

    “I just don’t understand why you all say I have been gone for so long” she sighed. “I was on the Throat of the World, I fought Alduin, and...”

    “You fought Alduin?” Kodlak asked, leaning forward.

    “Yes, that’s what I did when I left..the Lake House. I took the scroll to the Throat of the World and learnt the shout to defeat Alduin. We fought for a long time. But when I started to gain the upper hand on him, he flew off” she finished. Kodlak blinked, not having expected to hear what Wyldfyre was revealing to him. She had taken on the World Eater, alone and had survived. He said that to her, but she shook her head.

    “No, Paarthurnax was there and... and my horse, Frost. He...died”

    “Who died? Paarthurnax?” Kodlak knew of Paarthrunax’s true identity and for the old Dragon to be dead, in his opinion, was truly sad.

    “No, Frost did. He was trying to protect me and Alduin fatally wounded him. I had to...” she screwed up her eyes.

    “I understand” Kodlak squeezed her arm but she then shied away from his touch. Kodlak frowned.

    “What is wrong Daughter?”

    “I don’t know!” she cried, sobbing. “I don’t know how I feel about, everything. It’s like I have no heart left inside me..” She sat up and held on to the front of his tunic. “Please, Father, help me! I don’t want to be like this...”
    Kodlak was alarmed. He could feel something was not right inside Wyldfyre and the way she had just described herself, it worried him. This was just as, if not more serious as loosing oneself to the beast blood. After soothing Wyldfyre he sent out a thought to Aiden and soon he was there. Wyldfyre smiled, for the first time in days.

    “Aiden!” she cried as her brother enveloped her into his arms; his one good eye, filling with tears.

    “Sister” he said gently. He was overjoyed to see his sister. He had shamefully accepted the fact that she was gone forever, possibly dead. Now she was here, as real as he. They parted and he sat on the bed.

    “Sister” he started “Where have you been all this time?”. Wyldfyre looked to Kodlak for reassurance and he nodded.

    “I was in the same place. On top of the Throat of the World” she then told Aiden what she had just told Kodlak “... and then I lay down inside the time wound and Paarthurnax and I fell asleep. But it was only for the night. Or at least we thought it was. Even Paarthurnax didn’t know that time had moved on without us. I guess me being inside the time wound slowed it down for me, while for you, a whole year passed you by. Paarthurnax didn’t know. He is used to sleeping for months at a time. Time has no meaning for him, and it didn’t for me as well.” She looked at both of them, then down at the scar on her arm “To me it was only two days ago since I climbed up that mountain”.

    Aiden studied the scar, remembering that it was Farkas that gave her that wound on that terrible day. He looked at Kodlak, concerned. I don’t think it wise for her to see him; he sent to the Harbinger, she still remembers the attack like it was yesterday to her. I can feel the fright and hurt she still carries.
    You are right, Kodlak nodded. He then stood and placed his hand on Aiden’s shoulder I will make it so. And he left the room.

    “I could hear all of that you know” Wyldfyre said tartly when Kodlak had left the room. Aiden flashed her his charming smile, like he used to back when they lived in their peaceful village.

    “I know sister”
    Wyldfyre was visited by many of the Companions over the course of the day, including the old Maid, Tilma who tended the many wounds that Wyldfyre had not had the chance to see to until now. They were all excited to see her and she had to endure through their stories, smiling politely while inside she was wishing for solitude. Ria had killed a dozen bears, Torvar was sweet on the new barmaid at the Bannered Mare and Athis was keen to show her some new moves with a sword. Each one had come and gone and Wyldfyre had breathed a sigh when they had left the room. The only shining light in her visitors was Lydia and Gisli. The chubby babe had become quite taken with Wyldfyre and she happily held her and played with her while Lydia filled her in on what had happened in the year, namely her pregnancy. Wyldfyre winced at the details Lydia was going into about the actual birth itself. She was glad she would never have to go through it herself. Surely two Weres could not reproduce? She vowed to ask Kodlak the next time she saw him.

    Wyldfyre was busy wrestling a chunk of her hair out of Gisli’s freakishly strong hand. The other held a little wooden toy that she recognised. It was the exact copy of a toy she once had as a babe.

    “Did Aiden make that?” she asked Lydia. Her friend smiled.

    “Yes! I was so touched when he gave it to her. He is very crafty. Gisli loves it. Although it’s a little battered now from when it was new” she sat up straight “Oh that reminds me! Guess who is getting married in two days?”

