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18+ The Prophecy of Apocapher

Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by ultimatedovahkiin, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Update: There should be a new chapter out within the next few days.
  2. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    I have started writing the next chapter, I'm doing it on wordpad because I guess I have a newer version of it that is somewhat similar to MW so it'll be easier to write, it probably won't be finished and released until some time tomorrow though.
  3. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Chapter 13: Tel Mithryn​

    The airship was slowly flying through the air to Tel Mithryn, they were getting close now and they could barely see the outline of the Giant Mushrooms not too far off in the fog. Argon stood at the side of the ship looking out over the wasteland.

    "This place was always a bit of a wasteland, but this, this is just horrible. Apocapher has done major damage here." said Nerevar walking up to Argon

    "I remember, some time ago when I first arrived here on Solestheim, as I was looking for Miraak, I thought I could get some useful information from the tomb of Ahzidal, Kolbjorn Barrow. I was looking around for the tomb and I came across a male Dunmer, he told me he was trying to excavate the tomb to find Ahzidal's artifacts and even Ahzidal himself. He informed that his funds were low and to carry out this endeavor he would need some more money. I agreed to be partners with him and fund his excavation. He kept needing more money. After the miners would get to certain areas dragur would attack. The people who didn't get killed by them were scared away. The tomb had a nasty reputation, but the dunmer wanted to carry on, and I needed any answers I could get. I kept funding him, but each time he would need more and more money. We found Ahzidal's artifacts, to this day I even wear one of Ahzidal's rings. It allows me to use the spells Ignite and Freeze." Argon told Nerevar

    "And Ahzidal? Did you find him?" asked Nerevar

    "Oh we found him alright. Not too far into the excavation Ahzidal began to posses the dunmer. His name was Ralis by the way. So one day I came to visit the site, see how things were going. I arrived at the camp Ralis had set up. There was nobody outside, I thought it was rather odd because Ralis was always outside. But I figured perhaps there had been some big find and Ralis was inside checking it out. Nevetheless I decided to search around Ralis's tent. I found he had multiple journals in there. I read them all, they started off fine, just normal writing like and adventurer would do. But then, they started gettin weird Ralis started writing about hearing voices and someone calling to him. I decided to check inside the Barrow. I went inside and saw a horrible and grusome sight. Blood everywhere. People were lying dead on the floor, there was no one left alive. Blood was splattered on the walls, disembodied limbs were laying around, a broken pickaxe head was stuck in the walls with a miner lying on the flood with a big gash on his chest. Blood was flowing like a river out of the wound and it made a little pool around him. Lying in the pool next to him with the pickaxe stick. But here's the worst part of all, the blood was fresh. By the time I had found the massacre the blood hadn't had anytime to somewhat dry. There was no crusty dried blood in the miners clothes, hair, on the floors, or on the walls. All of it was still liquid. My original thought was that it had been dragurs, but there were no dragurs around. No dragur bodies, no living dragur, and no sound of dragur bones tapping along on the floor. Those things are so slow, and the blood was so fresh, there was no way that dragur could have killed all these people and left so quickly. I ventured farther into the Barrow. As I walked I looked for any signs of dragur wandering around, I found none. When I finally made it to Ahzidal's tomb I saw something terrible. Ralis was standing in the center of a circular room, there were bodies lying around him, and hanging from his side was his sword with fresh wet blood dripping off the end of the now red blade. He was calling out, summoning Ahzidal! At the end of the ritual there was some sort of mini explosion and right in front of Ralis, Ahzidal floated up. His head, legs, and arms, we dangling down, but his stomach was floating up and carrying Ahzidal with it. Then, when Ahzidal's decayed body reached the top, he sprung upright, the corpse was full of life. He thrusted out his arms and a powerful explosion blew me, Ralis, and the dead bodies back against the wall. It took me a moment to stand up and my head had a sharp pain in it, I removed Konahriik and put down my hood, I put my hand on the back of my head where it was hurting and when I looked at my hand, it was covered in my blood. I put the hood back up and put Konahriik on, I drew my blade and I walked towards Ahzidal. Him and I fought, he summoned dragur and he used powerful spells, he was the strongest Dragon Priest I ever fought, aside from Miraak. After I killed him, he turned to ash and his Dragon Priest Armor and mask fell to the floor, the dragur he had summoned dropped dead. I picked up his mask and put away my sword. I walked over to Ralis and found him unconcious on the floor behind I fallen down pillar. I waited a minute to see if he would get up. Slowly he did, and quickly pulled out my blade. He was startled and quickly and angrily asked what I wad doing. I was confused asked if he knew what he had just done, he had no memory from the last few days, he remembered getting to one part of the Barrow, but then everything went dark. He looked down at his blade and saw the mess in this room, he also noticed Ahzidal's ashes, his armor, and his mask in my hand. It was then that he realized what he had just done. He begged for forgiveness telling me that it was Ahzidal who had made him do that and the he swore he had no memory of that and if he had been in control of his body then he would never have done any of that. It took me a minute but I decided he was telling the truth, I sheathed my sword again and we walked out of the Barrow later I went back down there and found one of H Mora's infamous Black Books but that's a different story. After that Ralis and I went on a few adventures and throughout the adventures I was able to tell that he really had been telling the truth and I made the right choice keeping him alive. I believe he is still in Raven Rock, I'm not sure if he died in the attack of the killer worm or not. But if he did, that just gives us all the more reason to defeat Apocapher and make things go back to normal."

    "Wow Argon.... That's actually a really good story...." said Nerevar in awe

    "Yeah, I like it. It was one of my favorite adventures here." said Argon

    Nerevar and Argon rode in silence looking over the ship's edge the rest of the way to Tel Mithryn.

    "Guys, we're getting close." said Garnin coming out of the ship

    "Thank you Garnin." said Argon

    They were almost right above Tel Mithryn, they could see the giant mushrooms much more clearly now, but they could also see that they were on fire and were under attack by super-powered ash spawn. The ash spawn spotted the airship and quickly many ash spawn jumped onto the deck and started attacking the heroes. Other ash spawn on the ground started shooting fire out of there eyes at the balloon on top of the ship. The heroes all scrambled onto the deck except for Fayen who was desperately trying to land the ship. The heroes started knocking the ash spawn over the edge, but that didn't help, they kept on coming. The ones shooting fires from their eyes managed to burn a hole in the balloon and it quickly started losing altitude. Inside the bridge Fayen was trying harder than ever to land the ship but with the balloon popped, he had very little control over the ship. He grabbed his sword and ran out onto the deck abandoing the wheel. He rushed out onto the deck and yelled, "ABANDON SHIP!!!!!" The heroes heard Fayen and they rushed over to the edge of the ship.

    "We're too high to jump! If we try jumping we could die or get seriously hurt!" said Garnin

    "Aye lad, but if we don't we will die when this thing comes down." said Sheogorath

    "He has a point, look, you see that? It seems to be a small hill made of ash, maybe if we aim ourselves and try to control ourselves in the air we might land in it and it will cushion our fall." said Nerevar

    "The odds of that working aren't very good." said Fayen

    "It doesn't matter, the ash spawn are closing in on us, this thing is about to crash, we are quickly losing altitude, and if we don't jump now we will miss any chance of hitting that hill and having it cushion our fall. Even though that is highly unlikely it's the only chance we've got, now stop wasting time and jump!" said Argon

    The heroes obeyed and they all jumped. The airship crashed into the Servant's Quarters mushroom.

    Four out of five of the heroes landed in the ash pile. Nerevar missed.

    "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!" yelled Nerevar when he landed

    The four heroes quickly jumped out of the ash piles and rushed to Nerevar's side. The heroes had sustained small not very big injuries.

    "Nerevar! Are you alright?!" asked Fayen

    "No I'm not alright I just jumped off of an airship thta shouldn't exist, aiming at an ash pile that probably shouldn't have saved you, and I missed! Oh and the world is ending! So no, I don't think I'm alright!" shouted Nerevar

    "Nerevar, calm down, you're in shock." said Argon calmly

    "I would rather be shocked than all of this plops happening! I can't feel my leg Argon!" shouted Nerevar

    "Look I know that all of this has been tough on you, but you need to calm down." said Argon again

    "The world is ending, I can't feel my leg, we are on some hopeless attempt to save the world, the only one who can save the world is the Dragonborn which is you but you don't even have your powers, people are dying and there is nothing we can do about it, we were just attacked by super-powered ash spawn, a creature that shouldn't even exist is here and I'm not just talking about that worm we just fought but also Sheogorath's sloth thing that hangs around his neck, I have been having nightmares for the past few weeks, I just learned that my friend who I thought was dead is actually alive, and I don't even know where my own girlfriend is because I abandoned her and left her alone in the Imperial City right after it was attacked when I stepped into the portal with the Divines! But no you're right, I should just calm down!" Nerevar snapped

    "You leave Thadon out of this!" shouted Sheogorath who then began petting his sloth and whispering to him, "Don't worry Thadon, I won't let the bad man hurt you."

    "Okay, you have a point Nerevar, and you have every right to go crazy, but will you please do it at a better time? We still have to get past these super-powered ash spawn." said Argon

    "You're right, fine I'll calm down." said Nerevar

    "Good, can you walk?" asked Argon

    Nerevar stood up but a sharp pain shot up his leg and he fell over the moment he put pressure on it.

    "That's a no." said Argon, "Alright stand up, put you're arm around my shoulder and keep your hurt leg up. Garnin get over here. Okay, now put you're other arm around Garnin's shoulder and walk with us. We're gonna get you inside Neloth's mushroom, while we take out the ash spawn, he can help you."

    "No way Argon, I'm not skipping out of this fight." said Nerevar

    "You are in no shape to fight. You can't even walk." said Argon

    "But I can fight." insisted Nerevar

    "Not if you keep falling every time you stand up, if you go out and try to fight you will be dead in seconds. And I am not letting that happen." said Argon

    "I can stand, I just slipped hte last time I tried to." said Nerevar

    "Okay, show us." said Argon

    Argon and Garnin released Nerevar, not even a minute later Nerevar fell over. He insisted he could do it and he tried to get up, as soon as he stood he fell over again. He started to get up but Argon stopped him.

    "You're gonna hurt yourself more if you keep trying, just put your pride away and admit you can't stand and you can't fight." said Argon

    "FIne, you win, I can't stand and I cannot fight." Nerevar said what he already knew "I guess I'm sitting this one out."

    Argon and Garnin we walked Nerevar up to the battlefield, as soon as they got close, the ash spawn turned and started running towards them.

    "You guys ready?" called Argon over his shoulder to Fayen and Sheogorath

    "As ready as we will ever be." called back Fayen

    "Let's do this, you two cover us while we get him to Neloth!" called Argon

    Fayen and Sheogorath drew their swords and charged into the battle. Argon, Garnin, and Nerevar, waited a few minutes as Fayen and Sheogorath tried to make a path they could safetly get through to get to Neloth's mushroom.

    "GO!" called Fayen when they had made a small path

    The three heroes sprung into action, they moved as fast as they could through the narrow path, the path was slowly filling up with ash spawn again and the heroes couldn't move very fast since one of them only had one good leg. Nevertheless, Fayen and Sheogorath were doing their best to get the heroes through and they kept trying to extend the path. This was one of those times Argon wished he was still Dragonborn, if he was he could just use Unrelenting Force to knock these creatures backwards long enough to get through the area and into the mushroom. At one point one of the ash spawn got too close and Argon had to let go of Nerevar and pull out his iron sword and kill the ash spawn and a few of its friends who were getting a little too grabby.

    Eventually they made it to the ramp up to Neloth's mushroom. It was, long, and narrow and roots were protruding from the sides of it.

    "Great. Garnin, it looks like only one person can walk on here, it's not wide enough for two people to walk side by side, I'll take Nerevar up. You, Fayen, and Sheogorath defend me and Nerevar." Argon said

    "Aye." said Garnin pulling out his axe

    Argon picked up Nerevar, and ran up the ramp. He stumbled over roots and almost tripped a couple of times on his way up. It was hard to run up and ramp the big and messy while carrying someone up. The other three heroes did their job though, no ash spawn got through, not even a single ball of ash that the ash spawn were throwing got close to him. Argon burst through the door of Neloth's mushroom and Nerevar and he floated up to the top.

