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Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by shadowkitty, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    “By the Maker!” Wyldfyre cursed as she took in the scene. Serana entered the room and let out a gasp as well.

    “Wyldfyre, he is Vampire, I can smell it” Wyldfyre could smell it also. Someone, most likely Isran, had strapped the young man to the rack and tortured him.

    “Why did they do this to him?” she moved towards the rack, gently holding up Samuel’s head. At first she was afraid he had died but his eyes flickered open suddenly.

    “M...my Lady?” he mumbled. Blood poured from a gash to his left cheek. “I failed you my Lady..” he sobbed. Wyldfyre was beyond distressed.

    “Shh.. I’m here now.” She soothed him. “Serana, help me get him off this damned thing” they unstrapped the man and laid him down on the floor, Wyldfyre cradling his head and stroking his hair as he sobbed. She took a cloth Serana handed to her and began to wipe at his wounds.

    “Why isn’t he healing?”

    “He is newly turned. It takes a while for a vampire’s regeneration to fully develop. I suspect Isran knows this and did this to keep Samuel weak with the blood loss”

    “What could he have hoped to gain from that?” Wyldfyre said angrily. “He knows nothing about your father, barely knows anything about vampires!”

    “Indeed” Serana agreed. She tenderly touched the wound on Samuel’s face. Her fingertips then glowed and suddenly the wound knitted back together, a thin scar was all that was left behind.

    “Serana!” Wyldfyre breathed in wonder. The Vampire smiled.

    “It is a gift that an Old One can bestow on a youngling” she explained. “But that is all I can do. The rest are for him to bear alone” Samuel stirred again, his eyes a dark orange, blazing with hunger.

    “I tried to stop her, but she was too strong. Why did she do this to me? Why didn’t she just kill me?” he murmured. Wyldfyre looked to Serana.

    “His maker.” She answered Wyldfyre’s unspoken question.

    “I don’t want to be a vampire! I don’t want to be a monster!” he said then, getting more agitated. Wyldfyre was starting to have a hard time holding him down.

    “He needs to feed” Serana said as she joined in on holding the young man down “It’s the only way we can make any sense out of him”

    “He can’t take my blood” Wyldfyre said. “He is human and I am a Werewolf, he will be turned into one”

    “I will give him mine then” Serana said and Wyldfyre watched carefully as Samuel at first tried to resist Serana’s offer, but then succumbed to his nature and clamped down on to her neck. His hands slid around Serana’s shoulders as he suckled on her. After a few minutes she could see Serana trying to pry the man’s hands off her.

    “That’s enough Samuel!” she said then, trying to push herself off him. Wyldfyre grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled back until his fangs released and Serana was able to push off his chest. She rubbed at her neck while Samuel gasped and scrambled backwards, sitting up against the rack.

    “Why did you do that?” he asked; his eyes wide with terror. Even now they faded from the dark orange to a lighter colour.

    “Samuel” Serana said soothingly “You needed to feed, Dear. It was the only way you were able to calm down. I suspect Isran starved you as part of your torture”

    “He did” Samuel nodded, visibly calming. He wiped at a spot of blood in the corner of his mouth and looked at Serana, who held her neck still.

    “Did I... hurt you?” he asked; a look of distress on his face.

    “A little, but I’ll be fine” she said lightly. Wyldfyre shuffled over to him and took his hand.

    “What happened?” Samuel then told them of the morning of the vampire attack. He was part of the guard that was supposed to be coming off a shift. He was tired from the night’s patrolling and was looking forward to a hot breakfast and his cot. But then he heard screams and yelling and somehow amongst the fighting he was knocked off the rampart. While he lay there winded someone came up to him and he felt a pain in his neck. He struggled but then everything went black. When he woke up he was strapped to the rack and Isran was standing before him.

    “I didn’t know what was going on at first. I didn’t believe Isran when he told me what I was.... But then I started to feel the changes inside me, tearing my insides apart, Oh gods!” he sobbed again. “The thoughts that started running through my head. I wanted to rip Isran’s throat out. I wanted to kill everyone in this Fort. I could smell them, hear their hearts beating..!” He grabbed onto Wyldfyre’s hand with his other.

    “Please! Kill me! I don’t want to be a vampire!” He looked at Serana, his distress and confusion evident on his face. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I would rather die than become the very thing I fought to destroy” Serana studied him for a while before she nodded.

    “Do not trouble yourself with it Dear. I hold no hard feelings towards you for feeling like that, especially seeing you were turned without your consent.” She stood up and looked sternly at Wyldfyre. “You know what to do. I will guard the tower. Make it quick.” And she left them alone. Dread filled Wyldfyre’s heart as she looked at Samuel. He peered at her with wide eyes. Even though he said he wanted to die, he was still deathly afraid. But death was not what was on Wyldfyre and Serana’s mind. She shuffled around so that she was closer to Samuel.

    “Before I do this; know you have a choice. I didn’t want to do it this way but we are pressed for time...”

    “Are you going to stab me in the heart?” he whispered.

    “No Samuel. I am going to be your Forbearer. You are going to become a member of The Circle” she said, then added “...If you want to”. Samuel’s eyes grew even wider as he took in what Wyldfyre had just said to him. She realised that Samuel didn’t know what being a member of The Circle fully meant and was about to explain further until he surprised her by asking;

    “You mean you are going to turn me into a Werewolf?”

    “Yes” she recovered quickly, “If that is what you want. If you wish to rid yourself of the vampire curse and you wish to live, then this is the only way”

    “Well. I don’t really get much of a choice do I?” he smiled then, which reassured Wyldfyre somewhat. She squeezed his hand knowing how he was feeling all too well. One day she would tell him about her own initiation. She was also worried about her blood being a mixture of Wolf and Dragon, but that was not something she had the luxury of thinking about at that very moment. Isran was sure to be back up here soon and they needed to get Samuel out.

    “I’m not going to lie. It’s going to hurt like nothing you have felt before. But in the end, you will know such power, such freedom, without lusting for the blood of those around you. Your thoughts are your own. You don’t have to join the Companions, but I would very much like to have you join our family, become our Shieldbrother.” she waited while Samuel thought some more. Then he nodded.

    “It would be my honour to become a Werewolf, and to have you as my Forbearer” he said reverently.

    “Well that’s as much ceremony as we have time for” Wyldfyre said then loosened her chestplate, letting it fall to the floor. She untied her undershirt and opened it to expose her neck. Even though Samuel had just fed, his eyes flashed and he licked his lips.

    “Normally we would do this in the Underforge, our sacred place, with the ceremonial well, or a goblet, but as we don’t have any of that, you will just have to take the blood from me”

    “I really don’t like doing this” he said but Wyldfyre shook her head.

    “It’s the only way. Samuel, are you really sure? Serana could help you become a vampire like she is”

    “No” he shook his head with determination “I don’t want to be this thing”

    “Alright. Take my blood, but when I say stop, you need to stop, or I will have to take measures” He looked down to see she had drawn her dagger and it was pointed straight at his heart. He nodded. Without any further word, Wyldfyre leant towards him and he took her into his arms. It was a tender hold, not like the savage feeding he had done to Serana. This time he tried to control his urge to just rip into her neck. He sniffed her skin and his nostrils flared at her scent. His hands tightened on her and she felt the sting as his fangs pierced her neck. He moaned at the taste of her blood, the power in it rippling through him. Wyldfyre sat there and let him take in her blood. She had done this. This was all her fault. Sending him back to this place instead of keeping him in Whiterun.

    Upon a mutual unspoken agreement, Samuel’s fangs left her neck and Wyldfyre moved away to give him some room. She knew the next few moments would be a painful experience for him and she winced as he suddenly gasped, his body going rigid and falling to the floor. He convulsed and cried out in pain as her powerful Wolf/dragon blood coursed through his veins, ripping apart any trace of vampire that was left in him. Wyldfyre quickly shed the remainder of her armour and clothing and changed into her Wolf form, as Samuel’s body started that first, slow, agonising change. She watching in pity as he cried out with every bone break, every muscle rip as his human form was taken over by the beast that now resided in him. It only took a few minutes but for Samuel it would have seemed a life time. When fully formed he lay on the floor, whimpering for a moment until the She-wolf bent down, bumping him with her snout.

    “Samuel” she sent out to him. He blinked and his tongue lolled out as he scrambled to his feet. The She-wolf stood to her full height and studied the new pup before her.

    “Welcome, whelp” she sent to him, along with a flash of warm feelings.

    “I hear you” he sent back. A jumble of thoughts bombarded her mind. Samuel was like an excitable puppy as he strode around the small room bumping into things, getting used to his new body. Wyldfyre needed to calm him down so they could figure out how to leave the fort without raising suspicion. She showed him how to change back, turning around quickly so she could put her clothing back on. Samuel did the same and they sat and talked quietly while they waited for Serana to return. She smiled when she entered the room.

    “No problems down below. No-one heard anything except for me”

    “Good” Wyldfyre nodded. “Now for the hard part, we need to get out of here without Isran discovering that Samuel has made a miraculous recovery.”

    “I can handle that” Serana said “I will be able to use my speed to get us both out of here. But Isran will look for the three of us, thinking we set Samuel free. We can never return here, so you will need to see Dexion and convince him to leave with you, so that he can read the scrolls”

    “Oh, that could be a problem” Samuel said and they both looked at him “Dexion is blind”



    “Yes! I am blind Girl!” Dexion said irritably, a piece of scrap fabric secured over his eyes. Serana and Samuel had left the fort and were waiting for her in the cave at the other end of the valley while she went to talk with the Moth Priest. She sat down heavily, disappointment etched across her face.

    “We are lost then” she said.

    “No no.. not entirely” the priest said. “I was foolish in my haste to read that scroll you brought to me. I didn’t make the proper preparations. But not all who read the scrolls know how to do this. There is another way though. There is a place, a vale where some go who want to read the scrolls. The moths will help you” he nodded.


    “Yes! Moths girl!”


    Ancestor Glade was easy for Wyldfyre to find. It was just west of Falkreath and very near to the Lake House. She was very tempted to go home before they entered the Glade but Serana pointed out that they should read the scrolls first. The entrance to the glade was an unassuming cave of medium size. Serana sniffed as they looked around.