    “Who?” Wyldfyre gritted her teeth as the baby pulled out a few strands of hair.

    “Careful, she will have the lot if you let her” Lydia warned “Ralof and Annekke!”. Wyldfyre looked up, stunned. In all the confusion of her return she had forgotten her friend. She had left Annekke at Riverwood. And then she had disappeared....

    “By the Maker!” she cursed. “I had forgotten about Annekke. Married did you say? To Ralof?” she smiled, for the first time feeling genuinely happy. But then a look of determination filled her face. “Two days? Where are they to be married?”

    “At the temple of Mara in Riften” Lydia eyed her suspiciously “...why?”She knew that look on her friends face. It meant she was about to do something that everyone else wouldn’t approve of. To confirm it, Wyldfyre handed the baby back to Lydia and stood, searching the room for her belongings.

    “You’re going aren’t you?” Lydia said as she stood to. Wyldfyre gave her a quick look as if to say, well naturally. “Am I going to have to cover for you? Because you know I don’t like lying to Kodlak, in fact I think it is near impossible to lie to Kodlak”

    “He has that way” Wyldfyre fussed with her things then stopped. “I can’t go to a wedding like this” she then stated. “I must smell like a Skeever”. Lydia nodded to confirm it. So Wyldfyre snatched up a towel and headed for the baths. “I’ll be back” she said to Lydia before sweeping out the door.

    Wyldfyre padded down to the baths and quickly squeezed into the room so as not to let any of the good warm air escape. The room was blissfully empty and so she went over to the far pool and stripped off her tunic and lowered herself into the water. It was hot and soaked into her very bones and she immediately relaxed, the steam making her drowsy and her eyes drooped. No, no time for that, I need to make it to Riften for the wedding. She felt she had to make it up to Annekke after seemingly abandoning her. To have two of her closest friends marry brought a small amount of happiness to her otherwise bruised heart. But being back in Jorrvaskr and with her family again, she could feel it mending, just a little. She was wrong in wanting to avoid them. She needed her family.

    A noise startled Wyldfyre awake and she realised she had nodded off in the bath. She peered through the darkness and a shape moved into the candlelight.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you”. It was Farkas. Wyldfyre’s hackles rose up and she lowered herself into the water in a feeble attempt to protect herself. A natural reaction of one Were who had been attacked by another. Farkas’s eyes showed the sorrow he felt.

    “I’m sorry” he apologised again, he turned to leave “I just wanted to see you, but I’ll go”. Wyldfyre watched him as he trudged towards the door and she struggled with the inner turmoil she felt. She was frightened by him, being alone with the man who had hurt her and tried to do more, but... Somewhere, deep down in the little part of her heart that stayed hidden until this time, she felt a yearning. He was something to her, they were connected somehow. Farkas stopped just shy of the door and cocked his head. He felt it to. He stood there still as a statue while both their inner emotions and feelings fell back into place. A place where everything made sense. A place where Farkas was her mate and she his. They were bonded in life and in love and that was something that could not be broken by time. Farkas spun around at the same moment Wyldfyre stood up. They both knew.

    “Farkas!” Wyldfyre cried, lifting her arms out to him, stumbling forward in the bath. He rushed over to the bath and plunged in, clothes and all, water splashing everywhere. The colliding of their bodies could be heard in the very heavens as they embraced with no intention of ever letting go.

    “My sweet girl” Farkas sobbed “By the God’s how I’ve missed you”

    There was no way Wyldfyre would reach Riften now in time for Annekke and Ralof’s wedding. It was the morning after their meeting in the baths and Wyldfyre stretched luxuriously in the small bed that her and Farkas shared when visiting the Mead Hall, delighting in the heat emanating off Farkas’s body. She settled back down against his chest and he kissed the top of her head.

    Good morning he sent to her and she smiled at their ability to again converse inside their heads like before. It is my love she returned. She absentmindedly rested her injured arm on his chest and he frowned and lifted it, examining the terrible scar running down the forearm. Horror filled his face.

    “I did this” he swallowed. Wyldfyre pulled her arm out of his grip and rested it down beside her, out of sight. It is in the past she sent to him. They lay in silence for a while before Farkas spoke again.