    "Neloth!" Argon called

    "What, what is it?! Oh- Argon you're here. Wait, aren't you dead?" Neloth asked

    "Obviously not, but that doesn't matter. He's hurt and needs your help." said Argon putting down Nerevar and helping him stand.

    "Who's this? Wait, I know you.... The Nerevarine... Indoril Nerevar in my house. I know you have been in my house before many years ago. But I thought that you would never return. This is amazing! Indoril Nerevar, Dunmer saint and one of Tamriel's Greatest. In my house! He needs ME to help him!" Neloth said with joy, it seemed that under his usual stern and uncaring appearance was a fan boy who loved his hero

    "You never seemed this excited when I would walk in. I'm not a saint of course but I did, kill Alduin the leader of the dragon's, defeat an evil group of vampires who were hell-bent on blacking out the sun so that vampires could freely walk the world and take over, save Solestheim from a corrupt and evil Dragonborn who was also the first Dragonborn which proved me to be the greatest Dragonborn ever, and I deafeat Sithis and prevented the world from falling into the Void, and I also defeated the evil king of the shadows who's power was every where and no one was safe when there was even a speck of darkness." said Argon

    "But are you a Dunmer saint? I don't think so." said Neloth

    "Can we get back to me being in pain?" asked Nerevar

    "Of course, right this way. Here lay down." said Neloth fluffing the pillow on his bed so that Nerevar could be comfortable (yes I mean fluffing like actually fluffing the pillow, not the result of typing the bad word that turns into fluffing on here)

    "Thank you Neloth." said Nerevar laying on the bed

    "Now what seems to be the problem?" asked Neloth

    "I jumped out of an airship that was really high up and I missed the ash pile I was aiming for and I landed on my leg funny." said Nerevar

    "Hmmm, you must have broken it. You got lucky, you should have sustained more serious injuries. I'm going to give you a special potion that should fix up your leg, it's my own special recipie, it didn't go so well for the test subjects though..." said Neloth

    "What happened to the test subjects?" asked Nerevar

    "Nothing too horrible, they just started coughing up blood and they died. But I have no doubts that it will work for you. That Corpus Cure didn't kill you so why should this?" asked Neloth

    "Because the Corpus Cure didn't get rid of Corpus just its effects and because I'm supposed to have Corpus because the prophecy said so." said Nerevar

    "Well the prophecies never said that you're supposed to have a broken leg and you do so this should work." said Neloth

    "But the prophecies never said I shouldn't have a broken leg." said Nerevar "And really I would much rather have a broken leg than start coughing up blood and die."

    "Just drink it." said Neloth

    Nerevar relucantly took the potion and drank it all. He almost threw up it tasted so horrible.

    "What is in that?!?!" Nerevar excalaimed

    "Giants toe,---" began Neloth

    "Nevermind. I don't want to know." said Nerevar "Argon you should get going there is a battle going on out there and Dragonborn or not, they need you."

    "Okay, Neloth take good care of him." said Argon

    "Don't worry I will." said Neloth

    Argon floated down and went outside to join the battle.

    "So Neloth, how are things going? How's your research?" asked Nerevar

    "Pretty good actually, I'm just about to start researching a Soletheim myth." said Neloth

    "Oh really? And what is that?" asked Nerevar

    "Well, they say that when the volcano erupted, not only did lava, ash, and rock fly out of it, but they say a person did too. A little infant nord, they say that he was found by two lovers and they took him in and raised him as their own. Legend has it that the boy is invulnerable and he can fly, shoot fire out of his eyes, he can freeze things just by blowing on them, he can lift the heaviest of weights, he can see through solid objects, and he can leap Telvanni Towers in a single bound. The only thing that can harm him is the Heart Stones that flew out of the red mountain, if you pull out one of those near him he instantly goes weak."

    Argon joined with the other three heroes who were trying to hold off the ash spawn. They were doing a pretty good job of it also, until something so utterly unpredictable happened. All of the ash spawn started to group together and slowly began to form one giant ash spawn. The giant ash spawn used the ash off of the ground to make itself bigger also. It kept growind until it was larger than the Telvanni Tower.

    "Holy plops....." said Argon

    "Well, we're screwed." said Fayen

    "Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse." said Garnin

    "Maybe he just wants a hug." said Sheogorath

    The giant ash spawn let out a loud roar that was heard all across Solestheim. It raised its hand and shot out a giant blob on ash right at the heroes. They dove out of the way just in time, but the ash blob still exploded on the ground and covered the heroes with ash. They emerged from the ash and shook themselves off.

    "Nope, he definitely doesn't want a hug." said Sheogorath

    "No plops." said Garnin

    "How do we fight this thing?" said Argon

    "With swords." said Fayen

    "Really Fayen? With swords? Huh never thought about that. Except you know, my sword is a piece of plops because my good one is still in Skingrad with the rest of my stuff sicne I left it there after I decided to become Kriid!" Argon snapped

    "What is this? Tamriel-wide yell at Fayen day?" asked Fayen hurt

    "Guys. Focus. There are four of us and I would say one of him but there are so many ash spawn in that thing." said Garnin

    "Well, what if we strike the Heart Stone? Maybe if we can destroy it, then it will die." suggested Fayen

    "Finger of the Mountain to the rescue!" said Sheogorath

    "NO!" The other three shouted at the same time

    "What?" Sheogorath asked

    "Last time you did that we all went flying back it wasn't very pleasant." said Argon

    "But it worked." said Sheogorath

    "But it wasn't pleasant." said Argon

    "So what do you suggest?" asked Sheogorath

    "No idea. Just attack and stuff." said Argon

    "What a wonderful plan from our fearless leader." Fayen said sarcastically

    Argon shot him a look. Then the heroes went up to the ash spawn and started attacking its feet. It seemed to laugh, and then it kicked them away. Sheogorath started summoning lightning and fire and rocks from the sky but nothing seemed to hurt it. Argon jumped inside the ash spawn and "swam" up the ash and reached the giant Heart Stone in the middle of its chest. He hit it with his sword, he tried pushing it out, and he even attempted to Fus Ro Dah it out, needless to say nothing happened no power came out or anything. Argon just looked like at idiot yelling gibberish at a rock. Then the ash hardened around Argon's body and he couldn't move. He was trapped. That left the heroes it a tight spot, they were attacking the Heart Stone but with Argon trapped in ash right next to it, what would happen if they missed? The ash spawn swung one of its arms and ripped the roof right off Neloth's mushroom. Neloth bewildered by this started yelling at the ash spawn. It simply shot a ball of ash at Neloth that hardened and encased him in solid ash. Nerevar sprung up from the bed, his leg seemed to be healed, and he ran into Neloth's staff room. He came out with a lighting staff in each hand. He aimed at the Heart Stone and hit it right in the center. Lightning started flowing out of the staffs and at the Heart Stone. The ash spawn yelled in pain and the Heart Stone seemed to be negatively reacting to the lightning. A few moments later, the ash spawn burst and a blanket of ash went flying everywhere. Ash fell inside the mushroom and almost buried the trapped Neloth alive, but Nerevar blocked the ash with his body. Argon fell and Sheogorath caught him. He gently sent Argon down and they went inside the mushroom.

    A few hours later, the airship was fully repaired and the heroes were setting out to leave.

    "You sure you guys don't want to stay?" asked Neloth

    "Sorry, but we don't have time to stop and smell the flowers Neloth, the world is ending." said Argon

    "But who's going to fix my house and clean up this mess you made?" Neloth had went back to stern instead of fan-boy

    "We made?!" Argon was bewildered

    "Well, before you showed up there was no giant ash spawn ripping the roof off my house, and the Servant House was crushed by a giant ship thing from the sky." said Neloth

    "Look, if we save the world, everything will magically go back to normal. Even your house. Now we have to go." said Nerevar

    "Oh sure, that's okay. Thanks for visiting Nerevar, you're welcome here anytime!" Neloth had gone back to fan-boy mode

    Fayen started up the ship and the heroes were headed off the to Skaal Village.
  4. ultimatedovahkiin

    ultimatedovahkiin Now's not the time for fear. That comes later.

    Dec 7, 2012
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    Chapter 14: The Skaal​
    The ariship landed outside the Skaal Village and the heroes climbed off of the ship. They were heading to the village but when they got close to the buildings they realized there was a barrier around the Skaal Village. A huge blueish and clear dome cut off the Skaal Village from the rest of the world.

    "How are we gonna get in?" Fayen asked

    "Not sure. I don't think we can." said Argon

    "There has to be someway." said Garnin

    "Let me try." said Sheogorath

    He walked around the dome until he found two teenagers sitting on a bench close to the edge of the dome. He started knocking on the side of the dome trying to get their attention. When that didn't work he squished his face up against the dome and continued knocking. When the teenagers finally noticed him, they walked over to the dome and Sheogorath began talking.

    "Hello there my fellow humans! It would seem my friends and I are trapped outside of this rather impresive barrier, and we really need to get in and speak with your Shaman, Frea." said Sheogorath

    "Uh...." said one of the teenagers

    "Oh it would seem I have not properly introduced myself! How rude! I am...... Sheogorath! Daedric Prince of Madness!!!" shouted Sheogorath

    Instantly the faces on the teens were filled with awe and fear. They weren't sure if this man really was Sheogorath, or if he was just some crazy bastard trying to break into their village to kill them. Either way, they didn't want to find out. And who were these friends he was talking about? If this man was the Daedric Prince of Madness, his friends could be anything from a pile of sticks, to Sithis himself. And if he was some crazy man, maybe his friends were crazy and they would try to kill people also. But if he was Sheogorath, they didn't not want to make him mad. That might cause him to bring his wrath down on their village. One of them ran into the Shaman Hut to get Frea, the other ran to get the Cheiftan.

    A few moments later, Sheogorath was joined by the rest of the team and they waited for Frea and the cheiftan. When they finally came, Frea instantly recognized Argon's face and she called to the mages who were keeping to barrier up to let it down. They obeyed and the team went inside the village. Frea called to them to put the barrier back up and they did.

    "Argon! It is so good so see you again Skaal-Friend." said Frea wrapping Argon in a big hug

    "It is good to see you too Frea, but I fear I cannot stay long as I am not here on one of my usual visits this time I am here because I once again need your help." said Argon

    "Really? What can I do for you?" Frea asked

    "It is clear by the barrier you already know that there is someone going around attacking cities and people, but do you know who this man is and what is going on?" Argon asked

    "I'm afraid not. Would you explain it to me?" asked Frea

    "I would be glad to, let's go to the Greathall, there I will tell you everything." said Argon

    As the group was walking to the Greathall, Sheogorath was approached by the teenagers.

    "So, you really are Sheogorath?" asked one of them

    "Yes I am." said Sheogorath

    "Prove it." commanded the other

    "Okay." said Sheogorath a sly grin creeping across his face.

    He snapped his fingers and the teenagers transformed.

    "Now, you are a bunny rabbit, and you are a skeever." said Sheogorath

    He snapped his fingers again and they changed back.

    "Is that proof enough for you?" asked Sheogorath

    "By the All-Maker....." said one of the teens

    "Lord Sheogorath, in our village." said the other

    "Can you give us powers of something like that?"

    "Sure." Sheogorath snapped his fingers, "Okay, you can incinerate anything just by touching it, and you can freeze anything just by touching it. But becareful, if you don't learn how to use your powers you will probably end up killing a lot of people. But unless you use your powers to try and take over the world or something, then I don't care what you do with those powers. But if you do start using them to kill people and go crazy, then my friends and I will have to step in and kill you."

    Sheogorath turned around and noticed his group was already inside the Greathall and he ran inside to join them.

    Inside the Greathall, everyone was gathered around a big table in the middle of the room.

    "So what is happening here? And why do you need our help?" asked the cheiftan, Aeta

    Argon explained to them that the world was ending and they had no way to stop it.

