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The End Of The Dragonborn

Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by TheDovahkin, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. TheDovahkin

    TheDovahkin Member

    Aug 5, 2017
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    The Dragonborn Inn was built after Alduin was defeated to honour the Dragonborn. Ever since it opened it got a lot of business as everyone hoped to meet the Dragonborn there. It was built near Falkreath in Lakeview village. The village had been built around the Dragonborn's house and is getting larger and larger. The barmaid is also the Dragonborn's wife. She is often swarmed by people asking her about the Dragonborn. She had to employ a second barmaid to help her serve the guests that came for food and drink, not just tales of the Dragonborn. The inn is quite large for the size of the village as it has to hold so many guests. People come for miles just to get a sight of the Dragonborn's house, them stay at the inn for the night.One day, a short man slipped into the inn with black robes on and a hood over his head. He slipped between the crowd and went to a table in the middle. There was just one old man there munching on some grilled leeks. He crouched behind the man and grabbed him, as he did so he covered the mans mouth. He put his mouth to the old mans ear and whispered something. The old mans eyes slid out of focus and he climbed onto the table and yelled to get everyone's attention. When the inn had gone silent he started to talk. "Travellers, adventurers, mercenaries and mages I ask for your attention for just a short time. As you all know the Dragonborn defeated Alduin many years ago and Skyrim has since been peaceful. But now it is going to change! Skyrim will once again find itself in great danger and the Dragonborn will face this great danger. But he will not be able to defeat it! THE DRAGONBORN WILL DIE!" And everyone in the inn laughed at this old man who obviously got a bit too drunk. But he shouted over the laughter. "Don't believe me? Well I'll just have to convince you!" At this the hooded man got onto the table and screamed something in an intelligible language. When he finished flames erupted around the doors and he burst into flames. He cried out about the Dragonborn's death and dived into a huddle of guests. Suddenly, the old man's eyes came back into focus and he looked very shocked. He jumped off the table and went to the barmaid, what happened? He was grabbed from behind and someone slapped him. It was a young woman, "What happened? You know exactly what happened! Your just an old man who wants the almighty Dragonborn dead!" She cried in his face. "No, no, nooo!" He said and that turned into a scream as he was thrown out of a window into the street. Then half of the roof collapsed and people scramble to get out as the fire spread.

    Since then, the inn has been less popular and people in the village began to get depressed. Even the weather seemed to feel the villagers depression, for they have had heavy rain with strong winds all day and thunderstorms all night. And then a huge blow hit them, the Dragonborn usually came out of his house everyday to meet people and occasionally have a drink at the inn but a few days after the incident he stopped. He stayed inside all day and his wife stopped running the inn and left it in charge of her apprentice. People stood at the gates of his house waiting for him, but he never came. After a month of this, it was reported that the high king of Skyrim had been murdered and as the king had had no children his steward, Siddger Gjaldson, had became the king. Many laws were changed and many new ones were made. Now the whole country had sunk into a deep depression. After another month of this something horrible happened.

    The Dragonborn's wife came out of there house one morning in a gown. Her eyes were red and puffy, it was clear that she had been crying. When she got to the gate she waved for silence from the excited crowd. At once they fell silent, hoping to hear that the Dragonborn had just got back from a secret mission to save all of Tamriel. But this did not come, instead the exact opposite happened. "After I say this I know that everyone will be very shocked, but I ask you not to cry out or make a noise. My husband, the great hero that defeated Alduin, contracted rockjoint when he was attacked by a bear whilst hunting. For the past two months the disease has got worse and worse. We have had the best healers in Tamriel come to see him but they did not know what had happened. They said that he was particularly vulnerable to rockjoint as he is old and his strength is not what it used to be. Then..." And she burst into tears. "I'm sorry," She wiped her eyes and continued "He passed away." And she sank to the ground and wailed, as did many other people outside the gates. After ten minutes of straight crying she got up and trudged up to the house. After she closed the door no one saw her again.