    “I’m sorry you are going to miss the wedding” he apologised to her. Wyldfyre propped herself up, resting her chin on his chest and looked into his eyes again, searching for the man she loved. He was there, all of him, like when they had first met. His recovery was remarkable, considering the circumstances. She felt again a pang of guilt that she had been gone for so long while he struggled on alone.

    “It’s all right. Hopefully they will come back to Riverwood and I can see them there. I’m surprised Ralof had time to even get married.”

    “There has been a lull in the war” Farkas said. This interested Wyldfyre.

    “I think you need to fill me in. I have no idea what’s been going on with the civil war and Ralof’s stationing.”

    “It’s strange” Farkas frowned “Things were bad for a while. It almost seemed Ulfric had some sort of personal vendetta going. His attacks against Imperials were particularly savage” Wyldfyre couldn’t help but feel if that was perhaps her fault after leaving him so unceremoniously. Farkas continued “Then the attacks were not as many and gradually dwindled down to just a few here and there. It’s like the war has stalled for some reason.”

    “Why is that do you think?” she asked.

    “I personally think everyone is too busy fighting off all the dragons to be concerned with a war”

    “What?” she sat up, alert.

    “Well, with you gone the dragon sightings intensified and soon they grew bolder and started attacking whole villages. Skyrim has lost a few in the year you have been away”

    “Whole villages?”

    “We lost Rorikstead, Kynesgrove, Helgen again, just after they had rebuilt the town, and a few others. But the biggest one was Windhelm”

    “No!” she cried “Surely there were people to fight them?”

    “Yes, as I mentioned, soldiers and common folk alike have tried to take up arms against them. Just the Stormcloaks though. The Imperial forces seemed to have pulled back to Cyrodiil.”

    “Windhelm? A dragon attacked a city?”

    “Not just one but two. It’s like Alduin is directing his dragons to work together. Their attacks seemed to be almost strategical and yet some targets were odd. Like Kynesgrove.” He frowned.

    “I know why they attacked there. It was where Delphine and I first saw Alduin resurrecting a Dragon and when he left we killed it. They wanted revenge”

    “It makes sense” he nodded “Windhelm however, with the two dragons, after they left, it was a mess. Half the houses lost and many citizens and soldiers killed. Ulfric himself was badly wounded”

    “He was?” her heart thumped in her chest. Ulfric wounded? This was bad, and she blamed no-one but herself. Farkas studied her for a second before answering.

    “I know of your fondness for him and I understand it. I don’t like it but I can deal with it. From what we heard from Ralof, the Jarl lost a leg defending his city”

    “By the Maker!” she swore. This was going from bad to worse. She swallowed as she remembered that night alone in the Jarl’s privet rooms. She was torn between telling Farkas, or leaving it to slip away in history like the last year had for her. Their joining together yesterday seemed like a doorway swept clean for them to pass through, leaving everything behind them and stepping over the hearth into a new life. She didn’t want to lose that feeling, and knew Farkas did not want to either. So she closed it away and left it to be forgotten.

    “It was bad for a time” Farkas was saying “but they kept it secret from the general public. You can only imagine what the Empire would have done with that news. Ulfric’s Second in Command and Ralof were put to the task of organizing everything while Ulfric recovered.”

    “How long ago was this?”

    “Five moons have passed since the Windhelm attack” Farkas answered her, and then looked concerned. “Wyldfyre. . Ivarstead was attacked” he held up a hand to her gasp of horror “but thankfully defended, thanks to the guards there remembering what to do from when you were there last time a dragon attacked.”

    “Wilhelm?” she asked, her heart skipping a beat.

    “He is fine, but his Inn was burned to the ground. Didn’t you notice it was different when you passed by there on your way back down from the mountain?”

    “No!” she shook her head. She had been so distracted by the odd feeling she felt after she had left the time wound, and she also didn’t travel through the village, skirting along the base of the mountain instead, in her need to avoid all human contact. “I need to see him Farkas” she fretted.

    “I know love, we will go as soon as you are ready” he soothed her. “It will be a lot easier than you think though..” he then smiled “Wilhelm is our Steward at the Lake House”

    “How did that happen? I thought the Inn was rebuilt?”

    “It was, but by someone else who had the coin to do it. Wilhelm, well he just couldn’t afford it and I think he took it to heart. So I invited him to stay at the Lake house for a while and he sort of just, stayed. I hope you don’t mind”

    “Not at all” she shook her head. “It’s a wonderful idea. Wilhelm is family”. She frowned then, a question that had been in her mind since her return came back to her. “Farkas, why did no-one think to look for me up on the Throat of the World? Surely you all saw the sky that day?”