    "So this Apocapher, he can only be defeated by the Dragonborn yes?" asked Aeta

    "Yes." answered Argon

    "Then what is the problem? You should easily be able to deal with him, you are the Dragonborn." said Frea

    Argon then explained he wasn't Dragonborn any more and he told the tale of how he had survived and how he lost his powers.

    "So where do we come in?" asked Frea

    "You guys know all about Solestheim, is there anything on here that is full of power? Maybe we can use it to stop Apocapher. Is there any ancient power one of us could take on and use to deafeat him? It is the only chance we have to save the world." said Argon

    "Well there is one thing... But it's really dangerous, and I'm not sure itf it's even still there." said Frea

    "Frea, you know we can't send them there. It's too dangerous, with all that is happening and all this guy who can do anything, you never know what dangerous might be there." said Aeta

    "But it is the only chance they have." said Frea

    "What is? Does anybody mind clairifying for the poor confused hero?" Argon requested

    "The Castle Karstaag Ruins, I believe there is some sort of ancient artifact with a power known only to the Frost Giants." said Frea

    "So, you are saying we go to the caslte where the king of frosted giants used to live? I have battled that guy before, and he wasn't easy." said Nerevar

    "You're the one who killed him? Yeah, I killed his ghost. Wasn't easy." said Argon

    "His ghost? plops, I thought he was done after I killed him. Maybe whatever is there is what made him ghosty Karstaag." said Nerevar

    "But all I did was reunite his skull with his bones and the asshole attacked me. I thought he would be grateful that I brought his skull back to him." said Argon

    "Only people on the Hill of Suicides care about their skulls, Argon." said Sheogorath

    "So, I guess tomorrow we should head out to Castle Karstaag." said Argon

    "Agreed. If you don't mind us staying the night, that is. We haven't rested for a while and I think a goodnight's sleep would be good for everyone. Especially our pilot." said Nerevar

    "You have no idea how hard it is to fly an airship while you are falling asleep." said Fayen

    "You are welcome to stay as long as you would like." said Aeta

    "Thank you. So team, get ready to go to sleep. I want us all asleep and in bed by ten. We are getting up bright and early tomorrow, and we can't waste time." said Argon

    "Yes sir." said the team
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    The next chapter is probably going to be short also. I'm starting to work on it right now because I'm hoping to get this story done within the next few days.
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    Chapter 16 will also probably be short. I would combine the two chapters, but I want the story to have at least 20 chapters and I already have everything all mapped out and I don't feel like brainstorming for a new chapter idea.
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    Chapter 15: Karstaag​

    The airship landed outside the doors to the ruins. The heroes got out of the ship and went to the entrance, he tugged on the doors but they were sealed shut.

    "I can't open it." said Argon

    "Let me try." said Nerevar

    Nerevar tugged on the door a few times but it refused to come loose.

    "It looks sealed, let me try." said Sheogorath

    He summoned a giant bolt of lightning to strike the door, but it did nothing except cause snow and rocks to fall from above and bury the door.

    "Well that's great. What now?" asked Fayen

    "There's another entrance, but we have to go through a cave and battle some Reiklings." said Argon

    "Well, we don't have any other options. Lead the way Argon." said Garnin

    Argon had lead the team down a path that went around the ruins and they entered the caverns. The heroes started sneaking as to avoid as much chaos as possible. They were doing pretty good until it came to the first bridge. They were sneaking one at a time in a line across the shaky bridge. It was Argon, Nerevar, Sheogorath, Garnin, and Fayen. Argon, Nerevar, Sheo, and Garnin made it safetly across, but Fayen stepped on a weak spot of the bridge and he fell right through. At the last moment, he caught on to the plank in front of him and he was hanging down, about a hundered feet down his sword was heard clanking on the ground when it landed.

    "HELP!" Fayen called

    "plops! Fayen!" shouted Argon and he rushed on to the bridge to his falling friend. As he ran across the bridge it started wildly shaking and Argon was almost flung off the bridge.

    "Not so fast!" called Fayen who was also thrashing about

    "Sorry." said Argon slowling down into a fast paced rock.

    Argon reached Fayen and he stuck his hand down and grabbed Fayen's wrist. The arm the Argon grabbed let go of the bridge and grabbed Argon's wrist. Fayen was careful to not let go with both hands, and Argon tugged up on Fayen's wrist and Fayen used the hand that was still holding on to the bridge to push against the plank to assist Argon in pulling him up. Argon managed to pull Fayen up and they both steadied themselves on the rocking bridge.

    "You alright?" Argon asked

    "Just a little shaken up, but I'm fine." said Fayen

    "Sorry about your sword." said Argon reaching a across from him and putting his hand on Fayen's shoulder

    "It's fine, it was dull and old anyways. Besides, I still have my bow." said Fayen

    Then, silently, a spear was ever so carefully aimed and thrown into the air. It sailed over to the bridge where Argon and Fayen were standing and pierced through Argon's hand and stuck into Fayen's shoulder.

    They both screamed in pain and shock as they looked over to see the Reikling that ahd just attacked them. Argon yanked the spear out of his hand and Fayen's shoulder. They screamed in pain again, but they both pulled out a healing potion and drank it. The holes in Argon's hand and Fayen's shoulder instantly closed up. Fayen pulled out his bow and fired it at the Reikling. At the same time, the Reikling through another spear into the air. Fayen's arrow was faster and it hit the spear and pierced right through it. Shards of wood flew across the abyss and the arrow sailed right into its target, the Reikling's head. The Reikling went falling backwards over into the abyss, never to be seen again.

    "That was close." said Fayen

    "Damn that spear hurt." said Argon

    "Huh, that's odd. I thought it felt like a nice warm hug." said Fayen sarcastically

    Argon rolled his eyes. "Anyway," he said, "let's get going."

    Argon and the team started walking along the slippery ice again but a few minutes later they came to a halt. In front of them was a large group of angry and armed Reiklings ready to attack.

    "Oh plops...." said Garnin

    "Let me handle this." said Argon slowly approaching the Rieklings

    The Rieklings tensed up and pointed their spears and weapons in the direction of Argon.

    Argon held his hands up as a sign that he did not want to fight. The Rieklings eased up a little bit when they saw Argon wasn't going to attack them.

    "Muwafathoo." greeted Argon in Riekling language

    The Rieklings were stunned that this human spoke their language and they eased up even more on their weapons.

    One of the Rieklings, the chief, stepped forward. "Baroo?" it said

    "We need to get through these ruins and get to the Throne Room." Argon said, "We request your permission to enter."

    "Joooo Fah!" the Riekling said

    "I understand this place is your home and we are just some intruders in here. You have reason to not trust us, but I assure you, we are not looking for any trouble." said Argon

    "You intrude our home. Why we believe you no trouble?" asked the Riekling

    "Ah, so you understand and speak our language. Good, I don't know too much Riekling." said Argon

    "I'm surprised you know any at all." said Nerevar

    "Why we trust you?" said the Riekling in its not so perfect understanding of the human language

    "Does the name Thirsk Mead Hall mean anything to you?" asked Argon

    "Powerful tribe. Well respected by our kind. Leader strong. Leader human. Breton recalls I." said the Riekling

    "Yes, that Breton chief is me." said Argon

    "You Thirsk Chief? Hail all Chief of Thirsk!" said the Riekling

    "Thank you," said Argon "may we please go to the throne room?"

    "No. How know you not want take home away?" asked the Riekling

    "I promise, I am not looking to start a war with you. My friends and I just need to get to the Throne Room." said Argon motioning to the team

    "That one." said the Riekling pointing to Nerevar "He from legend. Ancestors meet him long time."

    "Yes, I am the one your ancestors met a long time ago." said Nerevar

    "He kill Rieklings." said the Riekling

    "I'm sorry, but I didn't just go hunting for your kind, I was attacked and I killed to defend myself." said Nerevar

    "Misunderstand do you. You strong, powerful, revered by Rieklings." said the chief

    "Really? That's pretty cool, thank you." said Nerevar

    "But, you still killed. Why we let you in?" asked the Riekling

    "Because, there is a man with the power to destroy the world on the loose. He is causing the world to end, and if it ends everything is gone. We all die. We believe there may be something in there that can be used to stop this man." said Argon

    "He's speaking the truth," said one Riekling in the Riekling language to the chief, "I have seen the outside world and it is dying. The sky is darker, the snow is melting, and plants are dying."

    "I see...." said the Riekling Chief in the Riekling language

    "May we please have access to the Throne Room?" asked Argon

    "You may enter, ten minutes. We watch you. Make sure you not take over." said the Chief in human

    "Thank you." said Argon

    "We lead you there." said the Riekling Chief

    The Rieklings turned and started walking to the throne room and the team followed closely behind. Both the the Rieklings and the heroes had their weapons out, just in case one group decided to turn on the other.

    Both groups poured out of the ruins and were soaked in bright light from the sun above the open-roofed throne room.

    "Ah, I was wondering when you would arrive. I have been waiting here for a while, it's a good thing I'm patient." said a man sitting on the large ice throne

    "You not here allowed." said the Chief to the man on the throne

    "Don't get your furs in a bunch, I was just about to leave." said the man to the Riekling "I just wanted to give these heroes a gift."

    Argon finally recognized the man. "You." he Argon said

    "Ah, Argon. Shouldn't you be dead?" said the man

    "And shouldn't you be out destroying the world?" Argon replied

    Apocapher laughed, "Yes, yes I should. But I just wanted to stop by and give my favorite group of heroes a parting gift."

    "We're not going anywhere Apocapher." said Argon

    "Oh, I know you don't want to. That's why this gift is a parting gift. It is a gift, that will force us to part. In other words, Karstaag is going to kill you." said Apocapher

    "If you know that we can't stop you, why are you trying so hard to get rid of us?" questioned Argon

    "Because, you keep killing all of my beautiful creations, and it's really hurting my feelings." Apocapher fake cried

    "Or, is it becasue you know we can stop you? You know there is something here that we can use to kill you." said Argon

    "Look at this. Isn't it cute? He's trying so hard to be strong. But really, he isn't. He doesn't have powers anymore. Now, he is just as normal as any other adventurer. Argon didn't kill Alduin or Harkon or MIraak. He didn't defeat Sithis or Xan. The Dragonborn did. Argon isn't the Dragonborn. Not anymore. Now Argon is a powerless, weak, flawed adventurer who keeps dwelling on the past when he was Dragonborn. He needs the power to survive. Becoming Kriid wasn't so that he could move on, it was to try and stop the pain of no longer being the greatest hero Tamriel had ever known." said Apocapher

    Argon was stunned. He stood there with his mouth open in disbelief. Everything Apocapher had said was true. Argon hadn't done any of that, the Dragonborn had. He was no longer more powerful than anyone, instead, he was just a normal guy trying to get over the fact that he had lost his powers. Then he noticed it. In the bottom of the throne was a red gem about the size of his palm. He stared at in trying to devise a way in his head to get it and kill Apocapher right here, right now.

    Apocapher saw Argon was straing at something and he followed his gaze. He noticed the gem in the throne now also. He reached down, grabbed the gem, and pulled it free from the throne. The Rieklings were shocked. They pulled out their spears and aimed them at Apocapher.

    "Oh calm down Rieklings. I'm not your enemy. They are." Apocapher said pointing to the team

    Apocapher snapped his fingers and the Rieklings switched their gaze over to the heroes. They aimed their weapons at them instead and prepared to attack.

    "Have a nice time fighting to Rieklings. Oh and Karstaag." said Apocapher, "And as for this gem, it will be as if it never existed."

    The gem in Apocapher's hand disappeared into thin air. The only possible way of deafeating Apocapher, gone. Vanished right into thin air. Apocapher had made it so that it had never existed. Not only that, but he had made the Rieklings have a rage towards the heroes that they could not explain.