    The new high king also seemed to be an evil person. He made murder legal and gave gold and privileges to bandits. Even the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood disliked these laws and it was rumoured that the Companions and the College of Winterhold hated him. One day, there was an uprising. The people of Skyrim tried to overcome the guards in the cities and villages. In Whiterun the Companions came out of Jorrvaskr to fight. Eventually they made there way up to Dragonsreach, although they had lost many on the way up. They entered Dragonsreach and fought to the death trying to kill the Jarl. They lost many here and only three survived, all of them were members of the Circle in the Conpanions. These people were the best of the best but they still didn't defeat the Jarl. They were overwhelmed and gave up they were taken as prisoners and were thrown in the dungeon. The High King was enraged that the Whiterun guard had almost been defeated by civilians and mercenaries. Therefore, he made everyone who wasn't a blacksmith, mill worker or a general goods store worker become a guard. Children were now to be trained in combat from a young age. He even had an elite unit of warriors that were trained for every situation. These people were called the Black Death Legion. There were two of them in all cities and one in each village. They were to help the guards fight the rebels if there was another uprising. There were two in Solitide that helped the guards as well as two who acted as bodyguards to High King Siddger. Three weeks after the Whiterun uprising there was an uprising in Falkreath. This time the Dark Brotherhood joined in and they managed to overcome the guards and kill the Jarl. They moved North towards Riverwood and they helped the villagers there defeat the guards, and they did. They quickly got down to Falkreath again and set up a temporary base there to plan out what there next move was. They eventually came up with a plan.The Dark Brotherhood would contact the Thieves Guild and tell them to be ready for a fight. Then they would advance to Riften and slaughter the guards there whilst the thieves and the civilians attacked from the inside. They broke the guards line and got into the Jarls keep. The guards didn't stand a chance against that many enemies and were killed quickly. Only the Jarl was left. They quickly took her life too and left the keep. Then they went into the ratway to plan there next move. They also had a vote for the leader as this was now being considered a war across Skyrim. The votes came though and it was voted that Dlagon (the leader of the Dark Brotherhood) and Vex, who had became the leader of the Thieves Guild after Brynjolf died. Would share leadership. They came up with a plan to go to Ivarstead and take the village. The whole party just charged up to the village and fought the guards and eventually killed the Black Death Legion member. The Ivarstead villagers were excited to leave their village and fight Siddgar Gjaldson. They moved up to the hot springs of Eastmarch and prepared to fight Windhelm. It was a big city and they knew it would be difficult to seize. They sent half of their party on to the bridge to distract the guards whilst the other half climbed the bridges side and attacked the guards from the behind. They stormed through the gates and fought the guards inside the city. They lost almost half of their party that day but they still managed to kill the Jarl. When the battle had finished they treated the injured in the palace then they decided their little army needed a name. After a lot of discussion Dlagon came up with The Freedom Fighters. Everybody agreed on that name and they felt ready to advance! They travelled through the snow to Winterhold and quickly silenced the guards and the Jarl. They went to the College and asked the mages to help their cause. The mages and The Freedom Fighters joined forces and together defeated the guards in Dawnstar.

    Siddgar Gjaldson was becoming extremely worried about The Freedom Fighters, and tightened the security in Morthal. He also tightened Markarth and Solitude. Although he didn't bother with Whiterun as he thought that the guards had recovered and now there were a lot less civilians there. He did however, ponder the thought of the Forsworn, if he didn't a line himself with them they could help The Freedom Fighters attack Markarth. But, if he let them into Markarth he knew that they would try and murder everybody there. Then a painful memory hit him, his father was killed by the Forsworn whilst he was taking goods to Markarth from Whiterun. He decided to leave the Forsworn alone and see if they took a side or not. The Freedom Fighters were also stuck about what to do next, whether to attack Morthal or Whiterun. They settled on attacking Whiterun and started planning their attack. They would go through the sewer and get into the dungeon where they would free the prisoners. Then they would sneak out of the dungeons and up to Dragonsreach. After they had killed the Jarl, they would charge down the hill and kill every guard that got in their way.

    They advanced towards Whiterun and slipped into the sewer, they then climbed up through a grate in the floor and freed the prisoners and gave them weapons. They sneaked out and killed the Jarl and then killed all the other guards in Whiterun. They found a few survivors of the previous battle of Whiterun, they were hiding in destroyed houses. Most of them were children who were told to hide and wait until the fighting had finished.

    They took these children and some of the Freedom Fighters who used to be parents cared for the children in Whiterun whilst the rest waited for orders. They thought that they should go to Markarth next, as Morthal was closer to Solitude and they could maybe recruit the Forsworn. They crossed the plains into Rorikstead and overcame the guards there. They then crossed the mountains and found Forsworn along the way. They communicated with the Forsworn but they said that they would only do it on one condition. That they got Markarth once the war was over. Vex said that they would think about it. She and Dlagon discussed and eventually came to a decision. They would give the Forsworn Markarth as it was once theirs. They told the Forsworn that they could have Markarth once the war was over and the Forsworn agreed to help them in the war. Siddgar didn't get wind if this until after The Freedom Fighters had taken Markarth. He was extremely scared now and ordered everyone in Morthal and Dragon Bridge to come into Solitude to help defend.

