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Vampiric Mage (Guide)

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Ratlance, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Ratlance

    Ratlance New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
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    Hi, I'm new to these forums, but have been lurking around for quite some time. I finally figured I would try and give something back to these forums by trying my hand at a guide.


    For this build you will not use any type of crafting. I feel crafting makes this game too easy and isn't needed for this build. I currently use this build on expert and I have had no problems at all so far, but I am also only level 40 at the moment.

    RACE: I highly recommend you use Altmer. You will need the Altmer's ability to regenerate magic in tough fights and the + 50 to magicka helps out a lot. Also since you won't have enchanting to lower the cost of destructive spells, you will rely on having a lot of magicka.


    Destruction: I recommend you max out this tree as soon as possible. The places you should not put points is in the master perk; I think the master spells are quite useless. Also, I chose to put a point in disintegrate and intense flames just for pure enjoyment. Deep Freeze isn't that much fun so I ignored it.

    Illusion: Completely max out this tree. You will rely on this tree for crowd control and for more laughs.

    Alteration: Completely max out this tree. This character will rely on robes, since you have no enchanting.

    Restoration: Level this tree as quick as possible to get Fast Healing. Needed perks: Necromage, Recovery, Respite, Regeneration and Apprentice. You do not need to go past Apprentice, Fast Healing does a fine job.


    Early levels focus on Destruction, Alteration and Restoration. I didn't start going into Illusion till around level 20, but you can choose to go into this skill earlier. Maybe going into Illusion earlier and sneaking around will make your life easier. I chose to just barge in and blast everything, I think Destructive magic is its best at lower levels, especially once you get impact.

    You should always put points in Destruction first, the faster you can kill things the better off you are.

    Also, you have to become Arch Mage right away, forget all other quests till this is done; it will make your life a lot easier. And you will need Equilibrium as soon as possible, which you get near the end of your stay at College of Winterhold.

    Most of your points should go into Magicka, but do not neglect health. I think 200 health is a good goal to reach, the rest in magicka.

    At around level 25 I decided to go for Atronach birth sign to increase my Magicka further and for better protection.

    Once I had the Necromage perk I became a vampire. The Necromage perk affects you in many ways once you are vampire, since you are classified as undead all your enchantments will be stronger and any spells you cast on yourself will be stronger. Being a vampire also makes your illusion spells better.


    Even though I have no points in Conjuration I still used it in the earlier levels to help me out. And now I just use it for fun. You don't need points in a school to use the spells. And you will have plenty of Magicka to cast the biggest spells.

    Equilibrium and Fast Healing are your crutch. If you are close to running out of magicka, conjure a monster and then hold down Equilibrium and Heal at the same to time to regenerate your magicka quickly. Later on you will have enough magicka to not worry about conjuring, and can take out all the enemies no problem. Your focus should be melee enemies first, because you can run from ranged units and regenerate your magicka easily. Be careful, you can kill yourself using Equilibrium.

    Try your best to use low costing spells in battle, wait till your magic pool is big enough to use bigger spells.

    Frenzy targets when you can, so they bunch themselves together and then unleash AOE spells to kill them all in one go. Also, dual casting is your friend with illusion or your spells will not affect higher level enemies.

    Try to remember enemies weaknesses, so you can use the proper element against them.


    Illusion can easily be leveled by spamming muffle.

    Restoration can easily be leveled by using Equilibrium and healing at the same time.

    Destruction and Alteration should level just fine by just playing the game.


    I have had the most fun with this build. I find most fights suspenseful and some challenging, but never frustrating. I currently mostly use illusion for fun, because I still like to just blow things up and give the enemy a chance to kill me. One of my favorite things to do at the moment is using the Elemental walls to in-circle enemies who are attacking each other.

    I feel you can be very imaginative on how you choose to kill your enemies with this build.

    For roleplay purposes I chose to join the Dark Brotherhood after I became a vampire since this build doesn't seem to be for a good guy. I'm still debating if I'll join the Thieves guild, but it is possible since this character's sneak is pretty high and he can cast Invisibility.

    I hope this helps, its my first time writing a guide... If you have any questions I will try my best to answer.

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