    “Is this it? Not very impressive...”

    “Wait!” Samuel called out to them “I’ve found a tunnel” They followed Samuel along a narrow tunnel until it suddenly opened out into a massive chamber. All three of them stood in awe as they surveyed the scene before them. It was like a small piece of Sovngarde, lush grass, flowering trees, crystal clear waterfalls. Rabbits grazed without a care in the world and small birds flitted through the trees. Several shafts of light from above streamed down, giving the whole place an ethereal glow. It was beyond beautiful. Wyldfyre could see below on the valley floor that there was an odd looking ruin of some sort surrounded by trees heavy with pink blossoms. She started down the narrow path, the others following in single file. Words did not seem necessary in a place like this. Wyldfyre wasn’t sure about the other two but she felt calm and completely content in the glade. A state of being that she had not felt for a very long time.

    As they neared the ruins, they could see one squat stone structure with a circle cut out of the middle, inside the circle sat the knife that Dexion had told Wyldfyre about. It was called a Draw Knife and she was supposed to use it to peel some bark off the Canticle tree. The bark was to draw the moths to her that resided in the glade. Wyldfyre was a little skeptical when the Priest told her about the moths, but she was willing to try. She peeled off a handful of bark, while the others watched. Setting down the knife she waited, peering around the glade. A light fluttering noise touched their ears and soon large moths appeared, heading straight for Wyldfyre. She stood very still so as not to startle them.

    “How do you feel?” Serana asked.

    “I feel fine. Why?” Wyldfyre answered, suppressing a sneeze when one moth decided to land on her nose.

    “Well, you’re...glowing” Wyldfyre looked down at her arms and indeed she was giving off a golden glow. She moved slowly forward.

    “I’ll see if I can attract some more moths” she moved about the glade carefully, picking up more swarms of the moths as she went. By the time she got back to the central platform she was covered in them. Samuel actually laughed at her.

    “You look like some sort of forest nymph!” Serana smiled.

    “They tickle” Wyldfyre giggled. Then she held out her hand “Hand me the scrolls one by one” Serana handed over the first scroll, the one she was most familiar with, the Dragon Scroll. She opened it and a bright flash temporarily blinded her but seconds later her vision cleared and a part of a map glowed before her. She opened the other two scrolls and the map was completed. She studied the map carefully, noting the landmarks, locking them into her mind before it started to fade and then it was gone. As soon as the map was gone the moths also dissipated. Wyldfyre dropped the bark and returned the Draw Knife to its resting place.

    “So.. did you get anything?” Samuel asked. Wyldfyre had given both Samuel and Serana strict instructions not to try and look at the opened scrolls.

    “I did. The exact location of Auriel’s Bow. The Forgotten Vale” she answered him. Serana drew in a breath.

    “Then we almost have it” she whispered. Suddenly an arrow smashed against the stone pillar they were standing near. The three of them scattered as vampires, thralls and a gargoyle charged down the path towards them.

    “Samuel! Change!” Wyldfyre shouted even as she started to shimmer herself, there was no time to take off her armour. It burst apart as her body grew and expanded, pieces of metal and leather falling to the ground. The Wolves roared their challenge as Serana hovered in her Vampire Lord form. The She-wolf took off after the gargoyle, remembering the beast’s weak spots and tearing into the foul flesh. It lashed out with its claws, giving the wolf a large gash in her thigh before its throat was ripped out. The She-wolf turned to see the other wolf finishing off a bandit thrall, the vampire lord was savaging the neck of another. She lunged at a vampire, tackling it to the ground and tearing at its head and chest. The vampire shrieked until the She-wolf ripped its heart out. When she stood everything was silent in the glade again. She shimmered back into her human form, gasping at the pain in her leg.

    Samuel and Serana were both injured. Bodies lay about the glade, their blood befouling the clear water. The Glade was no longer a place of serenity and beauty. They washed their wounds and bound them. Wyldfyre and Samuel dressed in their light clothing they had in their packs, their armour laying in ruins. Wyldfyre deeply regretted loosing yet another set of armour. Both of them would have to go to Whiterun and visit Eorlund at the forge. Their trip to the Forgotten Vale would have to be delayed.

    As they neared the Lake House, Wyldfyre reached out in her mind to see if anyone was there, but no other Were answered her. She hoped Farkas and Wilhelm were home at least. The house stood silent as they arrived near midnight. They entered quietly and headed for the kitchen. Wyldfyre stoked up the fireplace and put a kettle and a pot of water on to boil. She found some food for herself and Samuel. While they were eating, Wilhelm walked through the kitchen doors, eyes blinking wearily.

    “Wyldfyre?” he peered at the three and saw their injuries. He immediately became more awake, bustling about the kitchen, pulling out bandages and salves. “So what have you been up to now?”

    “Battling vampires” Wyldfyre said in between bites of a sweetroll. She let Wilhelm tend to her leg and then left him to the other two while she thought of what to do with the scrolls. They no longer needed them, but she couldn’t leave them just lying around. She gathered them up and took them down into the basement. Over in the far corner, the darkest corner, she placed the scrolls into a long chest and locked it. Pocketing the key she then covered the chest in various furs and tools. Satisfied the scrolls were safe for now she went back upstairs. She opened the door to her bedroom quietly. The room was dark except for a single shaft of moonlight that shone a ray of light upon the sleeping form of her husband. Wyldfyre’s heart swelled as she watched him, his steady breathing soothing her.

    She stripped and slipped under the covers, snuggling up to Farkas, who came awake enough to lay his arm over her and kiss the top of her head before falling asleep again. Wyldfyre lay in the comfort of Farkas’s arms, the warmth of his body lulling her to sleep.
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  2. shadowkitty

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    Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgot about you. We bought a business and I have been working full time and pretty much fall into bed when I get home. I am also having a problem with my eye that needs tending to before I can write again. Next chapter is not too far away, so please bear with me. <3 you and thank you for reading.
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    I've missed this.:Dragonborn:
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  4. shadowkitty

    shadowkitty Mistress of Shadows

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Finally I am back! A little bit steamy this chapter. Enjoy.


    Wyldfyre watched from the balcony as Samuel and Aiden, in their beast forms, duelled with each other. Werewolves technically did not duel. It was more of a play fight like wolf pups would do, except far more vicious. She winced in sympathy as Samuel received a blow across the ear, yelping in pain.

    “Go easy” she scolded her brother, who looked up at her, giving her a wolfy grin.

    “The Whelp has to learn” he said just before Samuel caught him off guard and tackled him to the ground. Wyldfyre laughed as the two rolled around the ground, finally both changing into their human forms, laughing and panting.

    “Good move” Aiden smacked Samuel companionably on the shoulder. They got up and reached for their tunics and pants.

    “AH AH!” Wyldfyre called down to them “Not before you bathe.”

    “Aww” Samuel protested.

    “You’re both filthy” she glared at them and pointed towards the lake “The Lake. Now”

    “Yes mother!” Aiden said cheekily before running off, followed closely behind by Samuel. The circle had welcomed the young man into the family with open arms. After Wyldfyre and the others had arrived that night, the rest of the Circle members turned up at the Lake House the next morning, keen to meet the newblood. Samuel revelled in the attention and seemed to be adjusting well. The Circle members were even civil to Serana. She only came out at night, spending her days in the bedroom Wyldfyre had set up for her down in the basement.

    Wyldfyre was enjoying her time back home, her time with Farkas. She knew that she and Serana would have to leave for the Forgotten Vale as soon as her armour was finished. Eorlund was not too happy with her when she had sheepishly told him she and Samuel had both destroyed their armour, but the smith none the less set to work, whistling happily as he hammered metal. Again for Wyldfyre he was making a set that was a mixture of the Ancient Nord and Wolf armour. He even had some ideas on some quick release buckles if she ever found she had to take it off quickly again. Wyldfyre was all for not destroying yet another set and the other Circle members seemed to be interested in the idea also.

    Wyldfyre brought up the issue of her feeding Serana to Farkas on the first morning. At first he was a little angry, thinking that the Vampire was taking advantage of Wyldfyre’s good nature. But she convinced him that it was her idea to begin with. While he was uncomfortable with it, he did not forbid it. Wyldfyre made sure that they did it in the privacy of Serana’s bedroom, and that they did not engage in “other” activities during the process. She was still concerned of the effects her hybrid dragon and wolf blood would have on Samuel. So far he seemed to have a heightened sense of detecting other life forms around him, especially Dragons. It was not as strong as Wyldfyre’s senses, but it was unique to only her and Samuel none the less. Wyldfyre was interested to see what other attributes would reveal themselves once Samuel’s beast blood grew stronger.

    They spent a good week convalescing at the Lake House, gathering every night for the evening meal. It was the best week that Wyldfyre had ever had. Vilkas even brought his family and the halls echoed with laughter and the squeals of the children. But it soon came to an end when Eorlund finally sent word that Wyldfyre and Samuel’s armour was finished. They took a trip to Whiterun to pick up their items then returned to the Lake House for their final night. As usual, the entire Circle was there but that night was more sombre than the ones previously. As each one left to return to Whiterun later that evening, they hugged and made their promises to stay safe. Aiden gave Wyldfyre an extra tight hug, his strong arms squeezing her affectionately.

    “Come back to us” he sent to her, kissing the top of her head.

    “I intend to” she smiled and pecked his cheek. Finally the house was silent and Wyldfyre wandered up to the balcony that overlooked the lake to find Farkas standing there, looking out pensively into the wilderness.

    “I sometimes miss it, you know” he sighed as Wyldfyre slipped in between his arms. “The smell of the wild, running through the trees. There was nothing like it”

    “What troubles you my love?” Wyldfyre asked him.

    “I wish I could come with you, to the Forgotten Vale” he answered, his hand stroking her back.

    “I would love nothing more than for you to join us, but you have your own responsibilities at Jorrvaskr, and I can’t risk you....”

    “...Being exposed to vampires, yes I know. I am quite capable of looking after myself though.” He said a little grumpily “But you’re right. I’m needed here. At least you will have Samuel and the Vampire with you” Farkas it seemed, still did not entirely trust Serana.

