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SkyrimForums Recruitment

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Cordelia, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Cordelia

    Cordelia Global Moderator
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    Feb 19, 2013
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    Hi, all!

    I know it hasn't escaped anyone's attention that the forums have been on a decline in recent years, and that saddens all of us. And it's incredibly hard to retain new membership when the activity level is so low, so new members come, but they don't stick around.

    What's the solution?

    Well, one possible solution is recruitment. Head out into the world wide web and speak for the trees talk about the forums and convince people to follow you back. I promise it's not a trap! (Probably.)

    What do you get for your efforts? Well, in addition to a healthy, thriving community, you get a custom recruiter icon and name color, for one!

    Why does this matter? Because the use of icons has been regulated on the forum for years. Once upon a time, users could purchase a subscription to the forum, which removed ads and provided a handful of perks, like icons next to their name, and the ability to change their name color at will. And while any user can still request a color for their name, icons are now limited to those who have the legacy subscription accounts, and staff.

    As a recruiter for the forum, you would be considered a part of staff, and thus eligible for a user icon and unique name color identifying you for your contributions to the site.

    Behold! This could be you!

    SF Recruitment.jpg

    Ooooo! Shiny, gold, flashy!

    But this isn't just for blind recruitment. What you SHOULDN'T do is spam any other site, or recruit indiscriminately. Skyrimforums has always been a supportive, respectful community—an oasis of reason in the internet desert—and we hope to keep it that way. Your recruitment should be through communities and individuals that already share an interest in Skyrim, Bethesda, and video games, and should be shared with respect to the communities you approach.

    Do NOT spam or harass others.

    Do not break the TOS of any site you visit with the intent to recruit.

    DO engage in the communities you want to recruit from and give them a reason to care about joining you here.

    This is not about inflating our numbers and making us look active. It's about rebuilding the community so we all have a home again. So, please, keep that in mind while sharing the forums with others. This has been a home to so many over the years, and we don't want to lose that for the sake of popularity.

    So, if you have an investment in this community and/or you want to see it thrive again (or maybe you really want that shiny badge!) please respond in the comments. I'll set you up as a site recruiter with your very own gold badge, and we can work together to rebuild our home. <3
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