    "NO!" shouted Argon

    "Have fun." said Apocapher then his dragon swooped in and picked him up in its claws and carried him away

    "Son of a bitch!!!!" shouted Argon

    "Argon, calm down. We have to deal with the current problem." said Nerevar

    "Yeah, we got some rather angry Rieklings who don't look happy to see us." said Garnin

    "We come in peace." said Sheogorath to the Rieklings

    "I don't think they're buying it. You got any mood changing powers up your sleeve?" Fayen asked Sheogorath

    "I may have a few. But they'll probably make them attack each other." said Sheogorath

    "Just do it!" shouted Fayen

    Sheogorath cast the spell on the Rieklings and they turned to each other, then back to the heroes, then each other, and then the heroes, then each other, then the heroes, they kept doing that and they wouldn't attack either group.

    "Sheo, what is going on???" questioned Argon

    "It's Apocapher's spell, it's too powerful, mine can't overwrite his, but it will go along side it. But both the attack spells are telling them different things and their minds are spazzing out. They'll keep doing that until they...." said Sheogorath

    "Until they what?" asked Argon

    All of the Rieklings turned into piles of ash except for the chief who stood bewildered by the attack on his people. Apocapher's spell had won the battle for the chief's mind and the chief turned to the heroes.

    "You betray. Me trust you. You humans kill. Now, I kill." said the Chief and he attacked the heroes

    Argon picked up the Riekling and pulled his spear out of his hand. The chief kept trying to attack Argon while he was being suspended in the air. Argon put the little guy laying down on the ground and pinned him so he couldn't move.

    "I'm so sorry." said Argon and a tear rolled down his cheek. He pulled out his sword and quickly stabbed the Riekling in the heart.

    "It's only temporary, as soon as Apocapher dies, you'll come back to life." Argon promised

    Then the room started shaking, and in front of the throne there was an explosion, the heroes were all blown backwards and Argon's sword went clattering across the ground. Argon's head hit a rock and he blacked out.

    A few moments later Argon awoke and saw the heroes locked in a battle against the living, breathing, in the flesh, Karstaag.

    They were putting up quite a fight, but Karstaag was beating them. Slowly the heroes started to get tired because of all the dodging, attacking, and failed blocking. A white icy mist floated around Karstaag and the ice shards in the mist inflicted small, constant amounts of damage on the heroes. Fayen was standing back from the battle trying to get a clear shot with his bow at Karstaag but the mist threw off his aim. Fayen kept backing up hoping the shot might get the slightest bit better. He kept backing up until he stepped on Argon's hand.

    "Ow!" Argon exclaimed

    Fayen was shocked because he hadn's expected to step on Argon, and he definitely didn't expect the ground to yell ow. Freaked out and shocked, he released the bow string and the arrow flew forward, it disappeared into the mist but it hit Karstaag right in the side. Karstaag yelped in pain but he didn't stop attacking.

    "Argon, thank the gods you're alive. We weren't sure. Are you okay?" asked Fayen

    "Yeah, I'm fine. How long was I out?" asked Argon

    "About two hours." said Fayen

    "You have been fighting this guy for two hours?!"

    "Yeah, I knew he was tough, but I didn't think he was this tough. Nerevar says he's stronger than last time he faced him. He thinks Apocapher may have upped his strength or something." said Fayen

    "plops I'm gonna help out. Where's my sword?" asked Argon

    "No, you're injured. I'm not letting you go fight him." said Fayen

    "Don't waste your breath Fayen, you know you can't stop me from fighting. Now where is my sword?"

    "Here," said Fayen handing Argon his sword "I picked it up after you went down."

    "Thank you. Give me a hand?" asked Argon

    Argon reached his hand up and Fayen grabbed it and pulled him to his feet.

    "Thanks. Now, I have a frost giant to kill." said Argon

    "Becareful." said Fayen

    Argon raised his sword up and ran at Karstaag.

    "Hey ugly! Remember me?" Argon shouted

    "Dragonborn. Finally, I get my revenge on you for killing my ghost. And I get revenge on Nerevar for killing me. This day just keeps getting better." said Karstaag

    "Well I hope you enjoyed the fun, because your day is about to get a whole lot worse." said Argon

    "I don't think so!" shouted Karstaag

    Karstaag turned his full attention to Argon and he whacked him into the air with his hammer. Argon went flying up. One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred feet into the air! Then Argon started falling as quickly as he had come up. There was no chance of survival this time. Death had finally caught him, now there was no way back. He was going down, down, down, in a few seconds he found be a pancake. He closed his eyes and thrust out his hands and legs and allowed himself to die. He felt the ground hit him. The rough, warm, jagged, and pointy ground sticking into his face. But he wasn't dead, and since when was the ice warm? And since when was it rough jagged and pointy? And how did the sudden sideways wind get in through the walls? Argon opened his eyes and sat up. Down below him a dark shadow had been cast over the throne room. The heroes and Karstaag were all looking up at where Argon had just been hit up. Argon looked at the shadow and instantly recognized the form. The wings, the body, the tail, and the head. The Argon looked down at where he was sitting and recognized the red scales. He had been caught by a dragon, but not just any dragon.

    "Odahviing!" shouted Argon

    "Hello Dovahkiin." said Odahviing

    "Not anymore, I lost my powers." said Argon

    "The Divines told me. But powers or not, to me you are still the Dovahkiin." said Odahviing

    "Thanks Odahviing, that actually means a lot. Wait, the Divines sent you?" said Argon

    "Yes, Akatosh seeked me out and when he found me he told me what was going on. He sent me to assist you in this fight. They haven't stopped watching you. I'm glad I got here in time to catch you." said Odahviing

    "That makes two of us." said Argon

    "It sure does. Now, how about we take out this frost giant." said Odahviing

    He said that in a way that made Karstaag sound like a regular frost giant. Not some great and powerful king. It made him sound like just some regular, easy to kill frost giant. And Odahviing proved it too. He swooped in and picked Karstaag up in his mouth. He let out a burst of flame that burned Karstaag's head and killed him. He then flung the corpse out into the ocean.

    Odahviing landed in the middle of the throne room and Argon got off of his back.

    "Boy, am I glad you came along when you did Odah." said Nerevar "I was afraid Karstaag was getting to into the reunion."

    "How's about you open that door for us so we can get out and get on our ship." said Fayen

    "That might not be such a good idea...." said Odavhiing

    "Odahviing...." said Fayen

    "Okay, okay, stand back." said Odahviing he let out a burst of flame that melted the ice doors and the snow that had fallen in front of them.

    The heroes went over to the ship which had been wrecked and trashed beyond repair. There was a little message written on the side of the ship. It said:

    In case you survived, which I doubt you did,
    I decided to give you another present.
    "Now how are we supposed to get around?!" shouted Garnin

    "Ahem." said Odahviing and he motioned to his back with his head

    "Oh. Right. We have a dragon." said Garnin

    "Climb on. I'm going to fly you to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. The Divines wish to speak with you about the coming battle with Apocapher." said Odahviing

    The heroes climbed on and Odahviing flew them to the temple. When they arrvied, they slid down Odahviing's wing which he outstretched onto the wall of Castle Dour. He then flew up and landed on top of the temple and waited for the heroes. The heroes opened the door and went inside.
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    Chapter 16: Some Much Needed Planning​
    "So I see Odahviing has found you. I trust he assisted in the battle?" asked Akatosh
    "He didn't just assist in the battle. He killed Karstaag. He plucked him up, burned him with fire, and tossed the body like it was nothing. We had been fighting him for two hours. TWO HOURS and Odahviing just swooped in and killed him in seconds. That is one badass dragon you got there Argon." said Garnin

    "Well I'm glad you made it out of there alive." said Akatosh

    "So am I." said Argon "So why did you need him to bring us here?"

    "Because, we need to plan." said Akatosh

    "For..?" asked Fayen

    "The battle against Apocapher. I fear you have run out of time." said Akatosh

    "Tomorrow Apocapher plans unleashing his final assault on the world. He will start with Skyrim, then Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, and so on until the world is completely obliterated. And not just Tamriel, he will continue to all the other continents. He must be defeated before he has a chance to do that. If not, the world will fall. When he sets out to make his final assault he will unleash the most chaos this world has ever seen. More giant worms and ash giants than you can imagine. Fire will rain down from the sky and the ocean will rise up and consume cities. Fires will rage wildly and the ghosts of the dead will rise up and attack. Dwemer objects will flow out of the Dwemer cities and kill everything in sight. Zombies from the Ayleid ruins will run rampant, dark mages and necromancers will be filled with an unexplainable lust for killing. The Falmer will finally make their attack on the surface world. Time will stop moving and the desserts will freeze and the snowy tundras will melt. Death will rule and the void will open up. So much chaos will be caused that Sithis will be released from the Void. Then, once everyone and everything is dead, he will move on to Oblivion, once Oblivion has been destroyed, he will destroy the Void, and anyother plane of existence. Then, when it is all gone he will move on to Sovngarde. There he will wipe out all the dead souls and Sovngarde will burst. Then he will seek us out and he will kill us. None of this can be allowed to happen. Especially the last part because I have really enjoyed my time as a god and don't really want to die...." informed Talos

    "Don't worry. It won't happen." said Nerevar

    "We would never let the world end." said Fayen

    "Aye, we will fight until we die." said Garnin

    "Thadon and I are ready to take on any threat." said Sheogorath

    "Nothing will stand in our way. Right Argon?" said Nerevar

    "Oh... umm... yeah.... Right...." said Argon unsure of himself

    "Are you okay Argon?" asked Fayen

    "I'll be fine...." said Argon glumly

    "Anyways, we have to plan. A few hours ago Apocapher returned to Whiterun and took it over. He is now hiding out in Dragonsreach. He is resting right now and will be all day tomorrow until he has to assault. He is saving his strength until then. If you strike him while he is resting you should have a great advantage over him. I know you don't have the powers needed to kill him, but I believe in you." said Talos

    "Whiterun... Did Sissel make it out okay?!" asked Argon shocked

    "Yes, she managed to make it to Riverwood and is staying with Frodnar and Dorther. Lars wasn't so lucky...." said Zenithar

    "What happened to him?" asked Argon but he already knew the answer

    "Sissel insisted that he come with her but he refused. He told her he had to stay and fight for his home. It was the Nord way. She then insisted on staying with him and helping but he told her no. She said he either went with her, or she stay with him. When he finally excepted that those were the only options she would give him, he pulled out a paralyzing scroll and paralyzed her. He then carried her to the carriage outside the city, tied her down in the back of the carriage, and paid the driver to go to Riverwood and deliver her to Dorthe and Frodnar and tell them what he had done to save her. He then went back inside of Whiterun and joined his brethren in defending Whiterun, like everyone who stayed to fight, he died in battle. I am sorry." informed Julianos

    "No....." said Argon not making any attempt at hiding his upsetness.

    "I am truly sorry Argon, but if we can kill Apocapher everything should go back to normal." assured Fayen

    "That's the thing.... You don't have the power to kill Apocapher, so I was thinking, why not just permanently seal him in a different empty plane of existence that we can create." suggested Akatosh

    "Yeah, because that worked out soooo well last time." said Garnin

    "But it's the only chance you have. With the gem being destroyed and Argon not being Dragonborn anymore, you can't kill him. We have to seal him away." said Talos

    "So no matter what Lars is dead." said Argon

    "I'm afraid so." said Mara

    "How is he?" Argon asked

    "Don't worry, he made it into Sovngarde. Not just because he is a part of your family, but also because of how honorable his death is. Saving the girl he loved and then even though he had the chance to go with her and live he chose to go fight and die." said Akatosh

    "Thank you for telling me this. It does make me feel a little better." said Argon

    "I'm glad." said Akatosh

    "So the plan is we get sneak attack Apocapher while he is resting and somehow seal him away?" asked Nerevar

    "Yes. It will probably take us most of the night to make the plane of existence and make a scroll to send him there, so I suggest you get some rest as well." said Akatosh

    "Will do. Goodnight." said Nerevar

    The heroes all went and checked in at the Winking Skeever for the night.

    "So have y'all heard what's been going on? So many random attacks. I hear Daggerfall was attacked by fifty foot locusts." said the Innkeeper

    "Really? I wonder what's going on." said Nerevar

    "You and everyone else. Raven Rock on Solestheim was recently attacked by a giant worm. These are hard times for Tamriel." said the Innkeeper

    "Correction," thought Nerevar "they are the end times for Tamriel."