    The Freedom Fighters discovered this when they went to Morthal and found a letter from Siddgar Gjaldson to the Jarl telling her what to do. They knew that attacking Solitude now would be a death wish. Months passed with nothing happening when one sunny afternoon a Breton arrived in Morthal. He claimed to be a courier from High Rock. He said that Siddgar had started invading their land so that they could have more space to hide from The Freedom Fighters. He was saying that the Bretons were struggling to hold off against them. Then he said that the Bretons were requesting their help to fight off Siddgar and his army. The Freedom Fighters decided that they would side with the Bretons to make their army stronger, and to help destroy the threat of Siddgar. The Freedom Fighters went with the Breton back into High Rock and he took them to the city closest the battlefield. Dlagon and Vex met with the King of High Rock and they prepared for battle.

    On the dawn of the day of the battle, Vex woke early and went outside. She stood admiring the landscape of High Rock when Farkas, an old man now, approached her. "Are you scared?" He asked her gently. Vex jumped and turned around. She saw who it was and said "No I'm not scared, I'm just... getting ready." Farkas looked at her and she looked at him, then she broke the stare and walked away. Farkas sighed and followed her inside. When everyone was up and ready they approached the border of High Rock and Skyrim. They would cross the border and walk to Solitude. Where the battle would then commence. At the border Vex and Dlagon stood in front of their army. "We are here today, to fight Siddgar Gjaldson with all our strength. We will not let him take our country or any other country from us. We will stand together and face him with no fear. He is just a man on his own!" Dlagon yelled as Vex looked at her feet, very white. The crowd cheered and ran forward.

    Vex ran up to the gates of Solitude with Dlagon next to her. She looked at Dlagon and he looked back. He nodded. "Ready? Let's go!" She yelled feebly and charged into Solitude. The battle raged on all day, there was much bloodshed and many deaths. Dlagon, fought and found himself outside the Blue Palace. He waited there until Farkas showed up, then Aela, them Vilkas. Who brought news with him "Vex is dead." he then looked at the ground. Dlagon was shocked, he now had nobody to help him lead The Freedom Fighters. He also felt his stomach drop, he had loved Vex secretly and now she was gone. He tried to hide his sadness, "Well, she's not coming back so let's go." His voice shook as he said it. Then he marched into the Blue Palace.

    There were two guards at the door but he quickly finished both of them with two swipes of his sword. He felt anger course through his veins about the death of Vex he stormed up the stairs and saw Siddgar. He walked up to him but a Black Death soldier drew his sword and blocked his way. Dlagon was not scared, he just put his sword through the soldier and kicked the body away. He and Siddgar were now facing. "Hello Dlagon." Said Siddgar with a slight chuckle. Dlagon took his helmet off and threw it to the ground. He spat at Siddgar's feet.
    "I will kill you for what you've done, you filthy skeever!"

    "You really think you can kill me?"

    "I don't know, but I'll give it all I've got!"

    "Well then. I hope you are not scared of death." And he smiled

    Dlagon held up his sword and yelled as he swung at Siddgar. They fought and fought into the night. With Dlagon feeling a hatred unlike anything he had felt before and Siddgar rather worried. Siddgar had not expected Dlagon to be this able at battle. Eventually more and more Freedom Fighters came in and watched them battle. They yelled support at Dlagon and booed Siddgar and yelled insults and distractions. "KILL THE FILTHY SCUM DLAGON! GO ON!" Yelled Farkas and Dlagon fought harder.

    Eventually, Dlagon knocked Siddgar over with his shield. Siddgar knew it was over. "Your done Siddgar. You'll pay for Vex's death!" And with a scream he brought his sword down into Siddgar's forehead. The Freedom Fighters cheered and they partied for the rest of the night and the next day.

    Dlagon, became a hero. People all over Tamriel knew him as they did the Dragonborn. People said he matched the Dragonborn's power but he always denied that. Though he did move into the Dragonborn's house and named his child Vex. Skyrim was peaceful again.


    I hope everyone enjoyed that. I did this whole thing on my phone and my hand really hurts. It took over 3 hours, almost 4. Thanks for reading!

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