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Thought and questions from a console player

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Brofski, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Brofski

    Brofski Member

    Jun 10, 2012
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    So I got ESO on release day.

    I love Skyrim so was quite excited for this, but also a bit sceptical.

    Been playing it a lot since I got it and I'm enjoying it so much.

    I love so much about it. They've made a lot of really good changes from Skyrim. The way crafting work is a lot of fun. it's way more of a challenge and a lot more rewarding. The lock picking is better (but I think that's how it used to be right?). The active and ultimate abilities are a lot of fun. The weapon swap is a great idea too. I like that you can play with people or solo. Dipping in and out of both is great.

    I've never played an MMO, so had doubt about PVP. But upon playing, it is so much fun. Can't get enough of it. The only thing that annoys me is that PC players could port their account over. Which is fine for the rest of the game. On PVP it's a bit of a bad idea though. A rank 14 veteran comes in and wipes out 4 or 5 people in their teens with ease. That (and the server issues) are my only complaints about the whole game.

    Obviously, the fact you're not restricted to one province is great too. Which brings me to my question.

    When can I explore ALL of Tamriel? I joined the Daggerfall covenant so started in Glenumbra. Can I only go to the highlighted areas in my area? So Glenumbra, Stormhaven, Rivenspire etc. Am I right in thinking when I reach veteran (which is rank 50 right) I can go further afield? Can I go ANYWHERE or just highlighted areas in all of Tamriel?

    I have googled this but don't really get a proper answer.
  2. Lucid

    Lucid Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    After you finish the main quest more of the world is opened to you. Your Daggerfall toon will be given access to the AD zones, and you'll have to work your way through those primary questlines before getting access to the EP zones.

    Craglorn will become accessible when you hit Vet ranks, no other prerequisites.

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