    “Well I didn’t. I was...in the basement again” he said with embarrassment. “But yeah we did try to go up the mountain. After what happened that day, with the sky turning red, we thought it had something to do with you. We tried, but couldn’t even set foot on the mountain.”

    “What do you mean?” she frowned. Farkas gently tucked a strand of red hair behind her ear.

    “Well I can’t really explain what it was, but the whole mountain seemed to fade behind some sort of icy barrier. Not a solid one, but more a deadly swirling ice storm. It was impenetrable. Some of us even tried to break through it as wolves but we couldn’t. It was more than just a simple storm. It was a magical barrier. Some people from the mages College even came to look at it but none of them could break it either.”

    “It wasn’t there when I came down. Do you think the Greybeards did it?” Wyldfyre said “I wonder when it stopped?”

    “I heard it was still unpassable four days ago. It can’t be co-incidence that it stopped just as you woke up.”

    “You may be right” She lay back down and Farkas circled his arms around her. It was a lot to take in. She knew she was not really to blame for her year long sleep, but she still felt responsible. How many others would hold her accountable once they knew she was still alive? She had to do something. Time had been her enemy and now it was her turn to launch a counter attack against the Dragons. With the Dragonrend shout now in her arsenal, they had no idea of the wrath she was about to bring down upon them all.
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    Preparations for trapping the dragon at Dragonsreach were under way. Wyldfyre overlooked the mending of the ancient trap, which had seen better years. It took a team of smiths a week to mend some of the old chain links that lifted the heavy bow yoke that was to effectively pin the dragon to the ground. In the mean time, Wyldfyre had journeyed to Riverwood to visit with Ralof and Annekke who both greeted her with astonishment and then happiness. Wyldfyre was surprised herself to learn that Annekke was with child, due in four months time. Ralof was smitten with his new bride and attended to her every need. He was to report back to Windhelm in a few days while Annekke would remain behind with Gerdur and Hod. Ralof did not want Annekke and the babe anywhere near the fighting. He was eager to return with Windhelm with the news that the Dragonborn was alive and well.

    Wyldfyre also returned to the Lake House with Farkas. He was quiet as they walked up the path to the grand house. Wyldfyre assumed he was trying not to remember that terrible day, as was she. She squeezed his hand for reassurance and he kissed her before they entered the house to be greeted with delicious smells wafting out from the kitchen.

    “I think you should go in and tell him” Wyldfyre fretted “I don’t want to startle him”. Farkas chuckled and entered the kitchen while Wyldfyre waited nervously. She was unsure of the reception she would receive from Wilhelm. But she needn’t have worried as Wilhelm burst out of the kitchen with a wide grin on his face. He strode over to her and embraced her tightly.

    “But the nines, girl!” he said roughly, holding back tears. Wyldfyre returned the embrace and soon she was telling Wilhelm about where she had been all this time.

    Wyldfyre smiled as she remembered his exclamations during her story. She was standing on the great balcony of Dragonsreach after receiving word from the Jarl that the trap was almost ready. Jarl Vignar stood next to her as they watched the workers attempting to raise the yoke as thick as tree trunks into the air by a set of massive pullies and gears on either side of the balcony.

    “I still don’t know how you talked me into this” he remarked to her. Wyldfyre smiled at him. She questioned it herself, after the night they spent arguing back and forth when she had first made her request. The entire great hall had gone quiet and the Jarl was so startled that he made her repeat herself. He then ushered everyone important up to his privet audience chamber to discuss the matter without any inquisitive ears lurking about. It was a hard sell, and words got heated. But convince him she did and now preparations were almost complete.

    “Still, it looks to be almost ready for you Dragonborn” he looked at her anxiously. Wyldfyre nodded. She knew he was taking a gamble with her. She fully appreciated the pressure he was under for this plan to work. Wyldfyre had walked into Dragonsreach after being gone for a year and had all but demanded that this was what she wanted, and it needed to be done now. Luckily for Wyldfyre the Jarl did not throw her in jail immediately for her insolence. If she had not of been the Dragonborn and a member of the Circle, he probably would have.

    “Do not worry my Jarl” she reassured him “It will work, the dragon will come”

    “That’s what I’m afraid of” he said sternly.

