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Specter's Unorganized, Cluttered, and Chaotic Writer's Room

Discussion in 'Author's Roundtable' started by Specter of Death, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Specter of Death

    Specter of Death Moderator
    Staff Member

    Oct 30, 2012
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    This Thread is mainly for me to sort of organize, prioritize, and mainly VENT about all of the insane, and illogical ideas that are floating around my head. Hopefully, with my VENTING, I can get some decent advise and input from other, more "sane" and qualified writers. Please note that I am literally starting this at one of the busiest and most inconvenient times for writing, in my entire life. So when I say Unorganized and Chaotic, I mean it literally. This first post is probably going to remain as a sort of bulletin board of thoughts and ideas (first step in organization), and then I will elaborate about them all later. Odds are this list will constantly be added to, so there is that. (ORGANIZATION?) Outside of this first post, my elaborations or venting about my ideas will likely be posted at a random rate, in a completely random fashion. So look forward to that. And odds are none of this will make sense for a long time, until you can see what I mean by elaborate on the ideas. But hey, just stick with me?

    I am also really hoping for some genuine and serious input here, anything helps. Even if it is some rather harsh "constructive criticism" about a dumb idea. So please, indulge yourself to my many thoughts, projects and ideas.

    OH, and one more thing: Props to Irishman for unintentionally giving me this idea with his Messy Desk. Seeing it prompted me to open boxes of crap in this here room, and nothing will possess me to fix the mess. ;)

    My Bulletin Boards

    Original Story:
    I have a Map now. but....
    RACES I NEED RACES. Maybe something like the Dunedain?

    FF: Undying:
    Davos. His family tree. His dark Backstory.
    WereWolf Lore. Only Half Done.
    Feral Born Wolf
    True Born Wolf
    Story? Companions Destroyed? WUT?

    Other Stuff
    I need to Re-write Delsion
    I need to Re-write Ash
    Bring back Lyron?
    Deliverance from his Vigilance, MONSTERS!​
  2. Seanu Reaves

    Seanu Reaves The American Demon

    Aug 16, 2012
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    As long as you get the items out for you to see.
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