    Nerevar didn't say anything about the world ending as to avoid causing a major panic.

    The heroes went to their seperate rooms and went to sleep for the night.

    In the morning the heroes and the Divines met in the courtyard of Castle Dour. The Divines had disguised themselves so that the locals wouldn't notice them and start freaking out. With all that is going on, seeing the Divines randomly would be an omen of bad things to come.

    "Okay, so, we have created the plane of existence and a scroll to send Apocapher there." said Akatosh he handed Nerevar the scroll

    "Thank you." said Nerevar

    "And we also decided to create a small set of armor for Sheogorath's sloth. We also made a sword for him. We figured, if he would attack a Dragon, what would stop him from attacking the guy with the power to destroy the world." said Talos taking Thadon from Sheogorath and equiping the armor and sword on him

    "Thank you lad." said Sheogorath

    "Don't call me lad, it makes me sound young." complained Talos

    "We will teleport you to Whiterun, due to Apocapher's magic we can't place you directly in front of him, so we will have to send you to the Cloud District, as soon as you get inside Dragonsreach Apocapher's magic will block ours and we will not be able to reach you. You will be on your own from then on. This is your only chance to save the world. You cannot fail." said Talos

    "Are you ready?" asked Akatosh

    "We're ready." said the team except for Argon

    "I'm not going." Argon said

    "What?!" asked Sheogorath

    "You have to go, you are our leader we need you." said Nerevar

    "I'm quitting the team. Without my powers I am nothing. I am just weighing you down. And who's to say I won't make a mistake and cause the whole mission to fail and everyone die." said Argon

    "How long have you felt like this?" asked Fayen

    "Since yesterday with Karstaag. I was knocked out for two hours, then when I did go to join the fight I was hit five hundred feet into the air and I almost died. It was pure luck that Odahviing arrived just in time." said Argon

    "You have to coem with us Argon, please." pleaded Garnin

    "I'm not going. I wish you the best of luck." said Argon

    "It's no use arguing with him, once someone in my family makes up their mind, there is no changing it. This was proven when Argon jumped into a vortex and was almost erased from existence last year." said Sheogorath

    "I do wish you would come with us, but I suppose Sheogorath is right. Where will you go?" asked Nerevar

    "I'm going to have Odahviing take me to Skingrad. Him and I will defend it as best as we can." said Argon

    "Goodluck Argon." said Fayen

    "And to you guys too." said Argon

    The Divines transported the heroes except Argon to Whiterun.

    "This is your last chance Argon, after this we are going to go to Sovngarde and await our possible demise. Are you sure you don't want to go?" asked Akatosh

    "I'm sure." said Argon
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    Chapter 17: And When the World Remembers, That World Shalll Cease to be​
    The heroes were standing next to the Gildergreen tree in the Cloud District. All around them house were in ruins, the walls of Whiterun were broken down, Jorrvaskr was on fire, The Temple of Kynareth had caved in and there was a giant blazing A on the side. The cow in the pen was laying dead next to the burned corpse of the one who would always give it hay. The heroes turned around to look at the market area, it was not much better. A sinkhole had opened up where the well usually was, and the tunnels were visible inside it. There was a dead body that was half hanging over the edge and the other half was on the ground. The corpse of the grown-up Mila Valentia was laying in front of her stand. The Bannered Mare was roofless and the roof was scattered in bits across the Market Area. The guard usually posted against the wooden post had been crushed by the cover above him and so were the corpses of the old lovers Olfina Battleborn and Jon Grey-Mane. There were pools of blood and bits of skin every where across the area.

    The heroes wandered around the Cloud District a little bit to check out the damage. The eagel above the Skyforge had fallen over and crushed it, there was also a young man who had tripped over the side of the forge while he was running and fell face first into it. The companions were all slaughtered around Jorrvaskr. As they were wandering around they came across a familiar body.

    "By the gods...." said Nerevar

    "Lars, what did they do to you?" said Sheogorath

    They gathered around the dismembered body of Lars Battleborn. His limbs were all laying next to him and he had cuts all up and down his body. In his right hand he had a sword, in his left had he held his shield. In his pocket was a note from Sissel that had been written many years ago.

    "I guess he wanted to have her close to him when he died." said Fayen

    "Poor lad, he didn't deserve to die this way." said Garnin

    "I feel so bad, nothing is going to go back to normal unless Apocapher dies, but the only possible way to defeat him is trap him in some other plane of existence." said Nerevar

    "This is just wrong.... Why is his body the one with the most damage to it?" questioned Fayen

    "Sometimes, when the leader of an army dies the leader is the one who dies the worst death. I guess Lars was the leader of this resistence." said Sheogorath

    "But this, this much damage to a body requires high levels of madness to make someone torture someone this terribly." said Garnin

    "I guess Apocapher did this then. If he has the powers of all the Daedric Princes, he must've used his Sheogorath side." said Sheogorath

    "We'll be doing the world a favor locking him away." said Garnin

    "A favor we will never collect on." said Nerevar "The world never owes us anything. We do this because it is our job, and it is what is right."

    "Spoken like a true hero and leader." said Fayen

    "That's right lad, now that Argon is gone again, you are the leader again! Ho ho what fun!" said Sheogorath

    "plops." said Nerevar

    "Let's go, we have to hurry if we want to defeat Apocapher." said Garnin

    "He's right, let's go." said Fayen

    The heroes ran inside Dragonsreach and instantly regretted it. The throne room was filled with dead bodies of the Jarl's court, but not only that, now there were living at least five living verison of each of the people who had died in the battle for Whiterun. The people were obviously fakes of each one, but after seeing these bodies outside and now having them be paler evil versions of the bodies who served Apocapher and were ready to attack the intruders, it brought a few tears to the eyes of the heroes. Standing in front of the throne was Apocapher.

    "Did you really think I wouldn't see you coming?" said Apocapher "Of course I knew you were going to attack while I was resting, that's why I wasn't really resting and instead I was waiting for you to fall into my trap!"

    "Great, you have us, now what?" asked Nerevar

    "Now, I leave you to my minions while I go and get my dragon ready. I have a schedule to keep." said Apocapher

    Apocapher started walking out of the room and Nerevar leaned over and whispered to Fayen, "Think you can hit him with an arrow from here?"

    "Don't bother, it will only come back and hit you in the head." called Apocapher to Fayen

    Apocapher walked out of the room and went to the balcony of Dragonsreach to prepare his dragon.

    "So you guys, how are you? We are Tamriel's Greatest Heroes. We are not looking for any trouble with you. So we will just pass through...." said Nerevar trying to squeeze past the townspeople

    They shoved Nerevar back down the stairs and Garnin and Fayen caught him just in time.

    "Okay, I wasn't looking for trouble, but it seems like you are and now I'm mad." said Nerevar pulling out his sword

    The heroes followed Nerevar's example and pulled out their weapons. The heroes and the townspeople clashed. Nerevar jumped over a sword and stabbed someone in the heart. He then spun around and slashed the head off of someone else. The head rolled on the ground leaving a thin trail of blood behind it. A familiar face ran up to Nerevar and confronted him. It was Lars. Nerevar was stunned for a second and a wave of emotion hit him, but he stabbed him nonetheless and he fell over. Apocapher must have been watching them and must have realized that Lars had the biggest emotional pull over them and then all the townspeople turned into an army of Lars. It was Lars after Lars after Lars. The whole room was filled wiht Larses. Each team member proceeded to kill a couple Larses, but it became too much for them. They started running, doing their best not to kill Lars, but if one of them got in their way, the necessary action was to kill him. Eventually they reached the doors to the balcony and Sheogorath summoned a wind to blow them open. Once they were all in Sheogorath slowly and quietly shut the door. For whatever reason, the Larses didn't follow them in. Apocapher seemed to not notice the heroes come in and he was loading up his dragon with gear. Right above the dragon was the wooden dragon trap.

    Nerevar silently nudged Fayen and pointed to the trap and the chains holding it up. Fayen pulled out his bow and fired an arrow at each chain. Luckily the chains were rusty and old and the arrows pierced right through the chains and the trap fell down on top of the dragon pinning it to the ground.

    Apocapher grinned and turned around. "Bravo," he said "very well done. I didn't think you would be able to get past the Larses but you managed too. And you managed to trap I dragon I seem to have underestimated your team. But wait? Where's Argon? Did the poor fool run away? Good. Not that he was a threat, but he was strong. Being able to cheat death like he did, made him dangerous. But oh well he's gone now. And what's this? Nerevar, you have a scroll to trap me in another dimension? Oh how cute. But you won't be needing that."

    The scroll levitated out of Nerevar's pocket and flew into one of the fires lighting up the room.

    "How did you know about that?" asked Nerevar

    "I know everything. Seriosuly, I do. If you wanted I could tell you what happened to the Dwemer, but you already know that don't you Nerevar?" said Apocapher

    "I don't give a damn what you know. And now that you have burned the scroll, I guess we're gonna have to beat you the old fashioned way, with a battle to the death." said Nerevar

    "Your courage is admirable, Nerevar, but challenging me to the death? Do you really want to challenge the most powerful being to ever exist to a fight that will surely end in you dying? Not the brightest idea." said Apocapher

    "A fight to the death, or no fight, either way we will die. But it's better to go out fighting than just give up and waiting for death to come knocking." said Nerevar

    "Ha ha, too true Nerevar. Too true." laughed Apocapher "But in challenging me you are not waiting for death to come knocking, you are walking right up to his doorstep and knocking yourself."

    "That way I can look death in the eye and say 'You don't scare me.'" said Nerevar "I noticed you keep trying to persuade us not to fight you by trying to scare us off. Why don't you wanna fight? You scared?"

    "Just trying to give you a chance to have a quick and painless death rather than one of pure pain at the hands of me." said Apocapher

    "Just like you did to Lars?"

    "Just like I did to Lars." grinned Apocapher

    "Then in Lars's name I Indoril Nerevar challenge you Apocapher to a battle to the death. The prize for winning is the world."

    "I accept."

    From the beginning of the battle the heroes were outmatched. They new that without that scroll they were going to lose for sure, but like Nerevar said it's better to go out fighting than wimp out and run away. Fayen was trying to move back and get a shot in on Apocapher, but when the arrow hit him it simply bounced off and almost hit Fayen in the head. Fayen then removed his quiver and ran up the stairs to the controls of the trap which had been knocked down. He raised up his bow and waited for just the right moment. He jumped and brought the bow down hard on Apocapher's head. Apocapher picked him up by the neck, and threw him into the wall. Fayen was knocked out. Garnin swung his axe low at Apocapher's feet and somehow managed to knock him down. Garnin raised his axe to slice off Apocapher's head, but Apocapher just smiled and raised him hand. An icy cold beam shot out of his hand and knocked Garnin back against the wall. He too was unconcious. Sheogorath stood back and readied the Finger of the Mountain spell. He aimed it right at Apocapher's head.

    "Bye bye you son of a bitch." said Sheogorath

    The lightning burst forth form Sheogorath's fingers and hit Apocapher right in the head. Apocapher went flying back against the stone wall and it collapsed on top of him, succesfully killing him.

    "No way...." said Nerevar

    "I... I did it...." said Sheogorath shocked

    "I guess that he didn't have that power." said Nerevar

    "This is wonderful. The world is saved, Apocapher is dead, and we didn't need any scroll to seal him away." said Sheogorath

    "Good job Sheo." said Nerevar

    "Thanks." said Sheogorath

    Sheo and Nerevar went and stood out on the balcony looking out over the ruined world.

    "He really did some damage." said Nerevar

    "Wait a minute.... If everything goes back to normal when Apocapher dies, then why is the world still in ruins?" asked Sheogorath

    "Holy plops you're righ- Sheo look out!" shouted Nerevar when he noticed Apocapher standing up

    Apocapher had caught the spell in his hands and was not throwing it back at Sheogorath. Sheog tried to dodge the attack and dove diagonally inside the room. But he didn't move fast enough and the spell hit him. He managed to make it into the room so he didn't go over the baclony, but he was knocked into one of the wooden beams supporting the area above. The beam shattered and the walkway above came crashing down on Sheogorath. It was impossible to tell if Sheogorath was dead, or somehow just knocked out.