    “You do not like me feeding her, do you?”

    “Well no” he shifted so that he could look down into her eyes and she saw confusion behind his “I guess. I don’t know. It’s just I see how she looks at you and I know you two are close” he held up a hand when she started to talk “I’m ok with it. I know what happens when you voluntarily feed a vampire. It’s not like you are in love with her. If it was anyone else I would want to put them through a wall, but it’s...her. So..” he shrugged, frowning at how unclear he was sounding.

    “I understand” Wyldfyre nodded “I would never do anything to hurt you, and I’ve told you everything. If it makes you uncomfortable I’ll stop”

    “You can’t do that. How would she feed? You said it yourself you didn’t want her going off and feeding on innocents. I agree. I’m not going to make demands on you, that’s not how we are. Like I said, I’m ok with it. Just... don’t do it for anyone else”

    “I wouldn’t do that” Wyldfyre reached up and placed a hand on Farkas’s cheek. “You really are all right with it?”

    “Well...” he then smirked “The thought of you and another woman...it’s very, interesting” Wyldfyre laughed and kissed him. The kiss soon turned into a heated session which had them both sinking to the floor, tearing each other’s clothing off.


    Serana watched the couple from the shadow of the trees. The flash of Wyldfyre’s smooth skin sent a flush through her and she slipped off into the darkness. Her keen vampire sight guided her through the thick undergrowth. She had no plan on where she was going that night. It was the first night she had had the hunger burn through her strong enough to make her want to leave the house. She turned left and headed down towards the lake, thinking maybe a swim in the frigid waters would calm her lust. She was not only hungry but she was starved for intimacy. Her feedings with Wyldfyre had been good, but Wyldfyre had been reluctant to do anything but give her blood.

    She did not blame her friend however. She understood the situation Wyldfyre was in. But she still had urges. She was an Old One. She would sate those urges however she saw fit. As she neared the lake, a scent, carried along on the evening breeze, hit her. The Vampire’s nostrils flared and her eyes darkened to an amber as she recognised the scent. Human. Male. Three. Her instincts carried her forward as she delicately picked her way along the lake’s edge. Soon she came upon a small hunter’s camp, set up by the river, surrounded by a steep cliff on three sides. She stopped just outside the firelight and watched for a while. Three nord males. One young man, one into his mid years and an elder man with a robust white beard. All three of them were quite strapping and easy on the eye as they sat around their camp fire.

    Serana felt the beating of their hearts as she watched them. She could no longer contain herself so she stepped forward into the firelight, using every bit of her vampire charm she could muster.

    “Might I join you by your fire?” she asked in her honey smooth voice. The three men turned and sat stunned for a second before the elder man stood and nodded.

    “You may lass” he said in a heavily accent. They watched silently as Serana approached and held up her hands to the fire. In truth it caused her a little discomfort to get so close to the fire, but she wanted to put the men at ease.

    “What a lovely night it is to be out in the wild” she sighed. The man with the white beared sat back on his log and nodded in agreement.

    “Aye that it is”

    “I don’t mean to be rude but what is a fine Lady like yourself doing out in these parts, alone, at night... dressed in just, that?” asked the middle aged man. Serana wore only her tunic top which covered her essential parts only, leaving her legs bare. She flashed him a charming smile, her eyes boring into him as she set her influence upon him. She did not want this one. She could smell his blood and it did not appeal to her. Nor did the older man’s. As her influence worked on both of the older men they suddenly yawned.

    “Well, that’s me out for the night” The elder said sleepily. He stood and walked to his tent, disappearing inside. Then the other did the same, leaving Serana and the young man alone. He frowned at both tents.

    “That’s a first. I’ve never been the last to hit the bedroll”

    “Maybe they are tired from a hard day’s hunting” Serana said to him; her eyes now searching his. His young mind gave into hers freely. She almost felt guilty at how easy it was. “Are you tired..” she probed his mind further “..Rorik?” Rorik blinked then shook his head.

    “No my Lady” he said slowly. He was hers. She slid towards him, her hand brushing his blond locks away from his face.

    “Such a handsome boy” she murmured.

    “I am no lad” he said, puffing out his chest slightly “I have seen eighteen summers”

    “Really?” Serana raised an eyebrow. “How many summers do you think I have seen Rorik?” She slid her hand down and played with the ties of his tunic top, her other hand coming to rest on his thigh. Rorik swallowed and stammered.

    “Oh..I don’t know, I mean, isn’t it rude to ask a Lady her age?”

    “Oh I don’t mind. Guess” she smiled.

    “Um..” he frowned “I really don’t know. You look to be my sister’s age. She is a little older than me.”

    “How old is she?”

    “She is one in twenty, but you could be younger....” he looked worried that he had offended her, but Serana let out a peel of laughter.

    “Ah! You are delightful Rorik. I am wondering something...” she said as she finally pulled the last of the ties from his shirt. She slipped her hand inside and ran her nails across his chest, causing the young man to take in a gasping breath.

    “What is it you are wondering, my Lady?” he asked and she suddenly straddled his lap, pinning him against the fallen tree he leant against. She pulled off her top, revealing her smooth white skin. She felt the bulge in his pants grow as he stared at her breasts.

    “I was wondering if you taste just as good” she said as she leaned in towards him. He was momentarily distracted by her question, his eyes dragging away from her breasts but she took his hands and placed them on her body. Her fingers then untied his pants with vampire speed and she settled herself down on to him. As she moved on him his groans urged her on. She had not fed on another human but Wyldfyre since she had been released from her confinement and she had forgotten how utterly exhilarating it could be. To influence and seduce an innocent had been something she was terribly good at. She never liked to take blood like the others did. With the donor becoming the victim as their life’s blood was taken from them forcibly, viciously. Serana was a sensual child of the dark and loved to feel her givers moment of pure ecstasy as they gave her their blood and body. She wanted to share her joy with them.

    Rorik groaned and panted underneath her, his hands clumsily fumbling with her breasts. But Serana only cared for release now. His and hers. She pulled off his tunic and leaned in towards him. Her body still rocking, picking up momentum as she waited for the right moment to strike. The young man shook between her legs and she knew it was time. She threaded a hand through his hair and pulled his head to the side, exposing his neck. The large vein throbbed as she felt the build up of tension in his body. Serana’s only thoughts now were of hunger and release. She bit into his flesh and his hot blood poured into her mouth, running down her throat as the young man cried out. Not from pain but from pure abandon. Serana continued to suckle as his hands slid down further, reaching around and grabbing her waist, pulling her to him harder.

    Serana closed her eyes as the young man’s blood flowed down her throat. She had not had her fill but she soon felt a rushing through her body that she could no longer contain. She released from his neck, gasping; a trail of blood running down her chin, as her body exploded to life. She cried out from the intensity of it and moments later, the young man joined her in his own moment of release.

    Serana fed from the man two more times that night before she left him, happy, asleep, and with absolutely no knowledge of the night of pure sensual indulgence he had just experienced.


    Wyldfyre was woken in the morning by delectable smells from the kitchen wafting under the door. She stretched and rolled over, sliding a hand over Farkas’s chest and settling herself into his side. Farkas smiled without opening his eyes and planted a kiss on her forehead.

    “Smells like Wilhelm is up” he said. Wyldfyre nodded. She did not want to get out of bed. Tonight She, Samuel and Serana would leave for their long journey to the Forgotten Vale. She wanted to make the most of the time she had left. And at that moment it meant snuggling with her husband.

    “Wilhelm is just going to have to wait” she said as she slid her hand down further under the sheets. Farkas’s eyes opened quickly and his smile turned into a sigh.

    They emerged from the bedroom later, tousled and happy. Samuel and Wilhelm were both in the kitchen. Samuel was eating a trencher of scrambled eggs. He did not appear to be too keen on the breakfast before him. Since his turning he preferred meat on the bloody side. But he was too kind hearted to tell Wilhelm otherwise. Wyldfyre roughed up his hair playfully.

    “Morning” she sang.

    “Huh” Wilhelm grunted “More like afternoon” he shook his head, but Wyldfyre could see the smile behind his eyes. She kissed him on the cheek and he handed her a plate of food. Farkas scoffed down his eggs then ate Wyldfyre’s as well. She chewed on a roast chicken leg and handed another over to Samuel.

    “Are you going to eat those eggs?” Farkas asked Samuel who gladly handed them over. “So I guess you are going to leave in the evening?” he asked in between forkfuls of egg.

    “Just on sundown” Wyldfyre said. “It’s more comfortable for Serana, and Samuel and I can see just as well in the dark. Not to mention there are less people out on the roads, so night time travel is more practical”

    “Where is it you are going again?” Wilhelm asked as he checked the large tea pot hanging over the fire.

    “The Forgotten Vale. But that’s all I am saying. I don’t want to risk someone trying to get information out of you” She looked at Wilhelm and Farkas. “Both of you”

    “Yes all right” Farkas said then, rolling his eyes “We know it’s a big secret”

    “I’m only trying to protect you” Wyldfyre said, a little angry at Farkas’s reaction. She stood and walked out of the kitchen “I’m going to check on Serana” she mumbled. She climbed down the trap door that lead to the basement, closing it and swallowing her in darkness again. She let her eyes adjust then silently slipped through the darkened rooms. A single candle lit the room in which Serana slept. Wyldfyre frowned when she stood at the doorway. Serana was not in bed. She heard a movement behind her and turned just as she was shoved back against the wall.

    “Serana!” she cried out, confused. She pushed the vampire away, but she came back and planted a kiss on Wyldfyre’s lips.

    “I can smell him on you” she whispered. Wyldfyre used all her strength the push Serana away.

    “Serana! What’s gotten into you?”

    “Oh” she said as she tossed back her hair. She wore just a towel and her hair was damp from the bath. “An eighteen year old man” she laughed.

    “What?” Wyldfyre stepped forward “What do you mean? Serana, did you go out hunting last night?”

    “Oh it’s not what you think” Serana went past her and sat down on her bed, using a second towel to dry her hair. “I got hungry last night, and you were, otherwise occupied up there on the balcony. So I..went for a little walk.”

    “Did you hurt him?”