    “I know” she placed a hand on his arm “We have gone over the plan many times, and the citizens will be safe under Dragonsreach and in the Hall of the Dead. If anything goes wrong, I will take out the Dragon as quickly as I can, I promise you that”

    “All right” he nodded “We will be ready whenever you are”

    “Thank you” she smiled “I have something to take care of for a day or so, and then we can begin”. The Jarl nodded and walked off to inspect the trap. Wyldfyre cast one last look at it and then made her way back to Jorrvaskr. Kodlak had organised a gathering of sorts to celebrate her return and, though she didn’t really want to attend, her mind not in the mood to socialise, it was Kodlak. And Kodlak got what Kodlak wanted. It was just on dusk and Wyldfyre hurried her steps. She was late.

    “About time you showed up” Lydia greeted her inside the door. She flashed a grin at Wyldfyre and grabbed her hand and led her down into the dorms which were otherwise deserted.

    “Where’s Gisli?” Wyldfyre asked her as she was dragged down the stairs.

    “Vilkas has her. Come on, you’re late!” She pushed Wyldfyre into a room and Aela was waiting in there, tapping her foot.

    “At last” she rolled her eyes” I was beginning to think you had taken off again.” She began unceremoniously stripping Wyldfyre of her armour.

    “Hey!” Wyldfyre protested as the two women Man-handled her out of her clothing “I didn’t take off! I was...”

    “Asleep, yes we know, I was only joking Sister. Now off to the baths!” She was ushered down to the bathing room and quickly washed herself while Lydia and Aela both guarded the door. She was then rushed back into the first room where she was roughly towelled off.

    “Here, step into this” Aela held up a white gauzy flowing dress. Wyldfyre eyed it, and only then noticed that Lydia and Aela were dressed similarly.

    “These are party clothes?” she took the thin dress and stepped into it gingerly, fearing one wrong move would rip it asunder. Lydia tied the ribbon that criss-crossed around Wyldfyre’s waist. The dress hugged her hips and the neckline plunged so low it barely contained her breasts. Wyldfyre looked down at her ample bosom with alarm. Lydia laughed nervously and Aela shot her a look.

    “Of course they are, now hurry up.” She said, taking a brush to Wyldfyre’s hair. Lastly Lydia planted a circlet of pretty white blossoms on top of her head.

    “All right, now I feel ridiculous” Wyldfyre protested “Flowers Lydia?” Lydia grabbed another ring of light pink flowers and placed them on her head as well.

    “See, we all have one.” she smiled widely. Aela indeed had placed a ring of blue flowers over her flaming hair. Wyldfyre thought they both looked extremely pretty. Lydia grabbed Wyldfyre by the hand again and dragged her out of the room. They were all barefoot and they padded lightly up the stairs and out the back door of the hall.
    “I don’t know why you are going to all this trouble” Wyldfyre was saying as she exited the door. The back under covered area was decorated with white flowers and white flags and buntings that fluttered in the breeze. Candles everywhere lit the area to a warm glow. The tables were piled high with roast meats and delicate pastries of all descriptions. Wyldfyre made a beeline for some lemon curd tarts but Aela steered her away before she could get her hands on even one of them.

    “Ah ah!” she scolded her. “Not until after. Come on Sister, everyone is waiting”

    “But I’m starving!” Wyldfyre pouted as her tummy grumbled. The two women led Wyldfyre around the side of the hall and towards the Sky Forge. Wyldfyre looked up and could see the light from the fire, flickering on the great Eagle statue. Why is everyone up at the forge? Suddenly music started playing and Aela and Lydia stepped in front of Wyldfyre and they ascended the stairs in a slow line. Wyldfyre strained her neck to see in front of her and as she reached the top Aela and Lydia parted, both grinning widely at her. Wyldfyre stopped in her tracks. Before her was a mass of people she knew. Annekke and Ralof were there, as well as Wilhelm, who wiped a tear from his eye. Her brother Aiden beamed at her. Gerdur and her family were there and Jarl Vignar along with every member of the Companions. There were many others whom Wyldfyre had met since her time in Skyrim and every one of them was smiling at her. She saw Kodlak standing in the middle of them all and standing next to him was Farkas. Wyldfyre took in the wide smile on his face, along with the nervous energy emanating from him and suddenly something clicked inside her mind. She knew what was going on now. This was no welcome home party, this was a wedding!

