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Spoiler Who did you recruit?

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by thecelticlatino, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. thecelticlatino

    thecelticlatino Active Member

    Nov 15, 2011
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    For the Blades? What NPCs did you recruit? Did you go with a theme, select them at random or pick your favorites?

    For mine:

    Brunhilde (Nord Barbarian)- Tough Warrior Women
    -Njada Stonearm (Companions)
    -Aela the Huntress (Companions)
    -Unthegard (Brawl Lady in Whiterun)

    I went with a 'tough warrior woman' theme, my PC being a lady barbarian herself, so why not recruit powerful Nord women like herself into the fray? Njada and Aela were tough and weathered. The third was a debate between Lydia and Unthegard but overall Unthegard seemed more like an interesting addition. I can see her and Njada brawling...a lot.

    Tiberius (Imperial Paladin)- Compassion Theme
    -Marcurio (Mage mercenary in Riften)
    -Sven (Nord bard in Riverwood)
    -Cosnach (Breton brawl boy in Markath)

    Tiberius is the type of guy who would give pity and compassion to others, so why not let these guys have a new life and turn themselves around? The Blades could always use a good mage, and why not get an Imperial out of the sellsword life and let him do some good? Sven (after I found out on another character that he's actually very effective if you equip him right) seemed like a lazy bard with no life, so I gave him purpose (and away from Hilde). Cosnach was the town's drunk, so getting him in was doing him (and Markath) a favor.

    Talon (Argonian Mage-Assassin)- Tough Guys
    -Ahtar (Redguard executioner in Solitude)
    -Stenvar (Nord mercenary in Windhelm)
    -Vorstag (Nord mercenary in Markath)

    Being Talon's relatively a glass cannon, who better to help him on those dragon slaying runs than three heavily armed tough guys who can give as much damage as they can take? The Blades really doesn't seem to be about noble warriors as much as they are protectors who will do what they have to in order to ensure Tamriel's safety, morals may or may not be included.

    Emile (Breton Arcane Warrior)- The College of Winterhold Kids
    -Onmund (Nord Winterhold student)
    -J'Zargo (Khajiit Winterhold student)
    -Brelyna (Dunmer Winterhold student)

    Gathering the three students of the mage's guild turns the Blades into a Magic Warrior's guild. The first dragon slaying run with them was awesome, poor beast didn't stand a chance against an onslaught of magic. Almost like watching a Harry Potter battle (except it was enjoyable with a likable cast, no fanboys involved!).

    Gehazi (Redguard Assassin)- Warriors
    -Lydia (Nord housecarl)
    -Stenvar (see Talon's description)
    -Vorstag (see Talon's description)

    To be honest I really didn't go with a theme on this one. Stenvar and Vorstag are tough mercs who would be very useful against dragons (plus...I like Stenvar). I really wanted to get the Dark Brotherhood Initiate in the Blades but the game wouldn't let me...would've been fun to have an assassin's guild involved, expand the Dark Brotherhood's enterprise a bit. Lydia I added this time because I think she's the perfect Blades candidate (and Ysolda got tired of her hanging around the house back in Whiterun).
  2. Killga

    Killga Huntress extraordinaire

    Dec 28, 2011
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    I am looking for recruits that fit the Blades profile as I understand it:
    Highly proficient with weapons or magic (preferably both)
    Highly intelligent
    Somewhat ruthless
    Few if any ties in Skyrim society

    So far I have only recruited Illia, who seemed to be a perfect Blade recruit to me:
    She is a powerful mage and might even be able to use shouts
    Being raised as a witch she realised the evil nature of her mother and freed herself from her (Twilight Tower Quest)
    Wanted to start a new life doing good deeds and has no ties whatsoever in society

    I considered Aela the Huntress who would fit the description as well, but to me she seemed to be too much of a free spirit belonging to the wilds. This is also why I didnt marry her, although I was tempted by her strength and natural grace. Not sure if the Blades would appreciate their new recruits being werewolves either...
  3. Sid

    Sid The fairly crap Pokémon trainer....

    Oct 16, 2012
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    My recruits are;
    Arthonnen Nerevar II - me (Male Dunmer Assassin)
    - Marcurio (Male Imperial Mage) - Only intelligent follower
    - Mjoll the Lioness (Female Nord Warrior) - More people in Sky Haven Temple (Aerin) Also she is Essential
    - Kharjo (Male Khajiit Warrior) - Just because I like him.
  4. Wildroses

    Wildroses Well-Known Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    I didn't end up recruiting anyone. The one character I created who actually got beyond the Sky Haven Temple didn't manage to do that quest before Delphine and Esbern gave the Paarthurnax ultimatum, which blindsided me. So I decided I liked everyone in Skyrim better than Delphine and Esbern and didn't hate anyone enough to trap them Sky Haven temple with them.
  5. sticky runes

    sticky runes Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2012
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    I just recruited Hirelings. That way, I don't have to pay their fee again if I want to travel with them. And they only ever sat around in taverns waiting for for to show up anyway, it's not like they would hang around outside and have a chance of getting into scraps with random dragons.
  6. Dr.Madness

    Dr.Madness Overlord of the Void

    Oct 15, 2012
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    Vlashda (Vampiric Breton Necromancer): The Order of the Black Abyss
    Jenassa (Dark Elf Mercenary)
    Aranea Lenith (Dark Elf Mage)
    Illia (Imperial Mage)

    I choose them because of Jenassa who is sinister and ruthless and Aranea Lenith is Mysterious and powerful and Illia is a powerful mage (more powerful then Aranea although Aranea is more balanced) although she isn't very evil. Jenassa will dual wield weapons (even if they aren't forsworn) as long as she doesn't have a shield (which I pick pocketed from her and placed 2 Daedric Swords in her inventory and her Highest Skill is archery so I gave her 1 Daedric arrow and she does pretty well. The dragon goes down pretty fast (even on master) since i use them and Sild the Warlock (Dual Casts Fireball) and Krev the Skinner (I gave her the Shield of Ysgamor, a Ebony Waraxe, and a Ebony Bow with Glass Arrows (way more common then Ebony and Daedric) ) and its only a 3 minute long fight.
  7. Clau

    Clau The Fateless One

    Jul 24, 2012
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    I recruited the following personnel after Me, Delphine and Esbern have arrived in Sky Haven Temple.

    - I recruited him as he was the first NPC that proved his worth in battle. Instead of spending his days near his family's crypt, hunting for game, I wanted him to be made as a renown individual from his clan. That is by being a dragon slayer.

    - After repentance, instead of spending her days in Dark Light tower, constantly torn between lamentation and the righteous act, she told me that she wanted to do some good as a way to seek redemption. She found it with the Blades. So far, she was our long range expert as when a dragon took to the air, her ice spike sorcery proved useful.

    Erik the Slayer
    - I thought of him as he wanted more out of his mundane existence. I wanted him to pursue a legendary course. Henceforth, he is now known as Erik the Dragon Slayer.

    We had some great dragon hunts, that is until I had a falling out with the Blades due to me not killing Paarthurnax.

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