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The exciting adventures of a cowardly Khajiit

Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by DemureGirl, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. DemureGirl

    DemureGirl New Member

    Sep 11, 2018
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    Prologue, of sorts

    It looked to be another two foot, or was it three? He wasn’t sure. All he knew was that the blasted ash had overnight covered what had taken him a week to dig out. He knew he should throw in the towel but he was stubborn and the amount of gold his financer had offered for the return of the artefacts was more than he could resist. All he needed to do was get a good start to digging and it would be smooth sailing. If only he could have a couple of hours without another headache…

    “Hi there!”

    He all but jumped out of his skin at the sound of the voice. Bright and lively it was a stark difference to everything else on the island; drab and unwelcoming. He hated it already.

    Looking up he saw a Khajiit face staring down at him from the rim of the barrow. It, though he was sure it was female, it was smiling inanely at him. He placed a hand on his dagger. He was nobody’s fool and made a quick glance of the area for others. There didn’t seem to be anyone else.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Baking a sweetroll.”

    “Really? It looks like you are digging out a barrow.”

    “Azura, give me strength…” he hissed under his breath.

    The Khajiit climbed over the edge of the barrow and all but fell into it. All that stopped it face planting into the dirt was its natural Khajiit agility.

    “I’m Mir’ika. From Skyrim” volunteered the Khajiit.

    “Ralis Sedarys. Out of Mournhold.”

    “Anyway, I was just on my way to Skyrim. Been a while since I’ve been home and all,” blathered Mir’ika. “I just saw you over here all alone and thought you looked like you needed help.”

    Ralis snorted. “Unless you have 1000 gold for me to hire some miners there’s nothing you can do.”

    He went back to kicking at the ash. Stupid Khajiit! He’d have to keep an eye on his belongings for the next few days otherwise half of it would be in Stros M’kai by the weeks end. Yet another task to add to the growing list. And damn it all if there wasn’t that tell-tale twinge at the base of this skull.

    The last thing he was expecting was the Khajiit to be standing there holding out a bag of gold.

    “1000 gold? No problem. Here.”

    “Where did you get this? Stole it from some elderly Breton?” he snapped as he quickly swiped the bag of gold.

    “Of course not. I made it selling waterbreathing potions.”

    “What’s in it for you?”

    Mir’ika shrugged. “I don’t know. Barrows tend to have loot, yeah? Just pay me back out of that.”

    Divines be praised! Was this fool for real? What n’wah just hands out free gold? And how was he lucky enough for one to land right in his barrow?

    “Of course, of course…” Ralis sneered. “Well. You come back in a few weeks and your money will be here. I’ll even throw a little extra in.”

    “Great! I’ll see you then!”


    Oh, the fun, fortune and frivolities that had led here. If fun is draugr, fortune are dead miners and frivolities are blackout headaches.

    The dig had been one disaster after another. And of course that blasted Khajiit came back every single time offering more and more gold. Why couldn’t it have just wandered off to Skyrim like it had claimed to be doing? Gods! If he had to hear that peppy voice one more time.

    None of that mattered though. Not now that he found himself being ragdolled through the air by a furious Dragon Priest called Ahzidal. How had it come to this? When he hit the wall at the side of the chamber he got a momentary release from the pounding pain in his dead and his senses cleared slightly. As he collapsed to the ground he caught a glimpse of her. The Khajiit, here!

    He tried to tell her to run but she was frozen, mouth agape, staring dumbly at the Dragon Priest. Ahzidal grabbed her by the throat, lifting her into the air. Ralis tried to get to his feet, not to help her, it was clear she was doomed, but to at least save himself but a fresh wave of pain brought him back to his knees.

    “Aus Ahrk Dir!” Ahzidal snarled Mir’ika’s face.

    The Khajiit’s eyes were wild with terror as she struggled against the being much more powerful than herself. She kicked, helpless as a newborn kitten against the might of the ancient being. Her vision dimmed, her life draining away as her struggling eased.

    Ralis was sure he was about to witness the Khajiit die when sudden her eyes flew open. Something inside her seemed to snap and a fresh wave of power took over her. In a swift swipe she tore the Dragon Priests arm that held her apart with her powerful Khajiit claws. Ahzidal dropped her with a growl of fury but didn’t seem at all affected by his missing appendage. Mir’ika landed on her feet, as Khajiit are known to do and stood her ground for a moment. Ralis braced himself for an epic fight but instead… she ran.

    She ran right out the chamber faster than he would have thought possible, even given the circumstances. Ahzidal was not about the let his prey escape so quickly and chased after her. Ralis remained where he was still near blinded by the overpowering headaches. The pain was like an ocean, surging stronger with every beat of his heart.

    All he could hope for now was that Ahzidal would make his end quick.

    An inhuman scream echoed through the barrow. He had no idea Khajiit could even make that noise. The walls shook with its power and rained down dust. For a moment Ralis feared the whole place would come down on top of him.

    The pain in his head surged one final time and then… nothing. For the first time in weeks he was free of the curse that had plagued him. But how?