    Wyldfyre stood there momentarily stunned, unable to move her feet until she received a gentle nudge from behind from either Lydia or Aela. She stumbled forward slightly until she regained her composure and then slowly walked towards Farkas.

    Farkas, my love...? She sent out to him. Are we about to get married? She smiled at people as she passed them. The smith, Adrienne gave her a wink.

    Surprise.. he said as he shrugged at her, a sheepish grin on his face. You do want to..don’t you? He looked worried as she continued walking towards him.

    Of course I do! She sent back You just startled me, that’s all.. He visibly sighed and then grinned at her.
    You look good he sent to her then. Good enough to eat...

    Later... She winked at him. He looked incredibly handsome in full wolf armour that had been polished to a sheen. Wyldfyre, in her flimsy dress with no underwear, felt extremely underdressed.

    She reached Farkas and Kodlak, who smiled down at her with pride and then Farkas took both her hands and they faced each other. Kodlak read from an ancient book about vows and the bonds of love but all Wyldfyre remembered about that evening was how handsome Farkas looked and the love that shone in his eyes. They exchanged rings and then were joined together by a white ribbon crossing over their hands. The final part of the ceremony was them drinking out of an old carved goblet that Wyldfyre recognised as the one she drank from when she was turned into a Were. This time though, it contained mead, not Farkas’s blood.

    Farkas and Wyldfyre stared into each other’s eyes as Kodlak concluded the ceremony to the merriment of the crowd. Farkas took Wyldfyre in his arms and kissed her enthusiastically as the crowd cheered and clapped louder. Wyldfyre laughed as they broke away and the newlyweds led everyone down to the feast below. Wyldfyre was fussed over by the women as they commented on her dress and the lovely ring she wore while Farkas received manly slaps on the back at a job well done. The feast passed by with many speeches, some sentimental, some amusing. They also paid homage to their fallen brothers and sisters, Skjor in particular. Much food was eaten and mead drank and soon the celebrations grew loud and boisterous. It was all starting to get a bit much for Wyldfyre and she sought out Farkas who was talking to Ralof. Farkas saw his new bride struggling with the clamour, and gave Ralof a friendly pat on the arm and made his way to her.

    “Come my love” Farkas held out his hand. Wyldfyre took it gratefully and they walked hand in hand around the side of the building. They stood at the secret entrance to the Underforge and Farkas let them in. When the rock closed behind them all the noise and excitement of the day was gone and it was only them. Someone had been in the Underforge and had lit the braziers for them. Farkas led her to stand in the warm flickering light and Wyldfyre’s heart pounded. He leaned in and kissed her gently, wrapping her in his arms.

    “Are you happy?” he asked her. Wyldfyre sighed. She was happy. She was now married to her mate and they would spend the rest of their lives together. It was what she wanted from the very beginning.

    “I am” she said simply. “Are you happy my love?”

    “Couldn’t be happier” he said as he gently stroked her back. He nuzzled her neck, leaving a trail of kisses that sent a thrill through her. They kissed again, their desperation growing more and more urgent and then Wyldfyre broke away.

    “But I could make you happier” she said with a seductive arch to her eyebrow. She caught up the thin shoulder straps of her dress and slid them down her arms until the dress gave way and she dropped it to the floor. Farkas drew in his breath at the sight of her and then quickly shed his clothes and took a step towards her but she backed off.

    “No” she shook her head, smiling. “Not in here” she looked to the tunnel that led out into the plains of Whiterun hold. “Out there, out under the moon and stars”. Farkas’s slow grin was full of heat. “Run with me my love” she said, and they both shimmered into their beast forms.

    Wyldfyre stood on the great balcony of Dragonsreach breathing slowly. She had her eyes closed and her hair blew in the breeze. Soldiers and palace guards all stood nervously while the Dragonborn gathered herself. No-one dared to make a sound. Not even Vignar who waited in the wings. Wyldfyre sought out the ring on her left hand, her wedding ring, for solace, before taking in a deep breath and gathering all her energy.

    “OD AH VIING!!” she shouted into the sky. It thundered across the plains. “Now we wait” she said to Farkas who was squinting up into the sky. He looked at her.

    “How long do.....” His question cut off by a roar in the distance. “I guess not long”

    “That was quick” Wyldfyre said as she checked her crossbow was secure on her back. She was fully stocked up on bolts and health potions in a small leather satchel that Eorlund had made for her that hugged her back. She had a feeling that she was going to need them in a hurry once she spoke to the dragon. She turned to the waiting soldiers and raised her voice.