    "So Nerevar, I have defeated the rest of your team. Are you ready to give up yet?" said Apocapher giving Nerevar one last chance to back down

    "I will never abandon my home in its time of need. No, I will not stop fighting you." said Nerevar

    "So be it. But just remember by doing this, you're killing yourself." said Apocapher

    "Sometimes in order to save the world, a sacrifice must be made." said Nerevar "I learned that from Argon."

    "But as I recall, Argon aborted his sacrifice and saved himself." said Apocapher

    "But before he knew he could get out he was ready to die for his home." said Nerevar "As I will do for mine."

    "A nobel sacrifice indeed. I respect that. But I am going to have fun killing you." said Apocapher

    Apocapher pulled out his long two handed sword. Along the sides of the blade were glowing orange lights moving up the blade, the blade was black and had some sort of ancient writing on it, the hilt had an orange spiriling desgin on it and the hand protector was two black half circles one on each side right above Apocapher's hand, inside the half circles were orange and yellow glowing lights. It truly was an amazing looking blade and it was sure to posses a great power. Nerevar almost felt stupid pulling out his pathetic and weak Elven Sword. Him and Apocapher ran at each other and their swords clashed. Nerevar's sword instantly burst into shards and flew about the room. Nerevar raised up his shield and smacked Apocapher in the face. Apocapher swung his sword and Nerevar swung his shield, they hit and a major dent was made in Nerevar's shield. Nerevar swung his fist and punched Apocapher in the face. Apocapher pushed Nerevar and he went flying back. Nerevar stood up, touched his upper lip and looked at his fingers. His lip was bleeding. The blood was slowly trickling into his mouth and a weird almost metalic taste filled his mouth. His spit the blood out but the wound kept trickling more blood. He wondered how vampires liked the taste of blood. If he ever became a vampire he would starve to death.

    Anyways, he took the shield off his arm and grabbed it by the edge. He threw it like a disc at Apocapher and it hit him it the face, he was knocked off balance which provided the opening he needed. Nerevar charged at him and tackled him. He pinned his arms and legs to the ground and started punching Apocapher's face repeatedly. Apocapher just kept laughing and laughing which was really irritating Nerevar. Finally Apocapher decided he'd had enough and he flung Nerevar off him. Nerevar hit the wall and slid down, like the other three, Nerevar was now unconcious.

    When Nerevar awoke, he was hanging with his wirsts chained to the wall above his head, and his feet however inches above the ground. Next to him were the other three members of the team who had awaken a few minutes before Nerevar. Apocapher was still standing in the middle of the room and was watching the heroes.

    "Ah, you're finally awake Nerevar." said Apocapher

    "Why'd you let me live?" Nerevar asked

    "Because, I decided, it would be much more fun for you to be helpless and hanging on the wall having to wait for death to come get you. Than for me to just stab you and be done with it. This way, you at least have to suffer." said Apocapher

    "You sick bastard." said Nerevar

    "There is nothing you can do about it now. I have freed my dragon from your trap, and now her and I will fly around and destroy the world." said Apocapher

    "Not while I'm here." said a voice from the shadows
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    Chapter 18: Battle of Skingrad​

    The sky was darkening, giant rocks of fire fell through the sky. Lightning was striking, fires were raging, hail was falling, it was raining, it was burning hot but it was freezing cold, it was snowing, rain was falling, the walls of Skingrad had been broken down, three giant worms we inside the city, zombies poured in along with falmer and dwarven robots, bandits were helping the people get to safety, mercenaries were trying to hold off the opposing forces, people were dying, Odahviing was in the sky trying to assist in holding off all enemies, and the smell of death was in the air. Argon ducked under an arrow then turned while running backwards and threw a dagger at the Falmer that had just shot at him. The dagger connected with the Falmer's eye and he fell down dead. Argon turned around and continuted running. He hopped over some debris in the middle of the path, he ducked underneath a fallen down building which was resting diagonally on a building across from it. As soon as he got out from under it, the supporting building was hit by a flaming rock and fell, allowing the other building to topple over. Rock from the buildings was spewed through the air, a few stones hit Argon in the back but he kept running. He had to get to the tunnel where he was living when he was still Kriid. Hopefully it was still standing. Inside of it he had Auriel's Bow and sunhallowed elven arrows, his ebony mail, his dragonbone gauntlets and boots, Konahrik, and the Bloodskal Blade. If he could just get in there and put away his iron sword and his current armor, he could change into his good armor and get his could weapons.

    A large force of Falmer were in the middle of the path and they were pointing their weapons right at Argon.

    "No," he thought "I don't have time for this. I need to get to the tunnel."

    He was about to slow down and pull out his sword, but mercenaries and bandits from above jumped ontop of the Falmer and stabbed them with their daggers. The moved out of the way so Argon could get by. As Argon ran by they yelled, "Godspeed Argon! You are a beacon of hope in these troubled times!"

    Argon smiled but he kept running, he had no time to stop, he had to get there. Just one more turn aaaannnnnnndddddd..... It was wrecked. A worm must have gone through and caused the place to cave in. He dug around in the rubble trying to fin he equipment. He found it all, except the bow was snapped in two, the Bloodskal Blade was just shards of metal, the gaunlets and boots were broken into three pieces, Konahrik had a large dent in it, and the Ebony Mail had a large crack in it. The arrows were fine, but without the bow they did no good. All of it was fixable, except for the Bloodskal Blade, that was beyond repair, and when he next had the time he would fix them, but now was not the time. So he grabbed a large sack of food from the rubble of his makeshift home, he dumped out the contents, and he filled it with his equipment. he grabbed a large rope and tied it shut tightly. He left a large length of rope hanging off so that he could tie it to Odahviing. He called for Odahviing and he swooped down and landed in front of Argon. Argon asked if it would be okay if he tied it to him. Odahviing told him that as long as it wouldn't swing around while he flew then he was fine with it. So Argon climbed up on Odahviings next and secrued it to one of Odahviings horns. He made sure it was tight enough that it wouldn't come undone and it wouldn't flop around. When he was sure it was secure he casted a spell to freeze it to his horn just in case, the he hopped down and Odahviing took off again.

    Argon watched as Odahviing flew off to assist at trying to keep the enemies out. Suddenly, out of nowhere Argon was ambushed by a small group of Dwemer robots and Falmer. A Dwarven spider jumped of Argon's head and refused to let go, the Falmer tossed ropes around Argon and tied him up, the Centurions made sure he didn't get up and anytime he slightly moved they fired burning hot steam at him. The Dwarven spheres poked Argon repeatedly with their metal spear hands. Finally, when argon was secure and tightly roped, two Falmer picked him up by his leggs and head and carried him off.

    Argon knew enough from his adventures to stay calm even when you are as trapped as this. He looked around and tried to devise a way to escape. Two falmer, both carring him, two centurions, and three spheres. his sword was pressed against his legs and the hilt was grinding into his side. His arm was going past the hilt and it was pressed against the sheath. He tried wiggling his sword up and away from his side so maybe he could have some more arm space which he could use to grab the dagger he had picked up earlier and use it to cut the ropes, but it didn't work the ropes were too tight. He finally just relaxed and allowed himself to be carried off. Then suddenly, two mercenaries dropped down from ontop of a house and stabbed the Falmer. The Falmer fell over and dropped Argon. One of the mercenaries cut the ropes and freed Argon. Argon wrestled with the ropes for a minute but managed to get onto his feet and pull his sword out. He went up to one of the spheres and broke it's spear arm off. He grabbed the arm and thrust it through the sphere's stomach. He pulled it out then spun around and did an upward slash up the other sphere's face. He dropped the arm then turned his attention to the centurions. There was one mercenary at both of the centurions. Argon ran up to the wall of the nearby building. Using his acrobatic skill, he ran five fet up the wall, then pushed off. In the air he turned and pulled out his dagger. He grabbed onto the centurions neck and cut the wire connection the head to the gyro. The centruion fell forward. Argon jumped off the back of the centurion and while in the air threw the dagger right into the gyro of the other centurion. It stabbed straight through the gyro and the centruion fell backwards.

    "Are you alright?" Argon asked the mercenaries

    "We're fine, glad we managed to get to you in time. We need your help at the front gate. The opposing forces are pushing in and we don't have enough man-power to keep them out. Your dragon is helping out but it's not enough. We were sent to retrieve you and we are not to come back unless you are with us." said one of the mercenaries

    "Alright, lead the way." said Argon

    The mercenaries lead Argon to the front gate, sure enough the troops posted there were being overrun. There were dragur, zombies, skeletons, dwarven robots, ghosts, and wraiths. Flaming arrows were flying from the gates and into the battle field. Mages were casting spells of protection on the gates, and others were casting destruction magic into the battlefield. Odahviing flew overhead burning the attackers. Argon pulled out his sword and ran into the ocean of attackers. He swung his sword and decapitated a zombie. He tricked a ghost into possesing a dragur and he killed the dragur, succesfully killing the dragur and the ghost. He rewired a robot and made it go crazy and attack anything in sight. A fire arrow landed right in front of him and the firey explosion it caused made Argon go flying backwards. But then he got an idea. He made a guardian circle around him which would keep out all the undead. So pretty much anything except the robots. Then he put a few runes around the circle to ensure that if a robot did try to get close it would be blown to kingdom come. Then, he closed his eyes and readied a spell. He moved his hands the correct ways and then thrust his hands down, the spell hit the ground and Argon thrust his head back and his eyes flung open. The battlefield was consumed in the explosion and it sent everyone in the battlefield except for Argon flying. When the smoke cleared up, the battlefield was empty. Robots had broken when they hit the ground, zombies had fallen apart, the wraiths and ghost were little piles of plasma on the ground, and the dragur had either taken fall damage, or had been impaled on their own weapons. The people defending the gate looked at Argon with awe.

    "So, if that's all, I'll be on my way." said Argon then he ran back inside the city.

    "Help me please!" Argon heard a young boy yell

    "Please hurry!" he yelled again

    "I'm coming!" Argon called


    "Keep yelling I'll follow your voice!" called Argon

    The little boy kept calling. Argon wasn't getting to him quickly though, he needed a horse. Luckily, it just so happened a horse was trotting by. He jumped up on the horse and rode it in the direction of the boy. He saw the boy, just a couple yards in front of him, but there was a dragur causing him to back up. The boy tripped backwards over some rubble and fell over. The dragur was closing in on him. Argon kicked the horse and leaned forward. The horse sped up considerably. Argon pulled out his sword and held it out sideways. The horse ran in between the boy and the dragur and the sword sliced the dragur's head clean off. Argon leaned over and scooped the boy up onto the horse. The boy was riding in front of Argon so that he wouldn't fall off.

    "Thank you mister!" said the boy tears streaming down his face

    "Don't worry about it." said Argon

    "What is going on mister?" the little boy asked

    Argon took a deep breath, he wanted so badly to lie to the boy and tell him that Tamriel was at war or something like that, he didn't want to have to tell him the world was ending, but Argon figured he should tell him the truth. He deserved it.

    "There is a man with the power to destroy the world, and that is exactly what he is doing. He is causing the world to end." said Argon

    "Oh no....." said the boy "I don't want the world to end."

    "Neither do I, neither do I." said Argon

    "Why isn't someone doing something? Don't we have heroes for a reason?" asked the little boy

    "Yeah, but I guess they weren't powerful enough to defeat him." said Argon

    "So? Just because you're not powerful enough or strong enough to save the world doesn't mean you should just give up. You gotta keep trying no matter what. That's what makes them heroes, and even if it seems like you can't save the world, heroes always find a way to save the world." said the little boy

    "That is very true..." said Argon sadly

    "My favorite hero is the Dragonborn. He supposedly died last year in a battle, but people are saying he survived somehow. I hope that's true, if anyone can save us it's him. People are saying that he lost his powers, but I don't believe that. I think he still has them but he just has to find them again." said the little boy

    "Jacob! That the Divines you are okay!" a woman yelled

    "Mommy!" Jacob called

    Argon stopped the horse and got off. He helped Jacob down and handed him to his mother.