    “No I didn’t” Serana flashed Wyldfyre an angry look “In fact I probably gave him the best night he has ever had. Not that he will ever remember it”. Wyldfyre didn’t look very convinced. “I promise I didn’t hurt the human. In fact it was terribly good and very satisfying for both parties concerned”

    “Well, as long as you did it right”

    “Of course. I never do it any other way. I don’t take it forcibly. I told you that before”

    “I’m sorry I wasn’t available for you” Wyldfyre apologised. “Are you alright now?”

    “And I am sorry for jumping you just then. As appealing as that idea is, no I don’t need to feed right now. Thank you for offering”.

    “I guess you need some sleep then, after your nocturnal activities?” Wyldfyre smirked. Serana raised an eyebrow.

    “Indeed my love, indeed”
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    So I am now officially on holidays for a week and a bit. While I am relaxing by the pool/beach, I will work on some more chapters. See you after the new year (or maybe if I am feeling up to it I will post before then..).

    Anyway, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe new years. Love you all and thank you for reading my story, which I put my heart and soul in to. Your continuing support means a lot.
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    'Twas glorious Kaito :p
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    I love this fanfict OMG its so amazing
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    I know right??!?!? Shouldn't she be published.
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    OK so here is the long awaited next chapter. It may be slow and boring, for that I apologize but I have struggled to get back into writing after some pretty traumatic RL stuff. Please bare with me while I find my Mojo again. Hope you enjoy none the less <3


    The map that was imprinted in Wyldfyre’s mind, led them on an epic journey through the west regions of the Province. They encountered many travellers along the way, Khajiit caravaners and the occasional bandit. Nothing slowed them down however, as they made their way west and then north towards the cave that Wyldfyre could see inside her head.

    The relationship between Serana and Wyldfyre at first was strained and awkward. During the first couple of nights, Serana would disappear for an hour or two, only to return silently and resume the journey with the others. Wyldfyre never commented on it. On the third day however, when they were holed up in a cave to rest, she approached the vampire.

    “How are you fairing?” she asked tentatively. Serana smiled and inclined her head.

    “Well. And you?”

    “Oh I’m well as always.” She answered. She fiddled with the ties of her tunic top then asked the question she needed the answer to “Have you been careful?”

    “I have” Serana said simply. Wyldfyre was grateful she did not take offence to the question. She didn’t think she could bare the relationship between herself and the vampire becoming even more distant.

    “If you want to take mine then I am fine with that. I’d rather you did actually”

    “What about your mate? Won’t he be upset?”

    “Farkas is fine with it” Wyldfyre answered her, then smirked a little “In fact he was envisioning us together and seemed more than fine with it”

    “Really?” Serana raised an eyebrow and smirked also “Then I thank you. I admit it has been hard finding food in these parts”. Serana partook of Wyldfyre’s offer later when Samuel left the cave to go hunting. She held nothing back when she bit into Wyldfyre’s smooth skin. The feeding was pleasurable for both. After that it seemed that the two were back to the way they were before the Lake House event. The mood of the journey at least brightened up enough to allow for pleasant conversation between the three of them.


    “Serana! Samuel! Are you alright?” Wyldfyre peered through the dim light of the cavern she found herself in. They had entered Darkfall cave and had made their way through the twisting passages until they came to a deep ravine with a fast flowing river, gushing below. The only way across the deep hole was a rickety old bridge which they crossed with some trepidation. It was only until after all three were safely on the other side, did Serana discover that the way ahead was a dead end. After a short conversation they decided the only course was to go back over the bridge. They made it halfway across before the entire structure had given away and all three tumbled into the rushing river below. Wyldfyre struggled to keep herself afloat against the strong current, her armour proving to be a hindrance. She was tossed and jostled along in the frigid water, falling over a small waterfall until she resurfaced in a large underground lake. She had dragged herself out of the water and searched the lake for the other two, panicking momentarily until she heard a coughing to her left. She rushed over to find Samuel on all fours, spewing up water onto the rocks.

    “Are you alright?” She knelt and beat him helpfully on the back.

    “Thanks” he spat out the last of the water he had swallowed. “That was not fun” he commented, trying to clear his throat.

    “Indeed” Wyldfyre nodded then scanned the shore line for Serana. She found her a short distance away, delicately wringing out her clothing. She appeared to be in the best shape out of all of them, before Wyldfyre remembered that Serana didn’t need to breathe air. She called to her and the Vampire picked her way through the rocks over to the little group.

    “This is rather, unpleasant” she said, plucking at her wet clothes. Wyldfyre looked around. There were a few bits of wood they could gather together for a fire. If it was not dry enough she could always use her fire spell to start it. They moved further up the bank and stripped off their armour, sitting close to the fire to dry themselves. Serana, not as affected by the journey through the rushing river, decided to scout the tunnel ahead.

    “Must be nice to not feel things” Samuel commented, watching Serana disappear into the darkness.

    “I don’t know” Wyldfyre said as she checked her crossbow for any damage it may have suffered from the river “To not feel anything? How is that living? Besides, Serana does feel, very deeply in fact. She is just very good at hiding it”. She frowned as she found a small hairline fracture in the base of the bow. She just hoped it would hold out until she could get it repaired. Serana returned after a while to inform them that there was a large nest of Frostbite spiders in the next cavern.

    “Great” Samuel snorted angrily “I hate spiders”

    “Is there any way to go around them?” Wyldfyre looked up at Serana. She was reluctant to kill the creatures if she could help it. Serana nodded.

    “Yes, if we are quiet and move carefully, I believe so”

    “Good, then let’s go. I’ve almost had enough of this cave.”


    Not only did they have to sneak past a nest of spiders, but they also found two trolls in a very large, water-filled cavern. They kept close to the far wall, moving slowly in the darkness to avoid the trolls from detecting their presence. After they were clear they all breathed a sigh of relief. None of them wished to take on two trolls. They continued through the cave before yet another cavern opened out to reveal what looked to be ruins of an old building. Sunlight streamed down through small cracks in the cavern’s ceiling, causing the ancient old stone to shine with an eerie glow.

    “Who would build down here, apart from Dwemer?” Samuel asked.

    “Maybe he knows” Serana pointed. Standing there, as if waiting for them was a figure, dressed in strange, ancient armour. As they approached, Wyldfyre could see from the light of the lit braziers that the man was an elf, though he looked like no elf she had seen. His skin was pale as milk and his hair just as white.

    “Approach friends, I have been waiting for you” he said. Wyldfyre stopped and put her hand on her sword hilt.

    “Who are you?” she asked the elf. The elf smiled and did a half bow.

    “I am Gelebor, Knight-Paladin and Sentinel to the Shrine of Auri-El, and possibly one of the last Snow Elves alive.”

    “Snow elf!” Samuel whistled. Wyldfyre frowned. She had not even heard of Snow elves.

    “What are you doing down here?” she took her hand off her sword and approached the elf.

    “As I said, guarding the Chantry and waiting for you. You wish to retrieve Auriel’s Bow do you not?”

    “What do you know of the bow?” Serana asked.

    “A great deal, as I will explain now” he said in his heavily accented voice. Wyldfyre found it soothing and listened intently to his story.

    "For the thousands of years I've served as the Chantry's sentinel, there hasn't been a single visitor here for any other reason. They request Auriel's Bow, and I request their assistance. It's been repeated so many times, I’ve lost count”

    “Do we get a choice in this?” Samuel asked, causing the Elf to give a half smile.

    "Absolutely. You could turn around and leave here empty handed, or you could assist me"

    “What is it that you need?” Serana asked him. The elf didn’t hesitate in answering her.

    “I need you to kill Arch-Curate Vyrthur... my brother. Something has happened to him. Something terrible. The kinship that was once so strong between us is gone.” He frowned slightly. “I don't understand what he's become, but he's no longer the brother I once knew. It was the Betrayed...”

    “The Betrayed?” Wyldfyre interrupted

    “Those who your kind now call the Falmer, they did something to him, I just don't know why Auri-El would allow this to happen." He shook his head, in a show of frustration, while the hairs on the back of Wyldfyre’s neck prickled at the mention of the Falmer "They swept into the Chantry without warning and began killing everyone with no mercy. The Chantry was a place of peaceful worship. I led a small group of paladins, but we were no match for the Betrayed's sheer numbers. They slaughtered everyone and stormed the Inner Sanctum where I believe they corrupted Vyrthur."

    “If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know your brother is still alive?” Wyldfyre asked him.

    "Oh he's alive.” Gelebor nodded “I've seen him. But, something's wrong. He never looks as though he's in pain or under duress. He just... stands there and watches, as though waiting."

    “How you ever tried confronting him yourself?” Serana asked. Gelebor shook his head, a serious expression on his face.

    "Leaving the Wayshrines unguarded would mean violating my sacred duty as a Knight-Paladin of Auriel. Not to mention a one-man assault on the Betrayed living in the the Inner Sanctum would be foolhardy and only end with my death."

    “Wayshrines?” here was another term Wyldfyre was unfamiliar with.

    "Let me show you." The elf walked over to a small dome of smooth carved rock, embedded in the ground. He crouched and his hands began to glow as he muttered under his breath. He then cast a bolt of lightning at the peak of the dome and stood back. Suddenly the earth beneath their feet began to rumble and the dome rose out of the ground, revealing a sturdy stone structure.

    "This structure is known as a Wayshrine. They were used for meditation and for transport when the Chantry was a place of enlightenment. Prelates of these shrines were charged with teaching the mantras of Auri-El to our Initiates." Both Serana and Samuel inspected the Wayshrine more closely.

    “What is this basin in the centre signify?" She pointed at the small pedestal.

    "Once the Initiate completed his mantras, he'd dip a ceremonial ewer in the basin and proceed to the next wayshrine. Once the Initiate's enlightenment was complete, he'd bring the ewer to the Chantry's Inner Sanctum. Pouring the contents of the ewer into the sacred basin of the Sanctum would allow him to enter for an audience with the Arch-Curate himself."

    "So I am guessing we too need to do all that to get into the temple?” Wyldfyre asked the elf, who smiled and nodded.