    “Absolutely NO ONE is to fire unless under my orders! Is that clear?” they all nodded. “Good. When the dragon lands keep out of its way. I want it in that trap before it knows it’s been lured into one.” She looked up at the soldiers manning the leavers that would lower the trap. “On my signal and mine alone!” she shouted up to them.

    “Yes Dragonborn!” they nodded. Satisfied, Wyldfyre turned back to scan the sky. She saw a small blot in the blue that grew as the Dragon approached fast. Farkas spied it to.

    “Here he comes” he said as soldiers around them squinted, not able to see it yet with their human eyes. “Get back, all of you!” Farkas shouted. He then looked to Wyldfyre “My love, I know what you intend to do and I don’t like it. Is there another way...?”

    “We don’t have time for new plans” she said as the dragon drew closer “I don’t like it either, but...” She was cut off as the dragon roared out her name, to others it was just a terrible roaring.

    “DOVAHKIIN!!” it snarled out her name. He had red scales that gleamed in the sun and his wing span was wider than the great balcony.

    “Gods! He is big!” one soldier shouted as all of them stepped back nervously.

    “Quiet!” Jarl Vignar snapped. Wyldfyre looked at Farkas quickly, who, looked a little frightened but tightened his grip on his sword none the less. The dragon made a pass while it studied the balcony and what enemies stood upon it. He flew out across the plains and turned back again, heading straight for Wyldfyre. She started backing up to give the dragon room.

    “JOOR ZAH FRUL!” The Dragonrend hit Odahviing and he roared in agony and landed with a thud onto the balcony. Soldiers and guards alike all ran back towards the doors leading into Dragonsreach. The dragon let out a violent burst of fire in their direction but Wyldfyre threw up a wall of icy winds with both her hands. The dragon snarled at her and struggled to move under the Dragonrend shout. Someone fired an arrow at it and Wyldfyre cursed as the bolt hit the dragon above its eye, enraging it.

    “Cease fire!” she shouted angrily. She blasted a small jet of ice at the dragon and it shook its head in pain. “Come on then!” she yelled at it. “It’s me you want to fight then, FIGHT!” she drew her sword just as the affect of her shout wore off and the dragon shook itself before clawing its way to her. It snapped at her as she backed up further, quickly glancing up to check her position. Just a little further... The dragon seemed to be reluctant to go any further into the balcony, as it remained in place and snapped at her. It let off a jet of flame and again Wyldfyre had to defend herself with her ice spell. Fire and ice collided, sending jets of steam everywhere, that people had to avoid for fear of being scalded. Wyldfyre struggled under the power of the dragon’s fire shout and she backed further down the balcony as the very foundations of the building shook. The fire stopped and the dragon growled as it slowly edged forward.

    “Think you can defeat me dragon?” she taunted it, trying to get in further in. In its arrogance it did not even notice the massive trap that hung directly over its head. A little more...

    “Soon you will be nothing but a pile of bones” she shouted at it as it snapped at her. It lunged forward and Wyldfyre dodged its massive teeth.

    “NOW!” a thunderous clanking of chains echoed off the walls as the leavers were thrown and the trap released to free fall down upon the dragon’s neck. It crashed down, pinning the dragon to the ground. The dragon struggled for a moment before it realised that it was well and truly trapped.

    “Nid! Horvutah med kodaav. Caught like a bear in a trap...” he snarled angrily “Zok frini grind ko grah drun viiki, Dovahkiin.” Wyldfyre stood there, unresponsive. “Ah, so it is true. You do not have the speech of the Dovah” it sneered.

    “That’s right Dragon” she said, stepping boldly in front of it. Farkas was behind her and she could see Vignar keeping his distance in the wings. “I need some answers and you are going to give them to me”. Odahviing struggled again.

    “My eagerness to meet the Dovahkiin in battle was my undoing. I salute your cunning in devising such a grahmindol – stratagem. Zu'u bonaar. You went to a great deal of trouble to put me in this... humiliating position. Hind siiv Alduin, hmm? No doubt you want to know where to find Alduin?”

    “You are correct” she said. The dragon’s hot breath fanned her face and she felt it oddly comforting.

    “He has travelled to Sovngarde to regain his strength, devouring the sillesejour... the souls of the mortal dead. His door to Sovngarde is at Skuldafn, high in the eastern mountains.”

