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Vampire Assassin build.

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Mahone, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Mahone

    Mahone Member

    May 31, 2012
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    I'll explain the gameplay style later in the guide, but here is the main stuff:

    Race: Dunmer, because obvious resistance to fire resistance, because I'm sure you know that vamps have a weakness to fire.

    Skills: Sneak, one-handed, illusion, light armor, smithing, restoration(for necromage), and enchanting. Also a bit of alteration for epic perks,

    Sorry i dont have more for this category.

    Heres a link for the perk tree: Skyrim Perk Calculator - Plan the perks for your Skyrim character before spending them!

    I got illusion dual cast because you can trick any enemy except for dragons with dual cast. You dont to go that high up the far left side of the illusion tree if your doing the 100% reduce with enchanting.

    Combat style: When you come up to a group of enemies, I usually just sneak, and use frenzy on a few of them, so they kill each other, and then when there's only one left, I just prance right up to him, use pacify, maybe talk to him/her a bit, then slit their throat. <That goes with single enemies too.

    That's my build i hope you liked it, and sorry for bad placing of categories i'm sort of new to this.

    P.S., the college of winterhold is a great way to relieve your vampiric thirst.
  2. Punz

    Punz Dark Lord of Skyrim

    Apr 24, 2012
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    Sounds good. Here are my vampire builds:

    Warrior/Assassin - Skyrim Perk Calculator - Plan the perks for your Skyrim character before spending them!
    Daedric Armor makes this vampire a God. Fire damage? What fire damage? My armor isn't even enchanted and the fire barely touches me.

    Nercomage - Skyrim Perk Calculator - Plan the perks for your Skyrim character before spending them!
    This one was more character based. Unlike my first play through with my warrior who dabbled in Stealth, this one stuck strictly to Magic for the most part. I later incorporated One-Handed, Archery and Smithing schools because you can summon swords and bows. Also, Smithing has a Arcane perk that allows you to improve enchanted armor.

    Whiterun offers great places to feed as well.
    • Olava The Feeble's house
    • Temple of Kynareth
    • Dragonsreach
    Check the inns at night. Someone is bound to be sleeping in a bed. Also, learn fire-resistance enchantment. I know you already have 50% resistance built-in, but at Stage 4 fire that means you still have a 50% weakness to it. The more fire-resistant you are the better.

    Happy hunting!
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