    "Thank you so much for saving our son Argon." said Jacob's father

    "Argon? Isn't that the Dragonborn? You're the Dragonborn?!" exclaimed Jacob

    Argon nodded his head.

    "Mommy, daddy I was saved by the Dragonborn!!" Jacob cried happily "Argon, you have to stop this man! I know you can do it! I just know it!"

    "Argon, we are going to go to our cellar and hide in there, it is a pretty safe area. Would you like to come with us?" the father offered

    "No thanks, I got things to do." said Argon

    "Well, if there is anything we can ever do for you just ask. We would be happy to help." said the mother

    "Thank you madame. But I don't accept favors for saving someone, it's my job. But keep Jacob safe, he's a strong one I think one day he may just grow up to be a great hero." said Argon

    "Thank you for saving me Argon." said Jacob

    "No problem little buddy, and don't worry, I'll make sure the one causing all of this chaos will get what he deserves." said Argon

    Argon walked off. In the distance he heard the little boy say to his parents, "Don't worry, everything will be fine. Argon said so, and I know Argon can save us."

    Argon called out for Odahviing

    "Yes?" said Odahviing landing in front of Argon

    "I need you to take me to Whiterun." Argon told him

    "What for?" asked Odahviing

    "I got a world to save."
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    Chapter 19: Journey to Apocapher​

    Odahviing was soaring through the skies as fast as he could go without throwing Argon off. Argon made sure his sack of stuff was still secrue on Odahviings horn and it was. He knew that he was about to fight the heardest fight of his life, so he decided to lay back and rest.

    In his dreams he saw raging fires everywhere. The whole world was just a pile of ash and he was the only one left alive. Suddenly the skeletons of all those he had failed appeared and each one had a name tag so he knew who it was. Nerevar, Garnin, Fayen, Sheogorath, Lars, Sissel, Dorthe, Frodnar, Serana, Akatosh, Talos, Zenithar, Julianos, Kynareth, Stendarr, Mara, Dibella, and Arkay. There were even two Dragon skeletons, Odahviing and Durnehviir. Then, suddenly he looked down at himself and he too had a name tag hanging around his neck it said Argon. Then he looked at his hands and realized he was a skeleton. He looked up and saw Apocapher floating in the air laughing. Then Apocapher started floating upwards higher and higher. Argon reached out to try and grab him and pull him down but then he realized Apocapher wasn't moving, he was. The ashes were swallowing him up, slowly he was being pulled down and there was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was let the ground pull him and listen to Apocapher's laugh. Then it all went dark. The ground had swallowed him up and he couldn't all he could hear was Apocapher's dark laugh.

    Argon woke up screaming. He screamed for about five minutes then finally realized it had all been a dream and he was okay and still on Odahviing's back.

    "Are you okay Argon?" asked Odahviing

    "I'm fine, just a nightmare." said Argon

    "About what?"

    Argon explained the dream to him.

    "So now Apocapher is messing with your head. He probably knows you're coming. Wants to keep you awake so you'll get tired during the fight. And if you do fall asleep he wants to scare you away with these dreams. You scare him Argon, he knows that if anyone can best him it's you and that scares him. Don't let him get to you." said Odahviing

    "Thanks Odah, but what if he's wrong? What if I can't stop him and I fail? Then the world will end and it will all be my fault." said Argon

    "Don't talk like that. It's just him getting to you. Besides, I have flown miles and I am not about to turn around just because the Dovahkiin got scared." said Odahviing

    "You're right. Let's go kick his ass." said Argon

    "There's the Dovahkiin we all know and love." said Odahviing

    It was smooth flying for the next ten minutes and Odahviing and Argon were riding along in silence. But suddenly, some sort of winged demons started attacking them.

    "What the hell are these things?!" said Argon

    "They're called Cliff-Runners." said Odahviing

    "Shouldn't they be extinct?!"

    "Remember, Apocapher can do anything. Even bring back extinct creatures." said Odahviing

    "SHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!" said Argon

    "Someone really does not want you getting to Dragonsreach." said Odahviing

    "Well, we can't let him stop us. Blast these sons of bitches back into the third era." Argon told Odahviing

    "Will do."

    Odahviing turned his head in the direction of three of the many cliff racers and he blasted them with fire. Their wings lit and they crashed into the ground below. Argon pulled out his sword and defended as best he could from the back of a dragon. He pulled off one of Odahviing's sharp scales and threw in like a knife at one of the Cliff Racers. It slashed right through the wing and the cliff Racer lost control and flew right in front of Odahviing's mouth. A burst of fire came out and roasted the bird thing.

    Another one dive bombed Argon from above, Argon turned around just in time to see it coming. He raised his sword and slashed it in half. He grabbed another right out of the air, and he thre it at a group of others. Argon struggled to stay on Odahviing's back as Odahviing was still flying and Argon was trying to fight. Odahviing's tail whipped a few Cliff Racers and they flew back.

    "Argon!" Odahviing called "We are getting close, I'm going to dive in, jump off onto the Dragonsreach bridge!"

    "Alright!" said Argon

    Argon kept fighting while Odahviing flew closer to Dragonsreach.

    "Now!" Odahviing called

    Argon jumped off and landed rolling on the bridge to Dragonsreach. He stood up and shook himself off, he put his sword in its hilt then looked up. He could see Odahviing dealing with the swarm of Cliff Racers. Argon quietly opened the door to the castle. Inside he saw an army of Lars Battle-borns.

    "That sick bastard." Argon thought

    He didn't any of them to notice him though so he climbed up one of the wooden posts and got onto the walkway above the throne room. He bowed his head down and started walking hoping no one would notice him. He manageed to slip through the crowd of the Larses and silently open and closed the door to the balcony.

    Argon saw his friends chained to the wall and Apocapher in front of them.

    "There is nothing you can do about it now. I have freed my dragon from your trap, and now her and I will fly around and destroy the world." Apocapher told the heroes

    "Not while I'm here." said Argon emerging from the shadows

    "Ah, the last Dragonborn come to die." said Apocapher

    "I'm not Dragonborn, but that doesn't mean I won't kick your ass." said Argon

    "Just submit to me now and I will allow you to share the same fate as your friends." said Apocapher

    "Nah, I'd much rather my death be special and not shared by anyone." said Argon

    "So be it." said Apocapher "It seems you managed to get past my nightmare and the Cliff Racers, bravo. But neither of those were even remotely as powerful as me."

    Apocapher drew his sword and ran at Argon. Argon drew his and their blades met. They pulled back and swung again. Again, the blades clashed. No matter how many times they swung the blades kept meeting.

    "You stand up well to my strength. But that won't last much longer." said Apocapher

    Apocapher lowered his sword next to his side, pointed it out at Argon, and ran at him. Argon sidestepped out of the way and as Apocapher came by Argon hilt smashed him in the back. Apocapher collapsed onto the floor and Argon raised his blade to slice off his head. Apocapher blasted Argon back and ran over to the balcony. Argon got up and chased him down.

    "You're cornered now. "said Argon

    "And so are you." said Apocapher

    Argon turned around and saw Apocapher's dragon about to scorch him. Argon and Apocapher both dove out of the way and they wrestled on the ground for a mintue before Argon threw him off of him. Apocapher hit the side of the balcony railing and almost fell off. He picked up his sword and ran at Argon. Argon was still on the ground but he quickly recovered and raised his sword above his head. Apocapher's sword hit Argon's and Apocapher refused to pull back. Using all his strength Argon pushed his blade forward, he opened up enough space to be able to stand up. Now both men were standing up pushing their blades against each other's blades. Apocapher slightly turned his blade and force Argon's blade out of his hand. It went tumbling over the edge of the balcony.

    "My sword!" Argon yelled

    Argon reached up, grabbed Apocapher's sword and elbowed him in the face. They fought for the sword trying to push each other's hands off it. In the end the sword fell over the edge also.

    "Bah!" Apocapher yelled "I don't have time for this, I have a schedule to keep!"

    Apocapher climbed on his dragon and flew off.

    "Odahviing!!!!!" Argon called

    Odahviing, having gotten rid of the Cliff Racers, landed on the balcony. Argon climbed on his back and told him, "Follow that dragon!"
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    So, the final chapter is coming out next weekend! The epic final battle to save the world. Does Argon have what it takes to defeat Apocapher? Will things go back to normal? Will Lars come back to life? And who is Fayen's shocking lover? Find out all of this the in final chapter of The Prophecy of Apocapher! Coming next weekend.
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    Chapter 20: Apocaplypse​

    Odahviing flew through the air quickly catching up to Apocapher's dragon. Apocapher's dragon was a big and blue Serpentine Dragon. It wasn't the same dragon the four other heroes had originally fought, it was a different one. The other one had died soon after the first battle in the Imperial City. This other one, was bigger, faster, stronger, and far more deadly.

    "Can you go any faster?" Argon pleaded with Odahviing

    "Patience Dovahkiin, I am going as fast as I can." replied Odahviing

    "I can't be patient, if we don't catch up with Apocapher now, then he will end the world!" shouted Argon

    "Calm down, you will never win the fight that is to come if your mind is so clouded with worry." said Odahviing

    "Fine, but fire at those sons of bitches!" said Argon

    Odahviing spewed a stream of fire from his mouth and it went right at Apocapher. Apocapher's dragon dodged it just in time.

    "A little fire won't stop me Argon!" called Apocapher

    "But it is enough to kill your not-so-friendly neighborhood dragon!" called Argon

    "Just give up, you lose!" called Apocapher

    "If the world is gonna go down, then it's not going down without a fight!"

    "Oh, so you're the world now? Arrogance Argon, I hate it." called Apocapher

    "I'm not the world, but right now, I am representing it!"

    "Then the world, and its representor will both meet their ends today." said Apocapher

    "Odahviing, fire again!"

    Odahviing spewed more fire and this time the fire slightly scorched the dragon's wing. Apocapher turned his dragon around to face Argon and Odahviing. The dragon somehow, probably from Apocapher, was flying backwards. The two dragons took turns attacking each other. Argon stood up on Odahviing and Apocapher stood up on his dragon. Apocapher started launching rocks and stuff at Argon. Argon started dodging from the back of Odahviing. Apocapher was summoning objects from below him to come up and fly at Argon. At one point a hammer flew at Argon's face and he caught it. The hammer reminded him of the bag tied to Odahviing's horn. He dropped down and leaned forward to untie the bag. He melted the ice and untied the sack. He pulled out his broken armor and his bow. He figured now was a good a time as any to fix the armor. Argon ducked down as Apocapher flung objects over his head. Argon would stick his armor in front of Odahviing's mouth when he would breath fire at the other dragon. Then he would hammer the armor and Auriel's Bow back into place and use ice to cool it down. Finally when he was done which took him surprisingly fast, he threw off his armor and put on his other armor. Then, he pulled up one of Odahviing's scales, which for some reason Odahviing didn't seem to mind, and he used the sharp scale to cut off and thin down a part of the bag until it was just a string the right size for Auriel's Bow. He attached the string to the bow and flung the Sunhallowed Arrows over his back. He stood up and barely evaded being impaled by a kitchen knife.

    Argon put one of the arrows on the string and drew it back. It worked surprisingly well. He took a second to aim and he fired the arrow. It soared through the air, missing every item being throw, then it met its target. It hit Apocapher and pierced his armor and sunk into his chest. Then, it exploded. Apocapher yelped it pain, "Ah! The power of Akatosh! It burns!"

