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Thrall Thread : Living with the dead

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by Adam Warlock, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Nov 9, 2014
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    EDIT: An update on Weylin progress below.

    Hello, everyone! I don't know why this thread has to keep being resurrected, but well... I guess that's just the way it is.

    So, I went and made a very educational guide on how to GR Ancano on yt. You can check it out here. It'll explain to the best of my abilities how to keep him as a permanent thrall.

    I've been currently running around with Weylin for about 30+ days now. I've tried to intentionally GR him roughly the same amount. I don't know if it's possible on PC, honestly. I've tried every trick I can think of. This includes:

    1. You standard GR method
    2. GR method for Tullius and Rikke
    3. GR method for Ancano
    4. Mixing in some GR steps with how you fix Sarthis' spawn behavior
    5. Mixing in some of the theoretically relevant steps I used to get Captain Hargar and Jaree-Ra out of Broken Oar
    6. Various other things that I thought might work to, at least, get him to stay behind after leaving his cell momentarily

    I'm about at my wit's end with him. Since traveling with him, I have noticed a few neat things: There was a point there where he turned around and then came back through the door of Old Hroldan after 10ish days; I happened to leave him behind in Shatter-Shield's place there afterwards (because that's where Harik lives (because I'd given up on him), and he magically stayed put until I returned; and after the 30ish day mark, he just up and killed himself out of nowhere while cleaning up during a trek through Hag Rock. I suspect these are all clues to this puzzle. I'll note, it was probably that I interacted with his person when I'd left him alone that he actually "reset" his behavior. I'm guessing it'll be a matter of doing something and then something else so that that can happen again. Beats me.

    If anyone wants to throw some ideas at me, that would be excellent. It's absolutely possible that you have to reanimate him at a certain point during the initial event to get him to be free for GR'ing, similar to Ancano. I don't know. I haven't got that far yet...

    Happy body snatching, necromancers! And happy April Fool's!

    EDIT AREA: As I figured, Weylin is fairly easy to keep. You just have to progress to the point where you speak to Eltrys in the Shrine of Talos. Unfortunately, I don't have a save handy because I accidentally deleted it, so I won't be able to answer whether he has to be kept around for 10 days or two days. That kind of thing... He's not permanent, of course. You'll need to give him an anchor.

    I'll admit I'm a little frustrated that the save is gone because I don't know if he actually needs special treatment to ensure he isn't deleted. There's the jist of it though. And here's the clincher (though most everyone, I'm sure, already knew this): Weylin doesn't keep his voice clips! Ahhh!
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    Jul 2, 2012
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    Wow it’s crazy how old this thread is and how useful it is... I haven’t posted in here for like 5 years maybe longer lol. But I’ve started playing Skyrim again. Just wondering if Vampire Lord transformations have a mod\patch that prevents them from killing thralls on Xbox or if there ever was fix for that vampiric drain spell bug with having Serana as a follower. I don’t expect a reply but worth a try I guess

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