    “I know I ask a great deal from you, but if there was another way I'd have done it long ago. The only way to get to my brother is by following in the Initiates' footsteps and traveling from wayshrine to wayshrine just as they did.”

    “Great” Wyldfyre heard Serana mutter under her breath. Whether Gelebor heard her or not, he did not reveal but continued on.

    “The first lies at the end of Darkfall Passage. I will open the way for you after you fill the ewer" He handed over an old carved jug and Wyldfyre took it reluctantly.

    "There are five Wayshrines in total, spread far apart across the Chantry. Once you've located one, there will be a spectral Prelate tending to it. They will allow you to draw the waters from the shrine's basin as if you've been enlightened. Then proceed on to the next one”

    “How far into this cave system is the Temple?” Samuel asked the elf.

    “Cave system? Oh, the Chantry is far more than just caves. But I will leave that for you to discover” He turned his attention back to Wyldfyre and looked at her seriously “This may be the last time we're able to converse. If you have any questions before you leave, I suggest you ask them. Otherwise, all I can do now is grant you my hopes for a safe journey." Wyldfyre thought for a moment. She had dozens of questions, but could not think of where to begin. She wanted to know a great more about Gelebor and his brother and the history of the Snowelves, but there was no time. They needed to get the bow and it sounded like they still had quite a journey ahead of them.

    “All I can hope for is to see you again, at the end of all this. Then we may sit down together and share a mead” she smiled. Gelebor looked a little take aback, not having had anyone to converse with for so many years.

    “I should like that very much, Young one” he smiled. Wyldfyre took the stairs to the top of the Wayshrine and dipped the jug into the basin, filling it slightly to allow room for more. The curved archway in front of her shimmered until a different scene lay before them, the path to the next shrine. Wyldfyre took one last look back before she stepped through. Gelebor raised a hand before he disappeared and she was soon standing on the other side of the archway, the cold rush of stale cave air hitting her. Soon she was joined by Serana and Samuel.

    “Well, what do you think?” she asked them. Samuel shrugged.

    “I really can’t say. I don’t know much about Snowelves. Until a few minutes ago I thought they were long gone.”

    “Indeed as did I.” Serana agreed “But I think we would be mad not to follow his instructions. I have a feeling this is the right path”

    “I agree” Wyldfyre nodded “I just wanted to check with you both. Let’s find the next Shrine, then perhaps take a break. I don’t know about you two but I’m starving”


    Darkfall Passage opened out into an enormous cavern filled with the same luminescent giant mushrooms that Wyldfyre had seen in Blackreach. The ground was dotted here and there by pretty bell-shaped flowers that glowed in hues of pink and purple. The trio made their way across the cavern by way of a narrow path that then wound its way back up to a flat area far above. Occasionally they caught glimpses of small timid deer with dark hides and glowing green spots. The whole cavern was very pretty and Wyldfyre would have liked to have spent a little more time there. But they had to press on and soon came to the next Wayshrine. True to his word, a spectral figure stood waiting for them like Gelebor had explained. Wyldfyre approached and the ghostly snowelf greeted her as if she was one of the Initiates. He then raised the Wayshrine as Gelebor had done and allowed Wyldfyre and the others to take from the basin and continue on through to the next shrine by way of another portal.

    After a quick break they continued on through a winding passage. Wyldfyre had the feeling they were ascending out of the cave system. The air seemed to be becoming clearer. Soon her suspicions were confirmed when she caught her first glimpse of daylight. Her footsteps quickened, eager to be out in the open country again. The air grew colder as she and the others stepped out onto a flat rock ledge that overlooked a massive valley below. Wyldfyre gasped at the sheer size of the vale. It was an icy wonderland of valleys, lakes, waterfalls and rocky mountains. It was beyond beautiful.

    “Now I know why Gelebor didn’t tell us about this” Samuel smiled. “You have to actually see it to appreciate how wondrous it is”

    “Indeed” Wyldfyre agreed “But as beautiful as this view is, we need to keep going. I can see it taking us days at least.” They started down the path that led into the small valley below, the first section of the vale. Wyldfyre hoped that the Wayshrines weren’t too difficult to find. She carried the jug that sloshed with the ceremonial water. She swallowed; her mouth dry. She was very tempted to drink it and smirked to herself at the very idea.
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    “What is it?” The trio watched the giant shaggy white thing stomp around its camp. Wyldfyre thought it looked to be a cross between a giant and a frost troll. They had spied the creature as they had descended into the valley below, atop a ridge to their left. It appeared to have some sort of camp set up under a rocky outcrop and it paced back and forth, sniffing the air occasionally. It carried a large club but otherwise was not doing anything threatening.

    “Looks like a giant, but I have not seen the likes of him before” Serana remarked.

    “I’m not sure what it is but I don’t think we need to go up there and ask it” Wyldfyre said. There was no need to disturb this creature. They also had no idea how dangerous it was, if it was even a threat to them at all.

    “I agree. Let us leave this creature to it’s peace.” Serana nodded. They slipped silently away from their hiding spot and continued on to the valley floor. They walked warily under the ghostly trees, their footfalls silent on the mossy ground; weapons ready for anything.

    After finding the second Wayshrine, the trio followed the most obvious path through the vale. Soon they came upon a narrow ravine they would have to pass through to get to the next section of the valley. Wyldfyre could see the rock walls were covered in spider webs and large bulging egg sacks, which indicated a Frostbite spider den. They stopped to discuss their options.

    “I did not see any other way to the next valley” said Serana, who had scouted the mountain to their left. “The rock face is sheer and impassable”

    “I really hate spiders” Samuel grumbled. Wyldfyre frowned as she stared at the ravine. There was no other way.

    “We must press on. I hate to do this but, we need to get through to the other side.”

    “Great” the young man huffed. “Well I am just putting it out there that I think this is a bad idea. We have no idea how many of them there are”

    “When has that ever stopped us?” Wyldfyre gave a wolfish grin and began to strip her armour, causing Samuel to take the hint and do the same.

    “Well that’s easy for you to say...Dragonborn” he grinned then as well. Wyldfyre concentrated and felt the now familiar tearing and stretching of her insides as she changed into her wolf form. Her transition was quick and the shewolf waited patiently for the young pup to finish his transformation.

    “Let us hunt” she growled. The two wolves bounded up the path, followed closely behind by Serana who brandished a sword in one hand and her drain life spell glowing red in the other. Their plan was to take the spiders by surprise, but the creatures were quick to respond and soon swarmed over the trio. The wolves slashed and snapped at the spiders, their teeth crunching down on the thin, spindly legs. They left those ones to Serana who finished them off with a quick sword thrust. The Shewolf was occupied with a particularly nimble spider when she heard her pack mate yelp in pain. She turned to see the wolf staggering with a large wound in his leg, the offending spider dead at his feet.

    “Retreat!” she ordered him, and he stumbled back down the path, leaving her and Serana to finish off the remaining spiders. As soon as the last one lay dead, she turned and ran back down the path to find Samuel, now in his human form, shivering and moaning on the frozen ground. Wyldfyre returned to her human form as well and quickly pulled on a tunic top. She bent over Samuel, examining his leg. A small spider had managed to give him a bite on his thigh. Wyldfyre could see the poison spreading through his veins already. She looked to Serana, whose eyes were filled with fear.

    “This is not good” she whispered.

    “What can we do for a frostbite spider bite?” Wyldfyre asked. She rummaged around in her satchel and pulled out healing potions and salves. She had no idea if it would be enough. She forced two bottles of potion down Samuel’s throat and it seemed to help somewhat. Serana frowned.

    “I may be mistaken.” She cocked her head to the side in reflection “I think, because of your blood in his veins, he is not as bad off as I initially thought”

    “What do you mean?” Wyldfyre asked, soothing the young man as he whimpered again. He shook violently as the healing potion began to work on him.

    “What I mean is that if Samuel had not of had your blood in him. Your blood that seems to give you your longevity of life. If not for that, he would already be dead.” Wyldfyre’s eyes widened at the enormity of Serana’s statement. Samuel was alive because of her blood. The same blood that stopped her from aging. The same blood that turned him into a Werewolf. What had she done?

    “Does this mean he won’t age like me as well?” she asked, her heart thumping in her chest.

    “I don’t know” Serana shook her head as she reached out and lay a hand on the young man’s shoulder “But he is not Dragonborn, so I think that would make a difference, don’t you?”

    “I have no idea” Wyldfyre said. She was frustrated in not knowing more about her “condition” than what she knew, which was next to nothing. She felt torn. Angry at herself for possibly sealing Samuel’s fate to that of her own, and happy that her gift had saved his life, once again. She desperately wanted to speak to Paarthurnax but he was too far away for her to commune with. She shook her head, not wanting to think about it right then. Her first priority was getting Samuel somewhere more comfortable to recover.

    “Can you find us a spot?” she asked the vampire “I want Samuel out of the weather” Serana nodded and sped silently away.

    “I’m sorry Wyldfyre” Samuel whispered from his inclined position. Wyldfyre looked down and smiled.

    “Sorry for what? Don’t be silly. Could have happened to any one of us”

    “Is what Serana said true? About your blood?”

    “I guess” Wyldfyre shrugged “I wouldn’t think much on it for now. We need to get you up and about again.”

    “You could just leave me and go on ahead. I’ll be fine, and you can come get me when you’re done”

    “I’m not leaving you behind” she said. There were many reasons why, but she didn’t go into that with the young man. It took quite a while but then Serana returned to inform them that she had found an abandoned cave, which was, very conveniently located near the next Wayshrine. Wyldfyre questioned the “abandoned” status of the cave when she spied a couple of fresh blood spots staining the white snow.

    “Oh I assure you, the inhabitants of this cave no long reside within.” The vampire glanced over to the river then looked back at them. Wyldfyre noticed her blade was stained with fresh blood also.

    “You forgot to clean your blade” she said, her eyebrow arching. She helped Samuel into the cave. It didn’t smell the best, but its previous occupants had been kind enough to leave the fire going and vale animal skins lay strewn about, making it somewhat homey. Wyldfyre could ignore the smell for a bit of warmth and a fluffy bedroll.

