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18+ The Last Dragonborn

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by Zelda, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Zelda

    Zelda Princess of Hyrule

    Oct 6, 2016
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    The thick fog of tension seemed to dwindle ever so slightly as the minutes passed. With Rolard's thanks to Valencia, she did not respond, but nodded her head in understanding. Words were not needed to express her understanding. She was not one to hold tension stubbornly, as she knew such a thing would only bring havoc and distrust. She knew the Divines would bring Justice where it was needed, and it was for her to learn, where that justice would flow. Solitude was the only source that the Divines could make their decision from. Valencia knew there had to be someone - anyone - from High Rock that was a political leader visiting in Skyrim for support of the Imperial Legion.

    However, the raging storm of Ihylin almost swept the knight off her feet. Lord Seton's graceful smirk and fluid silent-worded response made the knight herself grow a slight smile. All hell broke loose as Lady Sweetwater released the thunder that boomed through the shelter, the hail of anger and upset pelting the Lord beside the knight - quite literally.

    After the fact, and after the woman had took her portion of food to sit down, an apology flowed from the Lord's mouth to Ihylin's ears. It was certainly heartfelt, and it made the knight herself feel guilty.

    Sitting by the fire, the woman sipped a fine glass of water as she opened the envelope. It was often that she received letters from her liege. Of course, the letters were informal, and disguised as nothing but a regular letter.

    Dear Valencia,

    That is excellent news! I was worried there for a moment that I would never see my appointed knight again. I hope you are still fairing well? Health is high and mighty? I give my condolences to you as well: I know you wanted your mission to run smoothly. I suppose Skyrim needs more help than what we planned. And do not take that personally: I know you all too well, Val. I must apologize but this letter were be rather short compared to the others: the Courtship Ball will be coming up in two months. I ask that, if you may, return to Wayrest? I would feel much safer during the evening with you due to so many nobles in one place. Besides: I need my future wife to know my best friend. It would be an honor to have you there.

    With Love,

    Running her fingers through the threads of the scarf the man made, it only pained the knight's heart more. She left on a mission to help Skyrim, only to fail miserably. Not only that, but she left her best friend - the person she cared so much for - behind. Worst of all, she was asked to watch him court another woman: someone, she selfishly thought, would not be her. It was another reason she left: her feelings for her liege were unparalleled, and knew it was too much for her heart tot take when the time came for him to be engaged to a royal. But his happiness was above her own, and if she could see him happy, it would make her at least a bit happy.

    Her road to Solitude would be her last adventure through Skyrim, and perhaps, for the rest of her life.

    As the auburn-haired woman called her name, the white-haired woman took a bite of her stew and rose her head, listening intently to what the merchant had to say. It was heartwarming to hear her words were of kindness, and it certainly eased her mind and heart. She let out a small chortle, smiling a bit with her 'blame' to the moons. The knight herself had done the same in a select few situations. With her blessing to continue to Solitude, the woman continued to smile. "Thank you, love." Of course, the higher pay did not concern the woman: she wouldn't accept the money. Certainly not when the merchant insisted on feeding and caring for them.

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  2. Kivuli_The_Khajit

    Kivuli_The_Khajit Werewolf Queen of Skyrim

    May 2, 2016
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    Kiv takes a moment to think it over. The caravan back there really did no wrong....however they had supplies she could use. And she still suspected them of lying.

    "Alright. You have yourself a deal." The hybrid reaches down to shake the Redguard's hand.

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