    "That hurts you? I thought the Divines' powers don't kill you." said Argon

    "They still hurt like plops! Well Akatosh's hurts like plops. The other ones don't hurt so bad, but I can still easily best Akatosh." said Apocapher

    "Huh. That's funny." said Argon

    "How is that funny?" Apocapher was confused

    "Oh, I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about this." Argon pulled back another arrow and propelled it through the air to once again hit Apocapher. He once again yelled in pain and Argon kept raining him with arrows. One by one the arrows disappeared. Argon made sure to leave no time for Apocapher to retaliate. Arrows kept breaking through the air and hitting Apocapher. Arrows flew through the air, fire spewed below Argon's feet. Firey rocks fell from the sky, the sky was bathed a dark red. The sun was a red and black void of nothing. You could literally smell the death of people in the air. Before he fired an arrow Argon looked down at the ground, everywhere there were corpses of humans, elves, animals, dragons, and creatures. Earthquakes had ripped the once beautiful land apart, fires were burning, there were craters in the ground, trees had fallen over, lava was making forming little pools as it seemed up from cracks in the ground. In Skyrim, The Throat of the World had fallen over and crushed Ivarstead. In Cyrodiil the White Gold Tower lay in ruins after being pelted by three giant firey chunks of rock. In Morrowind the Red Mountain was Erupting. Solestheim was under attack by giant worms and ash spawn. The magical presence of the Bretons in High Rock was bringing the dead back to life. The ground in Skyrim was falling in and revealing Black Reach down below. There were no birds in the sky and other than Odahviing and Apocapher's drgaon, there were no dragons flying around. Floating above Tamriel there was a giant dimensional tear that revealed Sovngard above. The cracks from the earthquakes led to Oblivion and others lead to the Void. Daedra spilled out of the cracks and so did spectral demons from the Void. The Daedric Princes refused to leave Oblivion out of fear for Apocapher.

    Argon then let go of the bow string and the arrow soared through the air and hit Apocapher. The explosion nearly knocked Apocpaher off his dragon but Apocapher managed to regain his footing and steadied himself. Argon reached behind him to grab and arrow but instead grabbed air. He felt around the quiver but nothing. It was empty. Argon was weaponless. Odahviing seemed to be getting tired and Argon had to get in close range with Apocapher.

    "Odahviing, fly in close!" Argon told his dragon

    "As you wish." Odahviing broke away from his battle and flew next to Apocapher and his dragon.

    Argon faced Apocapher then without thinking twice, Argon jumped. Odahviing was about four feet away from Apocapher and his dragon. Argon flew through the air and four a few seconds was in mid-air. He raised up Auriel's Bow and slammed it down on Apocapher's head. The blow brought Apocapher to his knees and Argon landed safetly on Apocapher's dragon. He side kicked Apocapher and knocked him over on to his back. Apocpaher rolled over and faced up at Argon. Argon was bringing Auriel's Bow down again and Apocapher moved his head out of the way. He used his legs to sweep Argon off his feet and Argon fell face first onto the dragon's scales. When Argon looked up, Apocapher had one of the dragon's razor sharp scales in his hand and was aiming it right at Argon's heart. Argon managed to move his heart out of the way, but the scale still pierced his armor and stabbed into his chest, barely missing his lung. Argon got on to his feet and pulled the scale out of his chest. The blue scale was now stained crimson red. Argon flung the scale off the dragon and grabbed his chest. He was in an insane amount of pain, but he didn't back down. He picked up the bow and swung it at Apocapher. Apocapher ducked and Argon swung 360o and kicked Apocapher. Argon's foot connected with the part of Apocapher's chest plate where his lung was directly under. The armor was hit with such force that it hit Apocpaher's lung, and Apocapher got the wind knocked out of him. Apocapher was knocked back, and he leaned over to catch his breath. That was his first mistake. Argon brought his knee up and it connected with Apocapher's nose. Apocapher's head flew up and blood was pouring out of his nose. Apocapher touched his nose and looked at the blood on his fingers. He had never seen his own blood before. How was Argon able to hurt him?

    Apocapher had allowed himself to be distracted by the sight of his blood. That was his second mistake. Argon swung upwards and hit Apocapher's chin, the force of the blow and the shock Apocapher had experience, cause Apocapher to fall over backwards and be impaled by a pointy scale sticking up on the dragon's back. The scale stabbed in just a few inches and the rest of it stuck out. Apocapher stood up and winced in pain.

    "Hurts, but it's not enough to kill me." said Apocapher

    "No, but this is." said Argon


    Argon didn't think about it. He had no idea what he meant when he said but this is. It had just come out. It was like for a few moments he lost control of himself and some small part of him was in control.

    The words flowed off Argon's tounge as if he had been speaking the language forever. He said it as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he perfectly formed the words and mimicked the language amazingly. Something no matter what, no mortal could ever do. Even if they could use the Thu'um they could never speak the language as perfectly as the dragons, or half dragons, did.

    "Fus Ro Dah!!!" The power flew out of Argon's mouth and hit Apocapher. Apocapher went flying off of his dragon. The Dragon had to watch its master fly in front of its eyes.

    Argon grabbed a scale that Apocapher had broken off when he had fallen over. Argon stabbed the dragon right in the head and pierced its brain. The dragon instantly started falling diagonally in the direction of Apocapher. It hit the ground and somehow miraculously, Argon walked right off the dragon completely fine, except for his wound. Apocapher had slid when he hit the ground, but he was now propped up against a tree the scale sticking straight through his heart. There was a pile of snow behind him and it had been dyed red with Apocaper's blood. Argon walked off the corpse of the dragon and through the snow that had been kicked up from the dragon's crash. Argon walked towards Apocapher and stopped right in front of him.

    "A simple Unrelenting Force won't kill me." said Apocapher

    Apocapher was clearly in no shape to get up and fight, but neither was Argon.

    "Oh I know." said Argon

    "I know what you're thinking, but you and your thu'um are not powerful enough to kill me. You aren't even in any shape to shout again! Don't you see the blood pouring from your wound?"

    "I'm used to it." said Argon "As for the not being powerful enough...."

    The skin, scales, and organs of the dragon had all floated up and burn away all that was left was bones, the soul of the dragon rushed at Argon and flew inside of his soul. Power surged through Argon and the wound in his chest cleared up. There was still dried blood on his flesh and on his armor, but other than that Argon was completely healed.

    "How about now?" Argon finished

    "Yol Toor Shul!" the flames burst forth from Argon's mouth and burned Apocapher

    Before he died, Apocapher said his last words. "If this is my death, then I shall also grant my last gift to Tamriel." He raised his burned hand and waved it, nothing seemed to happen but Argon knew it had been something terrible. Then Apocapher's hand dropped, and he died.

    The snow around Apocapher had melted, and he lay there, dead and burned. He was now just a lifeless corpse with a burned dragon scale piercing through his heart.

    "I'm sorry it had to end this way." Argon said "You were only trying to acheive your destiny, but some destinies are so terrible they must be prevented. No matter what the cost."

    Argon reached down and closed the burned eyelids.

    A few moments later, the sky went back to normal, the fiery rocks stopped falling, the tear to Sovngard and the earthquakes closed. The worms disappeared, the ash spawn fell into piles of ash. Buildings were repaired, the dwarven robots, zombies, falmer, chaurus, and all other evil creatures returned to their homes. The bandits who had been helping people went back to their hideouts to resume attacking people that was the downside to the return to normal. And the dead were brought back to life.

    The only one who stayed dead was Apocapher. A moment later the Divines, the heroes, and Argon's family including Lars, appeared next to him.

    "I don't even know what to say Argon." said Akatosh

    "I want him put in a marble coffin and I want him his coffin to be kept in the Hall of Valor in Sovngard." said Argon

    "What?! Why would he deserve such respect?!" Akatosh was shocked by this request

    "All he was trying to do was acheive his destiny, we can't fault him for wanting to do that. I find it rather noble. I wanted to acheive my destiny when I learned of it, and I did. Apocapher wanted to acheive his. It is not his fault that is what fate had written for him." said Argon

    "Okay. I will make sure that happens." said Akatosh "In the mean time, you deserve some sort of reward. So here."

    Talos stepped forward holding a cloth with something wrapped in it. Argon took it from him and removed the silk blanket. It was Apocapher's sword.

    "One of the most powerful blades ever. It can only be weilded by someone worthy of its power. The Infinity Blade is sure to bring you success in your battles." Akatosh told him

    "Thank you Akatosh. This truly is an amazing blade." said Argon sheathing the blade

    Serana ran up to him and hugged him.

    "I knew you could do it! I knew it! And you're Dragonborn again! I'm so proud of you!" Serana kissed Argon for a minute

    When she pulled back, Argon noticed that two people had been touched by the moment and were now holding hands.

    "Whoa...." said Argon "When did you two....?"

    "Umm... uh...." Fayen stammered and he let go of his lover's hand

    "Since the day you guys battled Xan, we were both upset about your death but Fayen came to comfort me and I guess we fell in love...." said Dibella

    "That is so not lore-friendly......." said Argon

    "Yeah.... But fluff lore-friendly it's fun to be creative." said Fayen and he kissed Dibella

    Everyone was in a major shock at this revelation.

    Argon noticed that Nerevar had been reunited with Carla and they were locked in an embrace.

    "All this stuff with couples, makes me wish I had someone special." said Garnin

    "Aye lad, how about this, you stay with me in the Shivering Isles for the summer and we will go and get us some lovers." suggested Sheogorath

    "Sounds good." said Garnin

    "Maybe I can even create a lady sloth for my little buddy." said Sheogorath petting Thadon

    Sheogorath and Garnin disappeared. The Divines teleported everyone back to their homes. The only two who remained were Akatosh and Argon.

    "What's on your mind Argon?" asked Akatosh

    "What do you mean?" asked Argon

    "Something is distracting you. What is it?" asked Akatosh

    "It's nothing." Argon replied

    "What did he tell you?"

    "Who?" asked Argon

    "Apocapher. I can tell it has something to do with what he said. What did he say?"

    "He told me that if that was his death then he would give his final gift to Tamriel. Then he waved his hand and died." said Argon

    "And you still want him to be treated with such respect?" asked Akatosh

    "I will not fault him for something fate caused. But what is this final gift? Can you sense anything different?" asked Argon

    "No, everything seems to be fine." said Akatosh

    "I know he did something, that I'm sure of. But what did he do?" said Argon

    Akatosh said, "I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it is surely disastourous. Dark times are going to be coming to Tamriel. So we are going to need the Dragonborn more than ever."

    The End​
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    What is the last gift :eek:? Please I wanna know :D. PM me.
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    Can't tell you, it's important to the Story Arc :D
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    Aw , man come one :D
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    So here's somethings I just worked on. Each one will appear at the beginning of their designated story. One of them will be at the beginning of all three. They probably need to be shortened because at the moment as you can tell, they are really big. But don't worry I will work on making them smaller so that they don't take up too much space on anyone's computer screens. I just really wanted to show you guys these because I'm really excited for The Fallen God, and I think these turned out really well.
    The Fallen God.jpg Return of the Dwemer.jpg

    TFG 2 of 3.jpg TFG 3 of 3.png
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    Yeah, scale those down. They're enormous. Also, the text you added to the images is somewhat confusing--The Fallen God Part 1, Part 2 of 3? The Fallen God P2, the Final Chapter? You may need to do some refining with the text, but other than that and the sizing, it's looking good, Dovah. What program are you using?
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    Yeah, I was gonna explain that but I forgot. Return of the Dwemer is a part of the story Arc just not a big main part. The two stories after that will actually be called, The Fallen God part one and The Fallen God part two. Those are literally the titles of them. But The Fallen God part one will be the second part of the story arc, but part one of the main part where it actually has the Fallen God in it. Return of the Dwemer will not be showing him so it is simply called Return of the Dwemer instead of Return of the Dwemer TFG part 1. And part 2 is called the Final Chapter for a few reasons, it's the final part of The Fallen God story arc, and because that one could very well be the last story in this series. I may start a new series with new characters, or I may do a sequel series, or I might just not end it. So it is possible that it will be the Final Chapter of this series. I know, sorry it was so confusing. If you're still confused I'll be happy to explain more. As for the program I am using..... *drumroll* Paint. I found some pictures online, saved them, opened them in paint and added text. I also used it to crop. I know, I'm a badass. :D
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    Oh, and thanks for the rep on Return of the Dwemer :D

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