    “So who lived in here before?” she asked as she got Samuel settled on a bedroll next to the fire. She already knew the answer though, evidence of the former inhabitants strewn about the cave floor.

    “Falmer” Serana shrugged; sheathing her now clean sword. “Though I guess I should now call them The Betrayed”

    “I really wanted to ask Gelebor why he called them that”

    “I’m sure it is a fascinating story” Serana nodded “Meanwhile I have something to give Samuel”. Wyldfyre moved back, curious as to what Serana was intending. The Vampire knelt down beside Samuel and held out her hands over him and then Wyldfyre realised that she was going to use her healing spells on the young man. She excused herself and went outside, keen to survey the area surrounding their cave. The Wayshrine indeed was close, but, not having the ewer on her, she turned instead to the river. She still had not put her armour back on, as dangerous as that was. Her feet left deep impressions in the virgin snow as she strolled down to the river. As cold as it was down here on the valley floor, Wyldfyre delighted in the frigid air and the snow squelching between her toes. She dipped a foot into the river, its water glass-like as it flowed speedily past her. The play of the sun’s reflections on the rocks on the river bed mesmerised her and she was soon lost in thought.

    She was broken out of her revere when she heard another set of footsteps in the snow. She didn’t need to see who it was however.

    “He will sleep the rest of the night” Serana said as she came to stand beside Wyldfyre “I think he will be fine by morning”

    “Good” Wyldfyre nodded. She had been afraid that she really would have had to make the decision to leave him behind. “I don’t mind stopping here for the night. It’s a good spot”

    “You seem pensive. What troubles you my love?”

    “Oh, nothing in particular” Wyldfyre shrugged “Missing home, worried about Samuel, wondering about my blood and what I have done. Worried that we are on some sort of fool’s errand”

    “You are worried we may not even find the bow?”

    “Yes and the fact that we have to murder someone to get it”

    “You have killed before?” Serana frowned “Why is this kill any different”

    “I don’t know. I usually kill in self defence. Usually.” She sighed “I guess I shouldn’t even be worried about it. The things I have done in the past, the people I have killed, what’s one more right?”

    “But you feel that this one in particular is different”

    “Yes” she turned to Serana, glad that she understood. “I feel like I’ve been hired, like some dirty assassin or something”

    “A few years ago, which for me was a few good years ago” Serana said “there was a band of assassins that went by the name of The Dark Brotherhood. Are they still active?”

    “I’m not sure” Wyldfyre frowned. “I had not heard that name until now. I suppose they could”

    “It is of no matter. Let me say this to you” She put her hands on Wyldfyre’s shoulders, causing the red-head to look her in the eyes “This kill, has to be done. It is the only way to obtain Auriel’s Bow. If we do not get that bow, my father wins and that could mean the end of life as we know it in Tamriel”

    “I know that, it’s just..well I want to pout about it. Is that too much to ask?”

    “Of course not” Serana smiled and then kissed Wyldfyre on the lips “You are adorable when you pout”. Wyldfyre stuck out her tongue in response.

    “Are you hungry?” she asked her friend. But the vampire shook her head.

    “I’m fine. Full to the brim on Falmer” she smiled. Wyldfyre shuddered.


    Wyldfyre held on to the ewer, now filled with the water from three of the Wayshrines. Samuel walked beside her, his leg, miraculously almost healed overnight. The combination of blood, potions and healing spells had done him wonders. After collecting the water from the Wayshrine they had camped near, they turned back and made their way down the valley along the river bank. They day dawned clear and bright and the sun reflected upon the snow, making everything look like it glowed from within. The valley seemed to lead them in two directions. To continue travelling along the riverbed, or take the ruined path up the hill on the left. As they drew closer to the stone archways, Wyldfyre heard a very faint but familiar chanting in her head. She looked up and saw the top of a word wall, peaking over the rocky outcrop.

    “Is that what I think it is?” Samuel asked, his keen eyes picking up the carved stone.

    “It is indeed. I need to go up there to learn the word. And we should at least see if there is a Wayshrine up there.” They trudged up the snowy hill and as they reached the top they could see a large frozen lake before them. The word wall lay to their left, along the edge of the lake. The lake itself stretched for miles. A sheer cliff hundreds of feet high stood on the right side of the lake. At the top of that Wyldfyre could see a carved balustrade. Could that be the temple Gelebor told them about? Wyldfyre turned her attention back to the word wall. She edged around the bank of the lake, careful not to set foot on the frozen water. The chanting grew louder as she neared the wall and soon she stood before it. Her vision clouded as the symbols seemed to leap from the wall towards her. She felt them enter her body and the dragon souls inside her consumed it.

    It was the second word to the Drain vitality shout she had learned in Dimhollow Crypt where she and Aiden had found Serana. Wyldfyre frowned, trying to understand the complex shout. Suddenly her concentration was broken by a loud cracking sound coming from the lake. The three of them turned and Wyldfyre was astounded to see two dragons bursting forth from the icy waters. Great chunks of ice were hurled through the sky as the two dragons emerged from their watery slumber.

    “How is that possible?” Wyldfyre thought out loud as she grabbed her crossbow from her back and loaded it with a bolt. “I didn’t feel their presence at all!”

    “Maybe the water muffled them” Serana offered as she readied herself with spells, her hands glowing blue. Samuel discarded his sword for his longbow.

    “We are way out in the open here!” He shouted to them. He was a little further down the lake shore. Wyldfyre watched as the two dragons danced in the sky. They turned summersaults over and over each other, bellowing and spurting flames in the air. She had never seen dragons such as these, let alone acting the way they did with one another. Were they mates?

    The dragons looked similar to the dragons of Skyrim that Wyldfyre had encountered. Except that these two had flat heads and wide, flat tails. She could feel the power emanating from them and knew that they were about to be in for the fight of their lives. She then suddenly had an idea. She had almost forgotten about her bend will shout. It worked on one dragon, why not two?

    “Stay your hand!” She ordered Samuel and Serana. “I want to try something first.”

    “Well I hope it works because here one comes!” Samuel cried. The dragon in question broke from its dance with the other and turned towards the humans on the ground. It could detect three odd things about them. One being that one of them was a vampire and two, the others were Werebeasts. The most curious thing of all however, was that one of the Werebeasts had Dragonblood in her. The dragon pulled up and hovered in the air, its great wings flapping to keep it steady. It peered at the human with curiosity. Then, astonishing of all, the human spoke.

    “I know you know me dragon. The question is, what say you about it?” Wyldfyre swallowed as the waves of power washed over her, almost causing her to stumble to her knees. This dragon was strong. It probed her mind, her body until it found what it was looking for. Wyldfyre felt it retreat and relay its findings to the other dragon, who turned in the air and plummeted towards them as well.

    “The Kriid of Aldiun” The first dragon sneered as the second dragon joined it. Wyldfyre stood her ground as the two of them gazed at her with their fathomless eyes.
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    My lovely Ash! *tackles and hugs*
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    D8 MY LEGS!!!

    anyways happy you're writing it again :3 enjoyed the reading :D
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    The two dragons looked like twins as they beat their wings in unison, staring down at the curious human before them. They felt the dragon souls inside her, and the blood of Alduin coursing through her veins. A conflicting range of emotions washed over them. They had been so out of touch with their kin for so long in this isolated vale. They had felt the demise of the black dragon Alduin when he had fallen, but it had not affected them as it had those in the rest of Tamriel. The dragons, known as Naaslaarum and Voslaarum were unique in the fact that they had not been wiped out like their kin, but had merely laid in a forever slumber in their lair at the bottom of the lake. Wyldfyre’s presence and the word wall activating had awakened them from their deep sleep.

    Their bond was unique. Dragons were normally solitary creatures and never actively sort out companionship. Naaslaarum and Voslaarum were a law unto themselves however. They sort council with only each other and were completely content with their way of life. According to them, they answered to no-one; which is why they were not angry at the human who had slain Alduin. Granted he was still one of their kin, but the two had been together for so long they did not feel any empathy towards other dragons what so ever. Self proclaimed Lord or not.

    But now came the question as to what to do with the Dragonblood and its two companions. They had no desire to eat them, having survived solely on the marine life that lived in the lakes depths. They also felt no compulsion to merely kill the humans for the fun of it. The two dragons were beyond such frivolous activity. They saw the unnecessary destruction of another living soul incredibly wasteful and well, unnecessary.

    Still, the humans had encroached upon their vale. Had woken them up from what had been a very lovely sleep. Surely that should not go by unpunished? But then their curiosity also got the better of them. They just had to know why the Dragonblood was here in their vale. It had been a remarkably long time since they had seen a human, let alone three. And these three were very interesting indeed. Given that they were not entirely human at all.

    “What are they just hovering there for?” Samuel said through gritted teeth. He and Serana had been standing there with weapons readied, muscles tense, waiting for the imminent attack. Wyldfyre however, had felt the silent exchange between the two dragons and took her hand off her own sword, and stood there calmly.

    “Stay your hands” she warned the others quietly. “We are in no danger here” Indeed as she spoke the two dragons, by some silent agreement, both landed on the lakes surface in front of the trio.

    “Greetings” Wyldfyre said to the dragons and bowed low. They were close enough to her that she could feel their icy breath. The rush of cool air hit her, blowing her hair wildly about. It smelt like fish, but she was careful not to wrinkle her nose.

    “Drem Yol Lok(greetings)” one of the dragons replied.

    “We humbly apologise for disturbing you” Wyldfyre then said carefully, knowing the dragons would probably appreciate her apology. She felt their approval wash through them. They communicated with each other a lot in this way and Wyldfyre picked up a lot of insight about them, being able to read their emotions as she could. She could feel their burning curiosity and used that to her advantage. “I’m afraid it could not be helped however. As we are on a quest”

    “A quest?” the slightly smaller dragon asked, cocking its head to the side.

    “We seek the sacred Wayshrines of Auriel”

    “As have many before you. But many years ago, when this Vale was still inhabited by the ones who called themselves Snow elves” said the larger dragon. Wyldfyre looked at Serana, who raised an eyebrow.

    “You know of the Wayshrines we seek?”

