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Theif/Rogue based account

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Obamas Mafia, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Obamas Mafia

    Obamas Mafia New Member

    Apr 6, 2012
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    Okay, So I've been playing on various accounts for 4 monthes now, and I can say the thief/rogue is the most fun. You're going to want to spend a decent amount of time training this bad boy up.

    Character type: High Elf
    You're going to want to choose the High Elf as your character in Skyrim because they start off with 150 Magicka, so you're only going to have to spend 5 leveling points to get it to 200.

    Money Making: I'm sure you all know of the Khajit Caravan glitch in Dawnstar, simply do this. Take everything that's worth anything, as well as all filled Soul Gems. Sell everything to the general store in Riverwood, except filled Soul Gems.

    100 Smithing: You will get 100 smithing by going around and buying iron ingots, leather and leather strips in Whiterun. Simply buy them from the girl outside, then go into Warmaidens and buy the iron ingots and leather strips and leather from the man. All you do is simply first make the leather strips with your leather, then make the iron daggers with the iron ingots and leather strips. Then wait 48 hours, and redo this process. Smithing will be used to make your Daedric Swords, Daedric Daggers and Daedric Bow as well as your dragonscale armor. You can buy Ebony Ingots from Warmaidens as well and Daedric Hearts from Ethnir in the College Of Winterhold.

    100 Enchanting: To get 100 enchanting, take the iron daggers that you made from smithing out of your house and bring them to the enchanting table in Dragonsreach, simply disenchant an item that you got from the Khajit Caravan and then simply make enchanted iron daggers. This will take a long time, but will be extremely helpful later on to enchant your dragonscale armor and amulets and rings.

    100 Restoration: Restoration is very simple. Restoration will be your best friend, you will need to get it to level 75 for the spell, "Grand Healing," when used with the restoration perk that makes restoration spells restore 50% more, you will get 300 hp back. Also you should use the perk that has restoration spells to restore stamina as well as Restoration so that you will have practically unlimited special attacks with your dual Daedric Swords.

    100 Speech: This is very simple, all you do is fast travel to Riften and go into the Black Briar Medeary and talk to the High Elf working the counter. Ask him what's it like working here over and over spamming the chat box while watching television. Boom, easy 100 in 20 minutes. This is needed so that you can invest in the man in Riverwood who runs the general store, so that you can sell him up to 10,000 items in coins at a time.

    *To Be Continued, much much much more coming to this guide.*
  2. xSuoiveDx

    xSuoiveDx Dave, The Quiet One.

    Dec 8, 2011
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    This is nothing new, there are countless posts in this Forum about 100 Speech, 100 Restoration, 100, Enchanting & 100 Smithing. How about you read through Skyrim Guides & Tutorials & post about something that is NOT in it.

    Have a look at these 2 links as well....

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  3. D3adToU

    D3adToU New Member

    Mar 14, 2012
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    You talked about thief/rogue based account... and yet you are explaining about magicka and restoration...?
    I expected stuff about sneak/archery/thief-based stuff...

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