    “Which will be highly guarded I have no doubt” Wyldfyre asked him.

    “Mindoraan, pah ok middovahhe lahvraan til. I surely do not need to warn you that all his remaining strength is marshalled there.” He blinked huge eyes at her and she was almost lost within their depths. “Zu'u lost ofan hin laan... now that I have answered your question, you will allow me to go free?”

    “Tell me how I get to this Skuldafn place?” she ignored the dragon’s request. A throaty noise emanated from deep within its belly.

    “Krosis. There is one detail about Skuldafn I neglected to mention. You have the Thu'um of a dovah, but without the wings of one, you will never set foot in Skuldafn.” He turned his head slightly, eyeing off a group of guards cowering in the corner. “Of course, I could fly you there.”

    “But not while imprisoned, is what you are meaning?” Wyldfyre eyed the dragon shrewdly. “Why are you willing to help me?”

    “Many of the Dov have begun to question Alduin’s Leadership. I myself have wondered whether his Thu’um was the strongest. But you Dovahkiin, you possess the shout that was his undoing. You have given those of us the hope that we could openly defy him. With your help of course.”

    “And why would I help you to defeat one tyrant, just for you to elect another?”

    “I am sure you will change your thoughts when I tell you of the one we have in mind. The one who you take council from at the top of the world?”

    “Paarthurnax?” she said with surprise. “You all wish for Paarthurnax to be your new leader?”

    “Not all, but many. There are those that still follow Alduin’s Lordship. They are the ones you need to be concerned with if and when you defeat him.” This was interesting information to Wyldfyre. With Paarthurnax as their new leader, he could teach them the Way of the Voice, to help the Dragons curb their inner natures. Maybe even live peacefully beside man. It would be a perfect world. But Wyldfyre was not naive enough to think that such a world existed.

    “There is no other way to Skuldafn?” she asked the Dragon.

    “There is not. Quite the conundrum is it not? You do not wish to free me, yet without doing so, you can not defeat Alduin.” Wyldfyre stood there, thinking about her options, and she seemed to have only one.

    “All right Odahviing” she called the dragon by its name “I will set you free, as long as you take me to Skuldafn” She could hear the audible gasps from behind her.

    Wyldfyre...! Farkas sent out to her but she held up her hand.

    “Know this though. You betray me and I will make it my life’s mission to hunt you down and rip your heart out.”

    “You have my word as one of the Dov. Now release me” Wyldfyre stepped back.

    “Are you sure about this?” Farkas asked her, his hand on her arm. She nodded.

    “It’s the only way. Stand back” She sheathed her sword to show the dragon she meant it no harm. She was relying solely on its own honour to keep its promise. It could very easily turn on her and snap her in half once it was released from its trap. “Raise the yoke!” she shouted up to the guards. They looked to their Jarl for conformation.

    “My Jarl?” one of them asked. Jarl Vignar stared hard at Wyldfyre and she stared back at him, unflinching. He gave a quick nod of his head and the guards slowly raised up the massive yoke. As it released the dragon it stood up and shook its head then turned around and clawed its way back to the front of the balcony. Wyldfyre strode alongside it, while Farkas followed close.

    “Are you ready to embrace the skies Dovahkiin?” Odahviing said to Wyldfyre, eyeing her.

    “Give me a minute” she said and walked over to Farkas, who looked both proud and petrified. He handed her cloak and gloves to her and she put them on. “My love...” she began. Farkas took her hands. “I.. I’m not sure what is going to happen, or how long I will be gone for”

    “I’ll wait for you. I always will” he said as he kissed her hands. He drew her to him and wrapped her in his arms. She breathed in his scent, seeking comfort while inside she was terrified. “Come back to me, do you hear me?” Farkas whispered in her ear. They then kissed so deeply that guards and soldiers turned away, slightly embarrassed by their open display of emotion.

    “Until I return” she said as she drew away. She turned to the dragon, stealing herself for what she had to do next. “Let’s do this” she said and the dragon lowered his head and she grabbed one of his spikes and stepped up and threw her leg over his neck. She held on with both hands as the dragon suddenly threw out his wings.

    “Zok brit uth! I warn you, once you've flown the skies of Keizaal, your envy of the dov will only increase.” He said to her and then her stomach plummeted to her feet as Odahviing launched up into the air.

    “Good hunting” Farkas whispered from far below as he watched the dragon carrying his love away, into the blue beyond.
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