    “We do”

    “Do you know where the two remaining shrines are?” she dared to ask the pair. The largest dragon swung its head towards her and blinked slowly. It appeared that the dragons were not so used to being out on dry land for so long. Wyldfyre observed them both blinking more frequently.

    “We do” it answered her. “Back when this vale was tended by the Elves, the Wayshrines were clearly visible. Now they lie in slumber, covered by the snow”

    “But we still remember” the other one said.

    “Indeed” the other agreed. Wyldfyre looked at her companions. She had a thought, a crazy thought, and wondered if Serana and Samuel would go for it. Serana most definitely would but she was not so sure about her young Companion. She could not discuss it with them in privet however. She did not wish to offend the Dragons. She wanted their help.

    “If only there was a way for us to see them too” she lamented out loud. She hoped the dragons took her hint. She wanted the idea to come from them. “I have no desire to stomp all over this vale in search of them”

    “Nor I” Samuel said. Wyldfyre wondered if Samuel guessed what she was trying to achieve or if he actually did feel that way.

    “If it’s the only way it must be done” Serana then said, stepping forward, emphasising her point well when her foot accidently broke through the icy surface of the lake. “Opps” she frowned. Both dragons looked at the small hole Serana’s boot had left. She stepped again and there was another audible crack under her foot. “Oh dear...”

    “Stop!” the larger dragon said hurriedly. “Before your overly large feet breaks up our entire lake!” Wyldfyre raised an eyebrow in amusement.

    “What do you suggest then?” She said to the pair. The dragons were silent for a while, but Wyldfyre felt the exchange between the two and almost smiled. Her plan, as blatant as it was, had worked.

    “We will take you to the last two Shrines. Just, do not sully our vale anymore!”


    Wyldfyre felt the icy wind whip through her armour as they soared over the mountain. Serana had a firm grip on her waist from her position behind her. They sat wedged in between the larger dragons scaly spikes. Samuel was on the back of the smaller dragon. Wyldfyre looked over to him and almost laughed at the look on his face. It was one of pure terror.

    “Hold on to me, Mal Grohiik!(little wolf)” the dragon warned through the wind. Samuel’s knuckles turned white as he gripped the dragon tighter.

    “This is not funny Wyldfyre!” he screeched at her, making Wyldfyre laugh even harder.

    “You’re enjoying yourself” Serana commented from behind.

    “I am” Wyldfyre whipped at a tear in her eye. She hadn’t felt this exhilarated in months. Serana squeezed her tighter.

    “I like seeing you like this” she said in her ear. Wyldfyre nodded happily. The dragons took them north along the river and up into the mountain until they came to a wide flat area. Sitting in the middle was a small dome. The dragons landed softly and Wyldfyre slipped down to the ground, Serana passing the ewer down to her. She approached the shrine and the Ghostly figure of the Prelate appeared, granting her access to the Shrine. The Dragons watched on with interest as Wyldfyre collected the water from the shrine and carried it back to them. She handed the ewer to Serana as she climbed back up onto the dragon’s back. Then they set of again into the sky.

    “The next shrine is in a place where we can not go” the dragon said to her as it turned south again.

    “Why is that?” she leaned down to speak to it.

    “It is located in a deep crevice. We simply can not land in there”

    “What do you propose?”

    “We can set down above. You and your companions will have to make your own way from there.”

    “Oh” Wyldfyre sat back. She was disappointed their flight was about to end but knew she couldn’t ride the dragon forever. “Then that is how it shall be”

    “Very well”. The dragons turned sharply, causing Samuel to give a little yelp in alarm. They beat their wings and set down on a ledge, high above the valley below.

    “We regret that we could not take you any further” the smaller dragon said. It eyed Samuel with what Wyldfyre thought to be fondness. “Farewell Mal Grohiik!” it said then took off into the sky.

    “May I call you Fahdon (friend)?” Wyldfyre asked the remaining dragon.

    “If we may call you Fahdon in return, Dragonblood”

    “I would like that” she smiled.

    “Farewell Dragonblood, Fahdon to the Dovah” called the dragon before it disappeared with its companion.

    “What a strange pair” Wyldfyre said out loud. Samuel was too busy throwing up his breakfast to wonder. When he recovered he stood straight, whipping his mouth.

    “Feeling better Mal Grohiik?” Wyldfyre asked him, amused.

    “Yes, much better” he answered her. “What does that mean by the way, I didn’t really want to ask the dragon?”

    “It means Little Wolf” Wyldfyre said.

    “Oh, I thought it was calling me something rude, but, I like that. Mal Grohiik. Huh. How did they know though, that I’m a Werewolf?”

    “I’m not sure, but they just know. The same as they knew Serana is a vampire and I am...well, you know”

    “Did you see all the Falmer huts we flew over?”

    “I’m surprised you saw anything Samuel” Serana smiled “You had your eyes closed when I looked at you”

    “Well I didn’t have them closed the entire time. Those dragons, I hate to admit, saved us a lot of trouble”

    “They did indeed” Wyldfyre nodded. She turned and looked for a way that they could safely traverse to the valley floor below. “This is going to take a while” she said to her friends “Be careful and place every foot true” They started down the side of the mountain, the going slow as they had to be careful their feet were touching solid, sturdy rock before they proceeded on to the next part. It took the better part of the afternoon but they finally made it to the bottom. They took a break, their limbs shaking with the prolonged exertion.

    “I wonder if we could get those dragons to fly us out of here when we find the bow?” Samuel mused as they snacked on dried meat.

    “I thought you hated flying?” Wyldfyre asked the young man.

    “I do. But I hate climbing mountains even more” he answered. Wyldfyre had to agree with him. They soon continued on their way along the crevice floor until they could see the opening to a cave up ahead. With no other path they entered the glacial cave. The cave was dotted here and there with Falmer and the trio were at times hard pressed by the Betrayed. They tried to sneak past whenever they could but could not help but fight their way through in some parts. Soon they were out the other side of the cave an in the deep crevice again, it sloped upwards until it finally levelled out, the last Wayshrine ahead. Wyldfyre listened to the Prelate before waiting for the shrine to rise out of the snow. She filled the ewer and they continued along the path. The ewer was now quite heavy, full to the brim with water as it was.

    Finally they cleared the crevice and found themselves out in the vale again, this time overlooking a wide stone bridge that spanned across a deep valley. Wyldfyre looked over the edge and saw the dragon’s lake far below them. They crossed the bridge. It was eerily quiet. The bridge ended with a large court yard and a vast stone building with many arched windows. A huge statue of a robed Snow elf dominated the centre of the court yard. The trio walked around it to stairs that lead to a huge doorway. Samuel tried the door but it wouldn’t budge. Wyldfyre nodded to the stone pedestal with the basin that sat before the door.

    “I guess this is where the water goes” she said. She hefted the ewer up and poured its contents into the basin. The water drained through a small hole in the bottom. They stepped back as the water flowed out from four holes at the base of the pedestal. It ran along tracks carved in the rock to an intricate carving that glowed green when full.

    “It must be some sort of magical seal” Serana said, as the doors suddenly opened, gaining them access to the Inner Sanctum. The inside of the temple lay in ruins. Skeletons of long dead Snow Elves lay strewn about, their bodies never moved since they had fallen.

    “What happened here?” Serana whispered looking about.

    “I don’t know. I suspect it was one of the questions I should have asked Gelebor” Wyldfyre said. Some of the corpses were frozen in time. These frozen ones seemed to be Falmer. “A great battle took place here. That is for certain”

    “This one is holding something” Samuel said and he reached for the object; a gold amulet hanging from its icy fingers.

    “Wait! Samuel!” Wyldfyre warned but it was too late. Samuel took the necklace from the icy statue and it suddenly burst into life. The frozen Falmer glowed an eerie white as it shambled forward towards Samuel, who backed away, drawing his weapon. The Falmer held up an icy arm and cold air billowed out from its palm. Samuel yelped as the frigid air hit him in the face. Wyldfyre leaped at the Falmer and hit it with her sword. It shattered into a million pieces.

    “Well” Samuel breathed heavily “Now we know not to touch the frozen Falmer eh?”
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    Yes, unbelievable as it may be, here is a new chapter! Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy <3


    As they made their way deeper into the ruined temple, Wyldfyre had a growing feeling of foreboding. The temple seemed too quiet and she didn’t like it. She sensed the same tension from her companions as well. They crept through the darkening halls, filled with the frozen Falmar, their hands gripped tightly on their weapons. Every now and then an icicle would drop or a crack reverberated from deep below, making all three of them jump. It was Samuel who eventually voiced his concerns.

    “I don’t like this Wyldfyre, not one little bit. We are heading into the unknown in this Temple. The further we go in the more likely it is we become lost in here.” Wyldfyre stopped, calling a temporary halt to their progress.

    “What do you suggest then?” she asked, wiping the moisture off her brow. Despite the chilled air, she was sweating.

    “You know I’m not one to back down from a fight...”

    “We can’t turn around” Serana said “We’ve come too far” But Samuel shook his head.

    “And I’m not suggesting that. But I think it would be foolhardy of us to continue any further without a means of escape. One of us should stay behind and plot our course out of this place. And by one of us I mean me”

    “What? Samuel, we have to stick together..” Wyldfyre started to protest but Samuel stood straight, squaring his shoulders.

    “I know I am the weaker of us. No, you know it to be true. I’m sure I could provide some support for whatever lays ahead, but I also know that I am even better at finding a way out. So while you two go ahead and retrieve the bow, I will mark out our escape, and meet you back here” Wyldfyre studied him for a while. The young man was right. Out of the two of them she would rather have Serana back her up in a fight. It disturbed her that she would pick the Vampire over one of her own. But she was also a realist. And this was Serana’s quest as much as it was hers. Probably even more so.

    “What do you think?” she turned to Serana, who had been studying the young Werewolf.

    “His idea is a sound one” Serana said carefully. “Although I don’t think you should be so quick to belittle yourself Samuel. You are a very fine warrior” she smiled then, causing Samuel to blush.

    “Are you sure about this?” Wyldfyre asked him.

    “Absolutely” he nodded.