    The Khajiit limped back into the room. Ahzidal’s mask hanging from one hand. How could this dumb Khajiit have killed such a fearsome foe. She looked around the room. Distress was clear in her eyes and for the first time Ralis looked around with a clear head. Bodies littered the chamber, draugr and miner alike. All dead. Finally Mir’ika’s eyes landed on him. In them he could see her pain and confusion, she knew she had contributed to this through him and no doubt she wanted revenge.

    “Please…” he croaked. “Please, I… I didn’t… I was…”

    It was useless protesting his innocence. He had wronged her, and the miners whose lives had be lost. He deserved any punishment she was willing to give out to him. He remained on his knees. Head bowed. He was ready to accept his fate.

    Her footsteps echoed loudly in the silent room as she slowed walked over to him. She paused before him and stopped. Ralis stared at her boots and wondered if she would make it quick or draw it out. He took a deep breath and held it.

    Instead she did what he had never expected. She held out her hand to him.

    “Up you get, Ralis. Are you hurt?”

    “What? I… you… you aren’t going to kill me?”

    She smiled weakly and shook her head. “No. I think enough blood has been shed here today.”

    “Sera… thank you. I don’t know how I could ever repay you. I don’t think I can. Your gold… I…”

    “Let’s just leave here, yeah?”

    “Yes. Yes lets. I never want to hear the word barrow again.” Ralis blabbered. “And if you ever need anything. Come and find me. It’s the least I can do.”

    Mir’ika nodded and looked off deeper into the barrow. Sensing their time together was over he raced for the exit. He wasn’t going to give her time to change her mind. As he escaped the chamber he caught sight of Ahzidal, skewered on his own traps.


    And that was how Ralis found himself at the Retching Netch drinking Sujamma in an attempt to forget everything that had happened. It had been a few weeks but he still wasn’t fully recovered, he doubt he ever would be. The guilt was unbearable but maybe he’d be able to drink himself to Oblivion.

    The doors to the Netch opened and light, carefree footsteps echoed through the corner club. Familiar, happy, carefree footsteps.

    “Oh Gods no.” Ralis groaned glancing up.

    Yup. It was her. The damned Khajiit. Ralis could swear he felt the beginnings of another headache which was odd, he’d not had them since Ahzidal had been banished.

    He put his hand to his forehead, sinking into the shadows where he sat and hoped she wouldn’t notice him.

    She pranced up to the bar and to Geldis Sadri. She said something to him, but facing away it was impossible to tell what.

    Geldis smiled heartily in return and pointed in his direction. “Sure he is. Over there, sulking in the shadows.”

    Ralis had never considered keeping a list of people he wanted revenge on but suddenly it seemed like a good idea. And Geldis would be at the top.

    Mir’ika bounced over, pulled out a chair and sat herself down, grinning madly. How was it possible for something to be this cheerful? It was unnatural.

    “Ralis! Hi! Long time no see!”

    He didn’t answer. Maybe if he ignored her she would go away.

    “How are you? You live here now? What are you drinking?”

    She had caught him midway through refilling his glass of Sujamma. Sighing he filled up a glass for her too. She picked up the glass and sniffed the liquid inside, her nose crinkling slightly.

    “Cheers?” Ralis volunteered, holding his glass aloft.

    Mir’ika grinned and knocked her glass against his. “Cheers!”

    They both drained their cups but instantly her eyes went wide and she spat out the offending liquid spraying it everywhere. She fervently scrapped her tongue across her arms in displeasure and Ralis couldn’t help a slight smirk.

    “By the Eight! Why would you drink that stuff!”

    “It has its uses.”

    “Well, anyway, I’m here to let you know that I’m leaving Solstheim,” said Mir’ika.

    Instantly Ralis perked. “Oh really? Well, it was nice meeting you. Safe sailing and all that.”

    “Well that’s just the thing,” Mir’ika continued as Ralis took another glass of Sujamma, “I was hoping you would come with me.

    This time it was Ralis who sprayed the ground with the alcoholic beverage.

    “You what?!” he choaked.

    She was grinning again. “Come with me. I could use the extra hand, I’m not great at fighting and I hear Skyrim isn’t the safest place these days. I don’t know anyone there, and us being friends and all…”

    “Friends?!” Ralis wished to shout out, but found himself unable to. Was this Khajiit really so stupid? Friends?!

    “I just thought that you’d want to leave Solstheim what with what happened in the barrow and all…” she trailed off.

    Was she blackmailing him? Was that a knowing glint in her eye or his own paranoia? Was it a risk he was willing to take?

    With a sigh to got to his feet

    “I owe you that much.”


    Recently got back into Skyrim and this idea popped into my head. Ralis is my favourite Skyrim follower and I love the idea of him being dragged around by an overly enthusiastic character who he despises. The story will follow the unlikely pair as they travel Skyrim and go on many fun adventures that neither of them particularly want to go on. Mir'ika is a coward at heart whose first instinct is to run and poor Ralis is being dragged about against his will for fear of being outted as a tool used to kill a bunch of people. For some reason interesting things keeping happening to Mir'ika, its almost like shes the protagonist in a game or something!

    It probably won't stay focused on Ralis but instead hop between the two.

    Just a bit of light hearted fun. I'd go mad if I didn't get this story out of my head. Hopefully you might get some enjoyment out of it too, maybe even a laugh (honestly I'd be happy if it even produced a light smirk)

    Let me know what you think. Always up for critique and love hearing what people think

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