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Spoiler Where To find Daedra Hearts

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Fairytale Gaming, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Fairytale Gaming

    Fairytale Gaming New Member

    Nov 25, 2011
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    Hey guys its fairytale gaming here to bring you a guide on the places i've found daedra hearts, and how you to can easily find them to make that all important daedric armor(although personally i prefer the much more sleek design of ebony).

    Post in the comments below if I've left any out that you know about s,o i can add them in the future i always enjoy feedback


    - Though unreliable local alchemic supply stores will carry Daedra hearts at times, but they should not be your first choice

    -when completing the quest "the black star" you will have the option of either returning Azura's star to her shrine for repair, in doing so you will receive the azura's star(a permanent Grand soul gem), and the opportunity to use her follower as a companion. If you want to get the black soul gem however, you must choose to not return the Star to Azura, instead return it to the mage in winterhold to form it into the black star in doing so you will be orced to enter the gem. Once inside you will encounter the man trapped inside don't kill him outright, instead let him run from you so that you may fight the daedra, there will three daedra and three hearts. harvest the hearts before killing the mage.

    -In the companions guild at white run there will be a daedra heart on the table of kodlak's room(the one where he, and vilkos will be talking when you first wish to enter)

    -in the quest "a return to your roots" there will be daedra heart in the room where you find siderion's dead body

    -In the quest "pieces of the past" you will go to mehrunes dagon's shrine once there you must talk to dagon, he will say something like "kill silus or I'll use your scrotum as a speedbag", so to avoid that kill silus. Dagon will then summon two dremora as a final test kill them and loot the key to dagon's shrine from their bodies. inside the shrine you will encounter to more two more Daedra. this is probably the best one as the daedra inside the shrine will respawn every to weaks or so.

    -Once your inside the thieves guild and bit into the plot you will be able to buy daedra heart from a certain dark elf in the mages college he will have two, and restocks his inventory every two days

    Hope this helped

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