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Volkihar DeathKnight and the mperial Inquisitor

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Jeremius, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Jeremius

    Jeremius Guest

    ok, with the expansion, Dawnguard coming out this summer, i decided to make two of my six classes set up now for those who want them.

    Imperial Inquisitor:

    Race: Imperial is the best race for this roleplay wise, but Breton works for playability

    1. Archery-this will be your primary source of damage when hunting the forces of Evil (Vampires, werewolves, undead, dremora, etc.)
    2. one handed-in case they get too close, pick up dual wield perks
    3. Light armor-need protection
    4. Sneak-Stealth is an inquisitor's best friend when hunting the Volkihar
    5. Lockpick-the evil forces live among us, this skill will allow you to enter the suspect's house and hunt for evidence. works for TG quests too
    6. Pickpocket/Restoration/Speech-your choice.
    History: since the oblivion crisis, the Vigilants of Stendarr(?) have been the military arm of the war against Evil, but the Imperial Inquisitors serve as the church's black ops assassins of vampires, undead, ETC. They also have recently joined the Dawnguard to further their goal of ridding the world of Evil. use Crossbow once Dawnguard is out, bow and arrow before

    Volkihar DeathKnight:

    Race: Dunmer, Orc, any race really

    1. Heavy armor-You are the military arm of the Volkihar vampires
    2. 2-Handed: Heavy armor and Weapons, help you slaughter the puny Dawnguard that you come across
    3. Smithing-Helps you survive in battle
    4. Sneak-you are still a vampire and need to feed to pass as human
    5. Conjuration-if you do not take this, you are an idiotic DeathKnight
    6. Destruction-Ice, ice, ice
    History: with the war against humanity upon them, the volkihar had to prepare for open warfare. That training, smithing, and necropower resulted in the Volkihar DeathKnight.

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