    “Fine. But keep in contact” she tapped her forehead “I want to know the minute you run into any trouble”

    “Likewise” Samuel agreed. He lay a hand on Wyldfyre’s arm then did the same to Serana. “Be safe and Good Hunting”

    “I like his optimism” Serana commented when Samuel was out of sight, retracing their steps back to the temple entrance. She and Wyldfyre turned and continued on further into the temple.

    “You mean his thinking that we are all going to get out of here alive?” Wyldfyre asked, stepping around a fallen pillar of carved stone.

    “Exactly” Serana nodded. “But what I find more odd is that he completely overlooked the fact that two Werewolves could have found their way back out of this temple again with their eyes closed.”

    “That is odd” Wyldfyre stopped and was about to communicate that to Samuel but Serana shook her head.

    “I do not think it wise to point that out to him. He has his reasons. Maybe the bite from that spider pains him and he felt not up to the task. For whatever reason, bringing it up will only cause to embarrass him”

    “You’re right” Wyldfyre agreed. She began moving again and was silent, lost in her thoughts. She thought about home and of Farkas and what he was doing right then. She had no idea what time of the day it was back in Whiterun. Was it morning? If so then Farkas would be out in the practice yard with the new recruits, training them to be better warriors. Was it evening meal time, when all of the Companions gathered in the hall, the smells of meat cooking and the room filled with laughter and conversation. Or was it the dark of night? Farkas would be in bed. His body relaxed in sleep, the steady rise and fall of his chest that Wyldfyre had watched so many nights. Or was he laying there awake, thinking of her? She wished she could see him now, lay down beside him and be wrapped in his arms. A gentle touch brought her back to the temple. Serana had stopped, her head cocked to one side.

    “I sense a presence in a chamber ahead of us. I think it wise to pull back a little and gain some strength back”

    “Good idea. We have no idea what we are going to encounter in there” Wyldfyre agreed. They found a small antechamber and settled down for a small break. Wyldfyre rummaged around in her satchel. Her food stores were getting very low. She chewed on a piece of dried meat while Serana sat, staring off into dark hall beyond.

    “I feel we are very close to the end of our journey” she then said, breaking the silence between them.

    “I feel it to” Wyldfyre nodded. Serana looked at her; her eyes a deep amber colour.

    “Whatever the outcome, I’m glad you are here with me”

    Wyldfyre smiled. She didn’t agree with Serana however. Yes, she was fond of the vampire, but her heart belonged to Farkas and that would never change. Not for anyone. She would love nothing more than to put all this adventuring behind her and settle down to a quite life. Being the Harbinger, being a wife. She finished her meal and looked to the Vampire.

    “Do you need to feed?”

    “Yes” Serana inclined her head. Wyldfyre positioned herself so that Serana could have easy access to her neck. She remained still as the vampire bit into her flesh. They both remained silent while Serana had her fill. When she finally released Wyldfyre, she moved away.

    “Thank you” she said simply. Wyldfyre did not answer her. She packed her satchel and shouldered it, then changed her mind and dropped it to the ground.

    “I think, given how close we are, that we should leave our things here. Take weapons only the rest of the way”

    “A good idea” Serana agreed. She placed her satchel next to Wyldfyre’s, sheathing her sword only. A nod to Wyldfyre and they left the small chamber and continued down the great hallway. As they progressed, their path grew more hazardous. They had to clamber over fallen pillars, or squeeze through holes in the rubble. It was clear that the main fight was centred in this part of the temple. More of the frozen Falmar lined the hall and the two were careful not to go near them. Soon Serana touched Wyldfyre’s arm.

    “Up ahead. The next chamber.” She whispered. Wyldfyre had detected the presence as well. It had an odd feel to it. Like nothing she had felt before. It left her with a very uneasy feeling. She unhooked her crossbow and notched and arrow. They crept forward, weaving through the fallen pillars until it opened out into a massive chamber. Huge columns held up a crumbling ceiling of white marble. There were many more of the frozen Falmer. At the far end of the chamber was a dais. A figure sat on a white throne at the top.

    “Gelebor’s brother” Serana said with a sharp intake of breath. In that breath, Wyldfyre had drawn and released her bolt. It whistled through the air but ricocheted off an invisible barrier the Snow Elf had erected around himself.

    “And finally. A daughter of Coldharbour arrives, and with a meal no less” the Snow Elf sneered. He slouched in the throne, his fingers drumming on the arm. He looked very similar to his brother, but Wyldfyre could feel the waves of malice emanating off him, where as Gelebor had a calming presence.

    “What? What are you talking about?” Serana demanded stepping forward.

    “Easy” Wyldfyre warned her friend quietly. Wyldfyre’s sense of unease grew. The Snow Elf was too please with himself, to calm. Something wasn’t right. “This isn’t right” she voiced her concerns to her friend.

    “How do you know about me?” Serana continued with her questioning, edging ever closer to the dais.

    “All will be revealed in good time” The Elf said “But first, let’s deal with your..companion” and with a slight flick of his wrist the whole hall burst into life. Centuries frozen Falmer were suddenly released from their icy tombs and descended upon Wyldfyre and Serana. They came at them in waves, overwhelming the two as they tried to battle their way through the masses. Moments after they had defeated one group, another would take their place. Wyldfyre and Serana were hard pressed. During the fight, Wyldfyre glanced up to the throne to see the Elf leaning forward, his face growing red with rage. He stood and clenched his fists, raising his arms to the ceiling.

    Wyldfyre was almost crushed by a part of the ceiling. The Elf was now trying to bring the whole building down upon them. They had to dodge bits of roof and the frozen Falmer. Somehow, they managed to overcome the Falmer and were about to make their way towards the dais when the world exploded. Wyldfyre was thrown backwards, hitting the floor, knocking her senseless. When she awoke her vision swam and her ears rang. Serana’s worried face came into view.

    “Easy” she said “Are you hurt?” She carefully pulled Wyldfyre up into a sitting position. Wyldfyre shook her head, trying to dispel the fog between her ears. Only then did she notice that she was now sitting outside, or rather the temple no longer had a ceiling or walls.

    “I..don’t think so. What happened?”

    “The Elf. He blew the whole building apart. You were thrown back from the blast. He’s escaped through that opening. Wyldfyre I know you must feel horrid but we can’t let him get away” Wyldfyre stood and readjusted herself, then took up her crossbow. Her ears still rang but she knew Serana was right. They didn’t come all this way to leave empty handed.

    “Let’s do this” she gritted her teeth. There was nothing for them to do but to scramble over the rubble and make their way to the courtyard where the Snow Elf had escaped. Wyldfyre could see him, up on a balcony; his body slumped over as if he himself had been injured in the blast.

    “Be prepared for a trap” Wyldfyre called as they ascended the stairs. But Serana ran straight to the Elf and grabbed the front of his robe, lifting him a foot off the ground. Wyldfyre admired her strength and daring.

    "Enough, of this. Give us the bow!" She shook him like a ragdoll.

    "How dare you!” the Elf spluttered, indignant “I was the Arch-Curate of Auri-El, girl. I had the ears of a god!"

    "Until the "Betrayed" corrupted you. Yes, yes. We've heard this story" Wyldfyre rolled her eyes. But the Elf laughed.

    "Gelebor and his kind, the fools! I easily manipulated them. Look into my eyes, Daughter of Coldharbour. Tell me what I am." Serana stared into the Elf’s eyes and suddenly dropped him.

    "You're... you're a vampire? But, Auriel should have protected you..." Wyldfyre looked at the Elf. This was why she sensed something different in him. But why she couldn’t detect the vampire in him she didn’t know.

    " Auri-El turned his back on me!” the Elf screeched insanely, He paced back and forth. Wyldfyre trained her bow on his every movement, but he appeared to not even notice her “I swore I'd have my revenge, no matter what the cost!"

    "Revenge on a God? Impossible!" Serana frowned. She too watched his every move, her fingers flexing, ready for a spell.

    "Don’t you think I know that, Girl! Auri-El himself may have been beyond my reach, but his influence on our world isn’t. All I needed was the blood of a vampire and his own weapon, Auriel's Bow." Serana and Wyldfyre both got the enormity of the Elf’s statement in an instant.

    "The blood of a vampire... Auriel's Bow... It... it was you! You created that prophecy!" Serana stepped back.

    "A prophecy that lacked a single, final ingredient...” he turned to Serana then and stalked towards her “..the blood of a pure vampire. The blood of a Daughter of Coldharbour."

    "You’ve been waiting all this time for someone with my blood to come along?” Serana stepped back further, drawing her sword and her spell springing to life in the palm of her hand. Wyldfyre raised her bow. “Well, too bad for you... I intend on keeping it!”

    The Elf suddenly sprang into life, gathering in his energy. Wyldfyre loosed an arrow but he had already erected a magical barrier around himself. Serana’s drain spell however, broke through the barrier and caught the Elf off guard for a moment before he countered with his own frost spell. It hit Serana and she stumbled back, almost toppling into the courtyard below. Wyldfyre discarded her crossbow and drew her sword. She edged around behind the Elf, stealing a quick glance over the balcony railing. They were high up in the mountain, directly above the lake. A fall from such a height would mean certain death for a normal human being. Wyldfyre could see the holes in the ice that the dragons had broken through. Sending the Elf over the edge however was not an option. What if he could fly like Serana?

    She swung her sword, trying to get in a blow but it merely glanced off the barrier. The blow to the Elf was harmless but it did serve as a distraction, allowing Serana to recover and regain a little energy back. She blasted at the barrier, finally breaking through it and hit the Elf with her full force. The Elf stumbled back, giving Wyldfyre room to swing her sword in a wide arc, but she missed and was hit with a blast of frost that sent her over the edge of the balcony.

    Wyldfyre had time to think on her way to the frozen lake below. She wondered if this, this deathly long fall, would finally be the end of her. She sent out a loving thought to her love, Farkas, and then closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable. The frigid air rushed past her as she plummeted down for what seemed like an eternity until she finally hit the ice. She felt every bone in her body break as the ice cracked around her and she sank into the water. Rivulets of blood streamed past her as her body slowly sank to the murky depths below. Wyldfyre expelled what little air she had left in her lungs as her body came to a gentle rest on the lakes bottom. Then all went black.
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